Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits

Christmas costumes and outfits are what every dog owner worry about once he sees Christmas trees and starts hearing the jingle bills everywhere he goes. What are you going to with your dog this Christmas? Are you going to let him/her enjoy the Christmas spirit this year by wearing the right Christmas costumes and outfits? The answer is, yes. Because today we have all that you will ever need to make that dream come true. Ho-Ho-Howl…Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here. Have you chosen your dog’s Christmas costumes and outfits, yet?

Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

In this article, you will be able to choose between one of our best Christmas costumes and outfits for your dog. So, you better be ready, because it is going to be a very exciting shopping experience. However, before we start, let me show you how to choose your dog’s costume.

Tips and Tricks on how to choose the right Christmas costumes and outfits:

Your dog’s comfort is your and our first priority. So, when choosing Christmas costumes and outfits make sure you have the right measurements of your dog, so you can get him/her the perfect fit.

  • Measure your dog’s chest, neck, and his length (Start off from your dog’s neck the base of his/her tail). But don’t measure the tail, you don’t need it.
  • Don’t use a hard tape while measuring your dog, you can use the tape that is used for sewing. It is gentle and will help you get the right size.
  • Consider giving your furry-four-legged friend enough room while wearing the costume, so measure loosely while using the sewing tape.
  • Record your dog’s numbers and save it for later.

With that being said, let’s start reviewing and sorting our best Christmas costumes and outfits for your dogs ascendingly

1- Christmas Pet Clothes

This costume is made for your small four-legged friend. It is designed especially to help those small dogs enjoy Christmas without being so annoyed wearing different pieces that might overburden them while they are walking or running.

Christmas Costumes and Outfits

Reasons why you should get your dog one of these adorable Christmas Pet Clothes:

1- First of all, if you chose to get your dog Christmas pet clothes, you have will several choices, because it comes in 4 different prints.

Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

2- It works as a sweater, too. So when you buy Christmas costumes and outfits, you get an adorable costume for your dog and a sweater when it gets colder at night, in one item. Isn’t that amazing?

3- This costume is simple and light-weighted, so you won’t worry about how comfortable your dog is while wearing this costume, or scared for your dog to stumble while walking and fall.

However, if you are looking for something that will help your dog feel the joy of Christmas spirit, but without having to wear a costume. You need to look at our amazing and simple Xmas Collar Tie.

2- Xmas Collar Tie

The Christmas collar tie is perfect for medium-sized dogs. It is light-weighted, doesn’t require a lot of waiting till you fully dress him/her up, and designed to fit your dog’s neck perfectly. This helps him/her enjoy Christmas with a cute little tie around his/her neck, and without you spending a lot of time trying to convince him/her to wait till you put a full costume on him/her.

Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

Also, Xmas Collar Tie is mainly for our four-legged furry friends that are not comfortable with wearing costumes. Maybe because they didn’t find anything that satisfies their taste, yet. Or they are just too picky!

Therefore, we brought today this Xmas Collar Tie. It brings the Christmas joy, and won’t annoy our picky furry friends.

Why you should take one of those Xmas Collar Tie home to your dog?

  • It brings the Christmas joy without annoying your dog with wearing Christmas costumes and outfits that he/she might not be comfortable wearing them.
  • It won’t hurt your dog’s neck, because it comes in different sizes. So, you can measure your dog’s neck and bring him/her the right size. (If you need to read more about collars, how to get your dog the appropriate collar, and how to measure your dog’s neck check this article).
  • Also, your dog will look outstanding wearing one of those and different from any other dog in your neighborhood, because all of them will wear costumes, but your dog will wear just a Xmas Collar Tie, and he/she will still look PAWFECT!
Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |
  • It is re-usable. The Xmas Collar Tie can be a very cute touch on your wall after Christmas or even on your door as a home decor item. (If you want to see what are the Best Home Decor Items for Dog Owners, check this page. Your home will be unforgettable!).
  • And, it can make an amazing gift for your best friend’s dog on Christmas, so your dogs can wear matching collars and present themselves, officially, best buddies.
  • Not to mention that it fits cats, too. So if you have a dog and a cat, they can wear the same collar for Christmas. How cute is that!

