The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

The coat of a Siberian Husky is similar to their personalities in many ways; they are stunning, unique, and high-maintenance. Keeping the amazing coat of your husky in excellent condition requires some work, and this includes quite a bit of brushing. 

With so many options out there, picking out the best brush for your husky is not an easy task. Fortunately, I have tried and tested many of them over the years and will make this job much easier for you. 

I have only selected the brushes that balance high quality and value-for-the-money so that the brush you get is the best bang for the buck. 

I also have a free gift for you at the end of the article, because why not. 

My 7 Picks for the best brush for a Husky in 2021

  1. The FURMinator Undercoat Grooming Rake – Best Overall 
  2. The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush – Runner Up 
  3. FURVAC Deshedding Vacuum – Best Vacuum Brush
  4. The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool – Best Detangling Brush 
  5. The Rubold All-In-One Grooming Tool – Alternative De-Matting Brush
  6. Dog Brush with Detachable Head– Best Deshedding Brush
  7. The Go Pets Pin & Bristle Brush – Best Pin & Bristle Brush
BrushBest forBuy it for
The FURMinator Undercoat Grooming RakeBest OverallThe best undercoat rake for the price
The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker BrushRunner Up Best for cleaning the outer coat. 
FURVAC Deshedding VacuumVacuum BrushSave time and effort on deshedding your dog
The Pat Your Pet Grooming ToolDetanglingCan de-tangle any mat or knot easily
The Rubold All-In-One Grooming ToolDe-MattingGreat for de-matting and untangling their hair
Dog Brush with Detachable ClipperBest for DesheddingBest De–shedding brush for a husky
The Go Pets Pin & Bristle BrushPin & Bristle BrushFor the finishing touches

These are the best brushes I have used and which I found suitable for the husky’s fur and the best to fight and reduce shedding. They all offer great value for money while maintaining a great standard of quality.

Let’s briefly discuss why you need each of these brushes and how they can help you keep your husky’s coat in top condition. 

Don’t know where to start from when Grooming Husky dog, check our How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair Best 6 Tips guide.

The 7 Best Husky Brushes in 2021

1. The FURMinator Undercoat Grooming Rake

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

The FURMinator needs no introduction as its reputation as an undercoat grooming rake is very well-known. It’s strong, durable, effective, and affordable which is why it’s at the top of our recommendations. 

The Strong and durable single row of stainless steel pins can reach deep in your dog’s coat and remove the dead and loose hairs. 

The pins are rounded so to never hurt your husky’s skin while reaching for the dead hairs in the undercoat. 

The ergonomic handle also makes it easy to use and control the brush. This brush also works great with smaller dogs because it’s gentle on their skin, so you can also use it on your other furry friends and not just your husky. 

I have used the FURminator with great results, and so have the 1,600 people that have reviewed and recommended the product on Amazon, I highly recommend you checking the awesome reviews as well. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Long Stainless Steel Teeth
  • Rounded ends to be gentle on the dog’s skin 
  • Removes the loose hairs and detangles any mats
  • Very Affordable


  • The Handle could’ve been stronger

Bottom line

I think everyone with a Husky or a dog with a double coat should have one of these at home to regularly remove the dead hair, loose fur, and reduce shedding.

The low cost, good quality, and effectiveness of the FURminator make it a no-brainer and a great go-to option for all dog owners. 

2. The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush – Runner Up 

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

Slightly more expensive than the FURminator is the Hertzko, which is our alternative. The Hertzko is a great choice to supplement any undercoat rake, and together they can do wonders to reduce your husky’s shedding. 

While a rake will remove the dead hair from the dog’s undercoat, this slicker brush will remove the dirt, debris, and dead hairs from their outer coats. The wires will not penetrate all the way to the undercoat, but they will cover every inch of the outer coat. 

The brush is also gentle on your husky and will not pull on the hair of their guard coat or touch their skin, making the grooming session. 

