10 Small Dog Haircuts that Works for Any Small Dog

small dog haircuts

Small dog haircuts, A particular type of haircut and hairstyle should be applied according to your dog’s breed, always for comfort and health.

The dog’s hairstyle is today a real art. The multitude of cuts and hairstyles for dogs currently available reveals the creativity and immense talent of these professionals.

small dog haircuts

First of all, we must remember that even though the canine hair salon is attractive, our priority must always be the well-being of our dog.

So we need to know which is the most appropriate cut for him.

It will also be necessary to respect the appropriate frequency, always according to the speed of growth of the hair of our dog.

Small dog haircuts

These perfectly round or square dog haircuts are the latest trend

Dogs, typically poodles, have fur on their heads carved into perfect spheres or cubes, and the results are published online in what could be the first contest “my dog has a rounder head than yours

1.) The puppy cut

small dog haircuts

The puppy cut is a popular type of haircut, especially for small, long-haired dogs. The puppy cut consists of cutting the ends of the hairs and leaving a maximum length of 3 centimeters long, evenly.

This type of cut is reminiscent of little Yorkie puppies, makes her coat softer and reduces the possibility of knots.

2.) The Westy Cup

small dog haircuts

The Westy style cut is a reminder of the classic cut that resembles the West Highland White Terrier.

It looks pretty like the previous cut although in this case the hairs are cut very short and can even be shaved.

During this time, it will be necessary to trim the eyebrows and the dog’s beard just enough to visually bring out the ears and lengthen the muzzle.

3.) The Schnauzer’s cup

small dog haircuts

As in the previous case, the Schnauzer’s cut consists of imitating the classic Schnauzer cut. For this cut, it is necessary to let the hairs of the legs so that the legs have a rounded shape while shaving close to the body.

It is therefore necessary to pay attention to his beard and his eyebrows to succeed this cut.

4.) The cut of the Pekingese

small dog haircuts

The cut of the Pekingese is another cut that aims to imitate the physiology of another race, in this case, the Pekingese. To do this, just let the dog hair grow to reach a medium size to mimic the long ears of the pekinese. Finally, shave her legs slightly

5.) The cut of the Spanish water dog

small dog haircuts

This cut is easy to make and maintain. This cut aims to give your dog the appearance of a Spanish water dog.

To get this cut, simply let the hair grow to get medium-short hairs. Do not smooth them with combs or other accessories.

The hairs must be curly and in battle but the size of the haircut must be the same over most of the body.

6.) Lion cut


The lion cut is probably the most famous and extravagant of all poodle cuts. The ends are cut flush with a tassel at the end, the tail is rounded and the chest, kidneys and head are hairy. This cup is the most used in competitions and dog shows.

7.) English lion cut

10 Small Dog Haircuts that Works for Any Small Dog |

The English lion cut is very similar to the lion cut, but its peculiarity lies in the other pompoms, located on the hind legs, and the pelvic area which remains like that of the chest.

8.) Dutch Cup

10 Small Dog Haircuts that Works for Any Small Dog |

The Dutch Cup is another of the most popular in dog shows and shows. Unlike previous cuts, we are looking here for a uniform and even style on the dog’s coat. The tail ends in a funny pompom.

9.) Modern cup

10 Small Dog Haircuts that Works for Any Small Dog |

The modern cut is probably the most recommended for tutors who love to follow current trends and participate in canine beauty contests.

We seek here a professional and neat rendering, but without the extravagance of the cuts mentioned above.

It is an aesthetic cut and at the same time more natural. The shape of the body is neat and the ears, the tail and the head are highlighted.

10.) Summer cup

10 Small Dog Haircuts that Works for Any Small Dog |

Many guardians wonder if it is good to cut their dog’s hair in the summer. In these cases, all breeds should not follow the example of the poodle, because it is a dog that adapts perfectly to different cuts.

Summer is a time of great heat during which your beloved poodle gets dirty more than usual, especially if you go to the beach or go on excursions in the woods.

For this reason, the summer cut is a good solution: you help it to be less hot and give it a neat aesthetic, as you can see below.

Other haircuts

If you do not like the puppy cut or the cuts mimicking other breeds of dogs, you can cut the hair of your dog yourself and inspire you with the following cuts that we will show you below.

Remember: The best hairstyle for your dog is the one with which he will feel most comfortable, that will not prevent him from doing his daily activities or that will not represent a danger to his health.

 Types of dog haircuts

Depending on the type of hair your dog (short, long, curly, thin, thick …), it may be necessary to mow it so that it is not too hot or to prevent his fur from getting tangled.

But the mowing also corresponds to aesthetic criteria for certain breeds, it is then the choice of the owner to respect or not these standards.

In addition, some types of coat do not need mowing and it is even advisable not to do so not to disrupt the protective barrier constituted by the hair.

Grooming styles

Of course, grooming is not a crucial measure for the health of your dog, but it can contribute to its well-being by providing some comfort in summer for example.

A shorn coat is also easier to maintain especially if you do not have time for regular brushing or grooming, and especially for breeds with a demanding coat such as the bichon, the poodle …

In addition, during the flea and tick season, a supplied and poorly maintained coat may become a parasite nest.

In this case, a good mowing at the beginning of the summer is the ideal solution to flea hunting and facilitate the anti-parasite treatment.

Finally, “refreshing” the coat of his animal can give it a cleaner appearance and make up for any damage if brushing is insufficient or you do not want to take it to the groomer.

Dog hairstyles

In general, dogs with long hair need more shearing than others. Indeed, their fur tends to get tangled and, by force, can form troublesome taps at the rump, under the belly and the hindquarters.

Long-haired and thin breeds such as Westie, Shih Tzu, Apso Lasso, Yorkshire, King Charles, Tulear’s Cotton and even Cocker require regular mowing.

If you want the cut to meet breed standards, grooming in the salon will be necessary; otherwise, we can consider a short cut made at home.

Other long-haired breeds with thick, woolly fur, such as the Maltese bichon, the Pyrenean shepherd or the Puli, have a coat that is difficult to maintain and requires the use of a professional mower.

The operation can be long and complex, often leading the masters to address a groomer.

The best reflex is to perform a complete disentangling as often as possible between the clippings to avoid the formation of nodes.

Finally, the breeds with curly hair like the poodle and the bichon Frize require a mowing or cutting with scissors frequent because they do not lose their hair, they may therefore be too hot in summer and develop skin diseases.


In conclusion, there are many different types of small dog haircuts. These haircuts differ in style and appearance.

To know more about lion haircuts for dogs, check Top 11 Lion Dog Haircut Looking Great and Bad.

Share your opinion. Are you for or against small dog haircuts?

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