If you liked the Xmas Collar Tie, here are another simple Christmas costumes and outfits, wait for it.

3- Christmas Neck Bow Ties

The Christmas neck bow tie is also the perfect choice for medium dogs because it is available in different sizes. So, you can measure your dog’s neck, and bring him/her the neck bow tie that fits him/her the most.

Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

Another amazing and simple gift for your dog.

Christmas is all about joy, peace, and well-chosen gifts. Help your dog feel the Christmas vibes in its simplest form with this cute and simple Christmas neck bow tie.

Reasons for awesomeness:

  • Easy to wear, clean, and re-used several times.
  • It is a collar. Your dog won’t even feel it is there.
  • It is safe to wear, because it is far from your dog’s jaw, so chances of grabbing it to his/her mouth are 0%.
  • It is adjustable neck size: 7.8″ – 14″ (20 – 36 cm). So, don’t worry about its size.
Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

Being simple in Christmas is nice, but being different is overwhelmingly impressive.

So, enough with collars and ties. Now, let’s get back to reviewing more of our irresistible Christmas costumes and outfits that fits small to large dogs, and filled with Christmas joy. Shall we?

4- The Christmas Costume

This Christmas costume is designed to fit large dogs. Because, large dogs can wear a full costume without feeling uncomfortable, or overburdened with it. Also, large dogs can wait till you fully dress him/her up, and can move freely even though they are wearing a full costume.

Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |

The Christmas costume is the perfect gift for your dog at Christmas. Not just because it represents the Christmas spirit, and it let your dog join the festival carnival, but because it is a convenient and adjustable costume that is designed with a non-stick dog’s hair Velcro closure, for an easy take on and off experience.

Also, the Christmas costume is made a breathable, soft and skin-friendly cotton, fleece and polyester fiber that will keep your dog warm, comfortable and in style, too.

Why you should get your dog the Christmas costumes?

  • It is awesome for the holiday season. Christmas is about sharing happy moments with our beloved ones and caring about them. So, choosing the right gift for your dog means to you and him/her how much you care about him/her.
  • It fits small dogs and large dogs. So whatever dog you have at home, he/she will have the chance to feel the joy of Christmas
Small To Large Dog Christmas Costumes and Outfits |
  • Your dog will look adorable in the Christmas picture.
  • Last but not least, the Christmas costume is such an affordable custom that will help you make unique different in this year’s Christmas photo without having to regret later.

Tips and tricks on how to help your dog enjoy wearing Christmas costumes and outfits:

Dogs are not used to wearing costumes and outfits. Therefore, you need to pay attention to what you are going to dress up your dog with, how you are going to help him/her get used to wearing it, and when you should start training your dog to wear costumes.

The two keys to training your dog to wear a costume are: making your dog wear a comfortable costume so he/she doesn’t hate it, and positive behavior while he/she wears it.

The first part is easy, you just need to choose the costume that fits your dog best and know what materials your dog is comfortable wearing it the most. The second part is what we need to talk about more.

Positive behaviors while your dog is wearing Christmas costumes:

1- Start Early.

Most probably your dog will need time to get used to wearing Christmas costumes and outfits. Therefore, you need to give your dog the time he/she needs.

2- Use Positive words.

Dogs are not used to wearing costumes, so the whole process is new and might not be so comfortable to him/her. Therefore, you need to be patient and use positive words so your dog knows that he/she is doing a good job.

3- Don’t force your dog on wearing the costume.

If your dog doesn’t like wearing the costume, please don’t force him/her to wear it. Just take it off right away, no matter how cute he/she looks. If your dog is not comfortable doing anything, don’t force him/her doing it.

Now you are ready, and so is your dog. Have a happy and safe Doggie Christmas. But, don’t forget to tell me how was your dog’s first day wearing a costume before you leave.

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