The best feature about the Hertzko, however, is that it will hold on to the hairs it collects until you press the release button when it will push everything out. This makes cleaning it super easy and a very controllable process. 

But don’t listen to me, go ahead and check the 15,000 positive reviews on Amazon that rave about it.

Personally, I found the combination of this brush and an undercoat rake to be very effective especially during the shedding season. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Effective in removing debris, dirt, and hair from guard coat
  • Comfortable and gentle – no pulling 
  • Useful release button 


  • The release button may get a bit janky with time 
  • The teeth could be more rounded at the edges 
  • Customer Support is not as responsive as we’d like

Bottom line  

The Hertzko is great for cleaning your dog’s coat from dirt and debris and in combination with an undercoat rake can be very effective in reducing shedding. The Quick Release button is very useful and makes it easy to clean, and the quality of the brush is good especially when considering the affordable price tag. 

3. FURVAC Deshedding Vacuum – Best Vacuum Brush 

The Furvac is the best brush for husky owners with little free time

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on brushing your dog every day, the FURVAC vacuum is your solution. It’s effective, quick-acting, and easy to use. Instead of using a couple of brushes to collect the loose hairs and fur and remove them from your dog’s coat, you can simply suck them out. 

All you need is simply press the button and swipe it across your dog’s coat as if brushing it, and it’ll vacuum all the loose hair and fur out of your dog’s coat. 

The openings on the brush allow the Vacuuming force to be just strong enough to pull the loose hairs and fur but not too strong that it pulls on your dog’s skin, and cleaning it is super easy since it’ll collect all the hair and fur in a single place. 

If your husky is an especially heavy shedder, using an undercoat rake first to get more hair loose before sucking them out using this will be very effective in reducing the shedding while also saving you a lot of time and effort. 

The wire teeth are effective but do not reach deep so as not to hurt your dog’s skin or pull on their fur. 

Pros VS Cons


  • Time-saving and effort-saving
  • Effectively sucks out the loose hairs and fur
  • Ergonomic Design for the comfort of you and your dog
  • Quick-release button for easy cleaning 
  • Coes with a free adapter converter for vacuum cleaners


  • Needs to be used in combination with a rake for heavy shedders
  • Less affordable than traditional brushes 

Bottom line

For busy people with long-haired dogs that want to save time and still reduce their dog’s shedding, the FURVAC vacuum brush is their best option. It works faster than traditional brushes and can save you countless hours every year (or every month if you have more than one dog). 

4. The Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool – Best Detangling Tool

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

While not technically a brush, the Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool is an excellent 2-in-1 grooming tool that’s used by thousands of dog owners, and the reasons are obvious. 

This is basically a tool to detangle your dog’s mats and knots and remove the loose hair and fur. What I particularly like about it is the teeth; they are very effective but they’re still rounded and gentle on your dog’s skin. 

The design of the tool makes it easy to hold and use, which I found very useful in reaching in spots my dog doesn’t like me to without having to flip the dog over. 

The tool is sturdy and built to last, and the teeth are made of stainless steel for the same reason. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean. 

I have not seen a mat or knot that has been too tough for this tool to break it down, and this makes husky grooming much easier than usual, especially with a hyper-active dog that gets wet a lot. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Effective in detangling and de-matting any knot
  • Easy to use
  • The teeth are effective in cutting through the hair with no pulling
  • Gentle and rounded teeth that don’t harm your husky’s skin 
  • Comfortable Grip 
  • Good size for more precise control 


  • Blades can be larger (or they should offer a large option at least). 
  • Can be time-consuming for larger dogs with thicker coats

Bottom line 

If you have an active husky that gets his hair matted a lot, this tool is a must for you. Its ability to cut through the mats and remove the loose hair is great, and rounded teeth are there to make sure they never irritate the skin. It’s a good tool in fighting your husky’s shedding as it cuts and removes the loose hair and fur before they become a problem around the house. 

