Top 7 Dogs Like German Shepherd

dogs like german shepherd

Did you know there are dogs like German Shepherd? They may be similar in characteristics or appearance. These dogs are a bit different but have the undying loyalty and intelligence like German Shepherds.

Here is a list of the top 7 dogs like German Shepherd.

1.) White Shepherd

dogs like german shepherd

The White Shepherd has the same body as that of a German Shepherd’s but their coat is different; they have a bright white coat. Sometimes their coat color might be light cream to light biscuit tan.

The White Shepherd was developed from the German Shepherd who had the recessive gene of white coat.

They are highly intelligent and suited for different training such as herding, agility, obedience, flyball, tracking, and showmanship. They require plenty of exercises because they are active dogs.

As for their personalities, they are very friendly and loving in nature making them not aggressive with other dogs or people. However, they may be a little wary against strangers when approaching them but are not aggressive.

Being very protective of their families reflects the deep and loving bonds that they have with their families.

2.) Byelorussian Shepherd

dogs like german shepherd
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They are also known as East European Shepherd. They are an attractive large dog breed. Although they are similar and one of the dogs like German Shepherd, they are larger and more muscular than the German Shepherd.

The Byelorussian Shepherd was developed to deal with harsh climates. They have an alert look and protective personality in that makes them fearless in the face of danger toward their families.

As for their personality, they are loyal, playful, protective, and strong breed. They are very intelligent and need a strong leader to deal with them because they can be stubborn at times.

Overall, they are obedient and eager to please their families. They respond well to training and can work as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and other jobs.

They also make excellent watchdogs alerting you of intruders. Thus, they are wary of strangers.

3.) Northern Inuit

dogs like german shepherd
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The Northern Inuit resembles the appearance of wolves. They tend to be athletic and their size is medium to large sized dogs.

As for their personality, they are highly intelligent, friendly, and confident dogs. They have a good and balanced temperament making them excellent therapy dogs.

They build strong bonds with their families and are prone to separation anxiety if left for too long. Because of their strong personality, they need a strong parent.

As for training, training must be fun and fresh so they don’t get bored; they are difficult to train so they require patience and understanding. Their nature is oversensitive so you must be patient.

4.) American Alsatian

dogs like german shepherd
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The American Alsatian is a very large and strong breed. They are larger and stronger than German Shepherds. Although they are one of the dogs like German Shepherd and look similar to them.

Being great family dogs, they are very loyal toward their families. As for their personality, they are very calm and quiet dogs who have a low tendency to bark, whine, dig, or run. They are also watchful, intelligent, and quick learners as a breed.

Being not as active as the German Shepherd, they require moderate exercise such as a daily walk. They work best as therapy dogs due to their nature.

They are aloof against strangers but are not aggressive. However, they are cooperative with children and other pets.

5.) Romanian Shepherd

dogs like german shepherd
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They originated in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. The Romanian Shepherd is also known as the Carpathian Shepherd. They are used in herding and make excellent watchdogs.

Being large and wolf-like looking, they are also brave in fighting off predators often in packs.

As for their personality, they are dominant and independent but can be loving dogs once you gain their trust. Being serious, intelligent, and hard workers making them also excellent guard dogs.

The Romanian Shepherd is not very social with other strangers and can be aggressive.

As for training, they respond well to positive reinforcement. They require firm leadership because they can be too dominant.

6.) Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

dogs like german shepherd
Credited: AKC

Belgian Tervuren Shepherd is an elegant and strong breed. Their built is square-proportioned and of medium bone.

As for their personalities, they are alert, watchful, and energetic dogs. They are smart and obedient but are independent. The Belgian Tervuren Shepherd is aloof from strangers and , as a result, very protective of their families.

Being active and great companions, they require daily mental and physical exercises. They require early socialization and obedience training to develop into a well-adjusted adult.

7.) Panda Shepherd

Also known as Phenom Shepherd. They are a piebald colored German Shepherd. They have a muscular and strong body.

Often used as working dogs, they are courageous, alert, and keen in personality. They are very brave may sacrifice their lives for their human families.

They also succeed in working as sheepdogs, guard dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, in search and rescue service and even in the military. 

As for their personalities, they are cheerful, obedient, quick learners, and intelligent breed. The Panda Shepherd is extremely loyal to their families and likes to be close to them always. They can be wary of strangers.

As for training, they need to sense that their parent is strong so they can listen to them. In training, you got to be firm yet not harsh.

They are very active and require frequent exercise such as a long run, jog, or run.


In conclusion, there are many dogs like German Shepherd. These dogs may share some of their characteristics or have similar appearance.

Of all the common characteristics that these dogs have is that they are loyal and loving to their families just like German Shepherds.

To know more about other dogs that look like German shepherds, check Top 5 Dogs that Look Like German shepherds.

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