Birth In A Panadamic: A Woman Gives Birth In The Toilet Paper Aisle Of Walmart!

Birth In A Panadamic: A Woman Gives Birth In The Toilet Paper Aisle Of Walmart! |

While everyone around her running everywhere to take whatever he finds in the empty shelves of Walmart at Sunshine and West Bypass, a woman was concerned about one thing… SHE IS HAVING A BABY!

A woman’s water broke in the toilet paper aisle of Walmart leaving everyone around her in shock, not knowing what to do or how to help.”We were like oh my gosh, is this actually going to happen,” said store manager Jessica Hinkle.

Jessica Hinkle, the store manager, grabbed a sheet to block the aisle to give the woman the privacy she needed, or at least try! Then while everybody is waiting, a woman stepped in and said: ‘I’m a labor nurse, can I help?’.

Accordingly, Springfield firefighters were on their way to help deliver that poor baby, and fortunately, according to the KY3 the process took 45 minutes, and then the labor nurse announced that she is a baby girl.

Credit: KY3

The poor mum raised her hand, which make every customer in Walmart cheering and clapping for her.

According to the Chef’s post, both are doing well!

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