5. The Rubold All-In-One Grooming Tool – Alternative De-Matting Brush 

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

The RUBOLD is another tool that can be used for dematting and detangling purposes. It also comes with dual teeth (17+9) designed to cut through any tangles or mats safely and help loosen the loose hair and remove it. 

It can reach the undercoat but thanks to its rounded teeth it doesn’t scratch or irritate your husky’s skin, and instead feels like a massage to them. 

The no-slip ergonomic handle makes it easy to use it to reach the difficult spots for a complete grooming session. 

Use this in combination with the vacuum brush to really reduce husky shedding and give yourself a break from removing dead hair from every spot in the house. 

Another advantage of this tool that doesn’t get enough appreciation; It’s easily portable! I can throw it in any bag and take it with me during the holidays to continue grooming my husky’s fur while I’m at my family’s house.  

Pros VS Cons 


  • Cuts through tangles and mats
  • Excellent deshedding tool 
  • Ergonomic with no-slip handle 
  • Easily portable (Can be used for regular brushing while away)
  • Gentle on husky’s skin – No irritation or scratches


  • Could be sturdier 
  • Needs careful handling with tough coats

Bottom line

This tool is great for any husky owner who wants something that will quickly remove the dead and loose hair and do some regular brushing while at it. It’s a great tool to reduce shedding while also being gentle on your husky. 

6. Dog Brush with Detachable Head – Best Deshedding Brush

The dog brush with detachable head as the best brush for husky with removable head for easy cleaning

If you want the best brush for husky shedding, go for this one. It can remove so much hair that it can reduce your dog’s shedding by up to 95% with regular grooming. The stainless steel teeth go through the husky’s guard coat and work on their undercoat to remove any loose hair. 

The brush is so effective that with every brush, I find it coming out with a handful of dead fur and hair. For a shedding husky (or any long-haired dog really), this is one of the most effective tools around. 

Removing the head of the comb is easily done with a press on the quick release button.

I personally like the removable head because it makes not only cleaning the tool easier, but also storing it and carrying it with me in a bag when we’re going camping or away for the holidays. 

Pros V Cons 


  • Can be used with any double coated dog 
  • Can reduce shedding by up to 95% 
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the detachable head
  • Effective in removing dead fur and hair


  • Doesn’t work as well with smaller dogs 
  • Needs more caution when used with cats or smaller dogs

Bottom Line

If your husky shedding is a serious problem that you want to tackle head-on, I recommend grabbing one of these. It may not completely eliminate the problem, but it will seriously cut down on the amount of hair you will find around the husky. 

7. The Go Pets Pin & Bristle Brush – Best Pin & Bristle Brush

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

Every Husky Owner needs a good pin brush at home, and this is the best brush of this type. You can use this brush for the finishing brush after using the undercoat rake and any other deshedding tool you use. 

The strong pins will smooth out the hair of the guard coat and the bristle side can knock off any dirt or loose hairs left while spreading the natural oils over your husky’s coat evenly. 

The rounded ends at the pen means that it will never irritate the skin of your husky or scratch them. In fact, it’s designed to make sure that your husky enjoys the brushing to leave them with a good overall feeling after the grooming session. 

What makes this the best brush of all the bristle and pin brushes I’ve tested is that the rounded ends are not just plastic tips but instead are real metal casts. The problem with plastic tips is that they fall off or wear down with time, exposing the sharp pins 

Pros VS Cons


  • Distributes the natural oils
  • Removes any remaining dirt of loose hairs
  • Gentle on the husky’s skin 
  • A great finishing touch to smooth out their hair


  • Does not remove much hair, not suitable for de-shedding purposes. 

Bottom Line

This double-sided bristle and pin brush is an essential tool in the routine of grooming for huskies, and I think that all husky owners should have one of these at home. It’s the best brush for a gentle and smooth finish to the grooming session. 

How to Groom Your Dog? A Gift!

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

As I said at the beginning, we have a small gift for you that we think you may like. It’s an eBook with everything you need about grooming your husky and it will teach you how to properly groom any dog. 

