Don’t Make These Silly Dog-Owner Mistakes if You Really Love Your Dog

Don't Make These Silly Dog-Owner Mistakes if You Really Love Your Dog |

There are great upsides to being a dog-parent. The love, adoration and serotonin surge that you get is unmatched. But, keeping the goody bits aside, there is also a great deal of responsibility that comes along with it. 

Let’s face it—we don’t live in an ancient world where the use of dogs was for primal purposes only. In modern societal templates, dogs are more than just pets—they’re family. This is why you should be all the more cautious and avoid making these mistakes as a dog ‘owner’.

Be a responsible parent. Avoid these mistakes. 

Avoiding Training Paves Way to Mischief

One of the greatest aspects of a dog’s life is to be well-trained. After all, a dog capable of wreaking havoc has little to do with it, and a lot more to do with the owner itself. Sure, this does not bar you from depriving your dog of cuddles and belly rubs, but when it is time to be serious, you better be. 

More often than not, owners believe that having a dog is only fun and games. Little do they realise that along with the said fun times, holistic training sessions become just as quintessential. Be it making them sit at command, or teaching them how to behave in public arenas—do not avoid this mistake of not training your dog. 

The other advantage to it is socialisation. Humans are gregarious, and as pets are a manifestation of the parent, it only fits that they are too. A well-behaved dog will be able to, hence, socialise in public places like parks, playgrounds, and in general when you take them out on walks.

Not Paying Heed to Physical and Physiological Needs

There is no doubt about the fact that humans are becoming more sedentary by the day. This also reflects a great deal on their pets. With lack of exercise, your dog will not only become more lethargic, but will also pave the way to a lot of physiological complications too. 

The other thing to keep in mind is diet. Sure, you can inject your body with any kinds of diets and complex compounds as you please, but avoid implying the same for your dog. For instance, chocolate is technically toxic food for a dog. While you can use other things like fruits and treats to make your dog feel great, avoid chocolates and other likes of toxins. 

As a dog-owner, you cannot afford to be complacent and make compromises when it comes to pet health. After all, it is obvious that your dog will not be able to articulate what they feel about their bodies, so that the onus is always on you, the parent. 

No Diet Monitoring 

Continuing the idea of choosing what is best for your dog’s body, diet monitoring is another aspect that owners often fail to contemplate. Think about it, you probably don’t even keep track of your own micros and macros—is it not unfair to do the same for your dog?

There are other aspects of the kind of diet you are placing your dog under. Firstly, get your ingredients right. Do not try to make compromises on that front, especially since your dog’s body is more receptive to the kind of food that you provide it. Don’t compromise on ingredients. 

Second, do not overfeed. Sure, feeding your dog is an obvious indication of love and affection, but hyper- and hypo- of everything is deleterious. In this day and age where greater grades of physical size are rightly being appropriated, do not imply the same for your dog. Canine obesity is morbid.

Say No to Vets

There is a great section of society that pays little heed to advances made by medical science. The same would say no to vets. You being the more pragmatic dog-owner, should obviously digress.

Vets are one of the most pivotal aspects in the life of a dog. Not only will they ensure longevity, but in the grander scheme of things, a greater quality of life too. Ensure that you always visit your vet, even if that means at the slightest inconvenience. Bad breath? Visit the vet. Weakness? Lack of energy? Visit the vet. Just for the sake of it? Visit the vet. 

To Conclude

There are some obvious other things that you need to keep in mind as a dog-owner. Things like insurance, kennel investments, and so on. However, if you treat your dog less like a pet and more like your child, it becomes a lot easier to figure all of it out. Happy Petting!

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