Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs With Stunning Hair

curly haired dogs

There are many curly haired dogs. At their core, these dogs are very loyal and loving in nature as all dogs have.

Here is the list of the top curly haired dogs.

Top 10 curly haired dogs

1.) Curly coated retriever

Curly Haired Dogs
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The curly coated retriever is a large dog with a tender heart. They were originally hunting dogs.

They have unusual coat that is dense with colors such as black or dark reddish brown curls. It requires moderate grooming.

They tend to have oily coat which causes reactions in people with allergies.

They have single coats but their coat is tight. This makes it for them easy to maintain but you need to regularly maintain their coat or they will become matted and have infections.

2.) Irish Water Spaniel

Curly Haired Dogs
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The Irish Water Spaniel is a water retriever and a hunting dog. They often look like brown poodles and have short but strong bodies.

A unique characteristic they have is that they have loose curls in their topknot while their bodies is covered with tightly dense curled coat. The tail has a short and smooth coat often looking like a “rat” tail.

Having a double coat, their inner coat is short and thick to keep them warm while their outer coat is long to protect them.

Their color is solid liver and can show signs of gray hair color while aging. However, their main color is solid liver.

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3.) Pumi

Curly Haired Dogs
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The pumi is a medium sized and hungarian breed. They are often used as sheepdogs, guard dogs, and hunting dogs.

Their coat is a combination of wavy and curly hair. It grows to medium length and have a double coat where it has a soft undercoat and rough protective top coat with a 50-50 ratio.

The Pumi’s hair form into tufts all over their body. The tuft process comes naturally by letting the coat become wet and then dry naturally.

Grooming a Pumi is done every few weeks and the tufts will be temporary lost due to combing. The only way to restore the tufts is through letting their hair become wet by giving your dog a bath.

4.) Airedale Terrier

Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs With Stunning Hair |

Airedale Terrier is known as the ” King of the Terriers” because they are the largest of the Terriers. They were used as hunting dogs and working dogs.

They have a double coat with a topcoat that is dense and wiry and an undercoat that is soft and short.

Their color is mostly tan with either black or grizzled color. Sometimes there are a small spots of red in the back and a white star in the chest.

They don’t shed a lot so they shed at certain times a year. Brush their coat regularly at once or twice a week and bath them periodically. Don’t over bath them.

5.) Portuguese Water Dog

Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs With Stunning Hair |

They served in water rescue services. They are great swimmers with coats that make a barrier against cold waters.

The Portuguese Water Dog has two coat types. They are curly and wavy. In both types, they don’t have a double coat rather they have only a single coat.

This is the reason that they don’t shed a lot and why they are considered hypoallergenic.

Their coat color can by in various colors such as black, white, shades of brown, black or brown with white.

For best grooming practices, brush your dog’s coat two or three times a week and you can clip the coat monthly so they look neat.

6.) Bichon Frise

Curly Haired Dogs: Bichon Frise
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The Bichon Frise is one of the small curly haired dogs. They are cheerful dogs who are very loving which makes them great companion dogs.

The Bichon Frise have a double coat that is always white. They have a soft and dense undercoat with a coarse top coat. The coat gives a powder puff appearance by standing away from the body.

They do shed but their hair gets caught up in the in the undercoat. If the loose hair aren’t removed, they can form into mats and tangles.

They need regular grooming as they are a high maintenance breed. The Bichon Frise needs regular brushing of their hair for at least twice a week or more. Bathing should be given when you dog gets dirty.

7.) Kerry Blue Terrier

Top 10 Curly Haired Dogs With Stunning Hair |
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The Kerry Blue Terrier are working, hunting dogs, and herding dogs. They have a soft and dense curly hair.

Even though they are a non shedding breed, they do require regular maintenance to their coat. Specifically, they require daily brushing of hair and bathes every four to six weeks.

When puppies are born, their coat color is often black but as they grow, they develop a new color called progressive grey making their coat has a tint of blue. They are famous for this tint.

8.) Standard Poodle

curly haired dogs: Standard poodle
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The Standard Poodle is a smart, athletic, and adaptable dogs. They have a coat which gives an appearance valued by breeders.

Poodles have a single coat and don’t shed a lot. This leads to a puffier coat that they have. You need to regularly groom your dog’s hair or else it will become matted by brushing and cleaning them.

This also helps get bugs and parasites out of their coat.

9.) Bedlington Terrier

curly haired dogs: Bedlington Terrier
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Originally, the Bedlington Terrier were hunter dogs. They have a strong sense of smell and today are companion dogs.

They have a coat that is a combination of soft and harsh hair. It has a tendency to curl especially in the head and face. They don’t shed a lot.

Their coat colors often come in white but there are many different colors they come in such as blue, sandy, liver, blue and tan, sandy and tan, and liver and tan.

As for brushing, they need to be combed at least once a week.

10.) Wire Fox Terrier

curly haired dogs: Wire Fox Terrier
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The Wire Fox Terrier is a strong and has a short back who was used in hunting. They are often white curly haired dogs. Therefore, their coat is rough and wiry.

Their undercoat is soft and found under the topcoat. As for brushing their coat, it needs to be done about twice a week so they look good and hair doesn’t become matted.


In conclusion, there are curly haired dogs who come in different colors, sizes, and coats. These dogs main similarity is their curly hair.

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