Don’t worry, it really is a free gift, we won’t need a name, email, or your subscription. However, we’re keeping it free for a limited time only. Click here to get your free eBook. If you do want free gifts like this, make sure to subscribe to our email lists, and don’t worry, we’ll never share your name, email, or other data with anyone. 

How do You Brush a Siberian Husky? 

The Best Brush for Husky in 2021 - A Complete Buyer’s Guide |

Huskies are wonderful and almost majestic animals, which also means they’re sort of high maintenance. This is especially true for their thick, double coats which can become a problem if they are not groomed regularly. 

The coat of your husky plays a crucial role in regulating their temperature which is why you don’t only need to get the right brush for a husky, you should also know how to use it on their coat. 

7 Steps to Brush a Siberian Husky

  1. You should start brushing your husky in one area and focus only on this spot before moving on to the next. You don’t need to brush all of the dog’s coat or undercoat in one sitting and can just focus on one spot a day (one day for their backs, another for legs, and so on). 
  2. Start with the slicker or pin brush first before to untangle any mats and get rid of the initial loose hair or fur. This is an important step to reduce your dog’s shedding. 
  3. If your husky has been active and has mats and knots, you will want to use a good detangling brushes (check out brushes no. 4 and 5, best brushes I’ve used for this kind) 
  4. After the initial brushing with the slicker brush, use a deshedding tool or an undercoat rake with the same line brushing technique to remove all the remaining loose fur. 
  5. Quickly Get rid of the loose hair or fur collected by the undercoat rakes or brushes safely, you don’t want those flying around. 
  6. Finish the brushing session using a polishing brush (a pin,  nylon or natural-fiber bristle brush) for the outer coat. 
  7. Maintain your brushing routine using the same technique.

Keeping a regular brushing routine using high-quality brushes can make such a huge difference in your dog’s shedding as it will help you get rid of the loose fur before they explode everywhere in your home. 

Husky grooming is not easy, and you should know that this will  takes commitment and many people fail to do so. This is why so many people are saying that dealing with the shedding of a husky is impossible, but it really isn’t, it is difficult and it takes commitment and the right tools from rakes to brushes.  

How often should I brush my husky? 

You should brush your Siberian Husky every day or every other day, but you don’t have to brush all of their coats every day. You can groom one part of your dog’s coat every day and then repeat it. If you can’t groom them on a daily basis, you should do it at least twice per week and no fewer than that. 

A regular grooming routine can keep your dog’s shedding in check and save you so much effort and time cleaning your house of their fur during the shedding season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you overbrush a Husky? 

Yes, you can over brush your husky by grooming him too much or too often or both. A partial brush daily (over one part of their body) or a full brush every couple of days is enough to keep your dog’s coat in good condition. 

You can also damage your husky’s coat by using the wrong type of brush or by overusing a certain brush – such as using the furminator undercoat rake for too often which can damage the outer long coat of your dog. 

Huskies actually need less grooming than other double-coated breeds such as Golden Retrievers. 

What Months Do Huskies Shed? 

Huskies are prolific shedders and they shed their undercoats twice a year during the seasons of spring and fall. Huskies shed in the spring to grow a lighter coat for the summer and shed in the fall to grow a longer coat for the cold winter. 

You should never cut your husky’s hair yourself or remove their undercoat, and you should never ever shave them unless for a serious medical condition. The coat of your husky is crucial for their bodies’ heat circulation.

How Much Do Husky Shed? 

Shedding is very heavy with a husky. They will blow their whole undercoat twice a year at least, and it will look like your dog has shed another dog.

 The shedding is how huskies regulate their temperature, so you can’t ever eliminate the shedding of your husky, but you can control where the hair your husky shed ends up. Using the best brush for your husky’s undercoat and guard coat will allow you to collect the loose hairs or furs from their undercoat and guard coat before your husky shakes them off all around the house. 

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