Can You Cut Dog Hair With Human Clippers? You Should Know This

Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers

Do you really have to get a hair clipper just for your dog? Why can’t you use the one you (or your partner) already has? 

Or for hygiene sake, let’s say the old hair clipper you have laying around and don’t use. Is it possible? Isn’t all hair just hair? 

Can you cut dog hair with human clippers? No, you can’t cut dog hair with human clippers because you might injure your dog as pet clippers are designed to not press against their sensitive skin and be lighter, while human clippers can cut your dog’s skin and irritate it. 

To know more about whether can you cut dog hair with human clippers, continue on. And to get to know The Best Dog Grooming Shears You Can Get in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide Click here

The difference between human clippers and pet clippers

Even though they may look similar in appearance, they are not the same. There are many differences between dog clippers and human ones that make you never want to use human clippers on dogs. 

DifferencesHuman ClippersDog Clippers
MotorsWeaker Stronger
NoiseMuch louderMuch quieter 
BladesBlunt bladesSharper blades
TeethNarrower teethWider teeth
Skin irritationCan touch skin Designed to avoid skin

Let’s explain some of the differences between dog clippers and human ones: 

  • The blades of the human clippers are tighter together 
    • Because human hair is finer than dogs’, so the teeth must be more widely-spaced to allow their fur to get through the blades
  • pet clippers have sharper blades
    • Because their fur may have tangles or mats
    • Because their fur is stronger and thicker than the human hair.
  • pet clippers have stronger motors 
    • Because they have to work for longer periods of time and are often used by professionals. 

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So, there are differences that make it quite a bad idea to use your clippers on your dog, let’s see why these differences actually make it such a bad idea.  


The blades used for human clippers are different from those used in dog clippers. Human clippers have finer teeth that cut hair 0.2 mm to 0.008 inches from the scalp.

Dog clippers come in size 10 in blade size. They leave 1/16 inches from your pet’s body. Dog clippers come in different teeth varieties, unlike human clippers. They also have more spaces between the teeth to let your pet’s long fur slide through them easily, which makes grooming a dog easy. This doesn’t exist in human clippers, which is one of the reasons you shouldn’t use them on dogs. 


Pet clippers have lighter but stronger motors than human clippers. Human clippers are used for a shorter time as we don’t just have the amount of hair our dogs have, but our pups have a lot of furs that need cutting. After it is used, the clipper is to turn down to cool down.

On the other hand, the grooming of dogs requires more time and so the motor shouldn’t heat up easily and is designed for this; to be used for a long without heating up. 

The motors also need to be quieter because you can’t groom a dog that’s afraid of the tool you’re using, so the motors in pet hair clippers are much quieter than those of ours. A quieter motor can make a large difference in dog grooming. 

Clipper kits

Both clippers come with their own set of accessories. However, human clippers come with accessories that are only suitable for humans. Even if you have human clippers that can actually work on your pet without injuring them, you will need to get a new set of accessories to use human clippers on your pet. 

While dog clippers come with their own grooming accessories for your dog such as combs and brushes for your dog. How to Clean a Dog’s Ears in 7 Easy Steps

Can you cut dog hair with human clippers?

Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human ClippersCredited: wag walking

You shouldn’t cut your dog’s hair using human clippers. The reason is that human clippers struggle to make their way through your dog’s fur.

This can cause your dog to feel pain. You’ll also keep on pulling and pushing the human clipper into your dog’s hair which may lead to an uneven cut or hairstyle. Dog Hair: 4 Simple Ways to Clean it Up

What to look for in a dog hair clipper?

Can You Cut Dog Hair With Human Clippers? You Should Know This |Can You Cut Dog Hair With Human Clippers? You Should Know This |

Comb guides

Does the clippers come with comb guides. Guides allow you to clip your dog’s hair to specific lengths. This is the best tool for inexperienced users.

Some clippers come with guides while others don’t come with them. Check 17 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Blade Material

The best material for blade material is carbon steel because it is corrosion-resistant. This makes it a great choice for dog clippers.

If you are on a tight budget, you can get stainless steel.

Blade sharpening

There are some clippers that come with sharpening blades so you never have to worry about dull blades.

Corded or Cordless

Dog clippers may be corded or they may run off a battery. The dog clippers with cords are more powerful; however, cordless dog clippers give you the benefit of being able to cut anywhere and at any time but there is the problem of running off battery power.

Noise and speed

Noisy pet clippers will definitely frighten your dog so it is important to choose a dog hair clipper that is less noisy.

The quieter the motor, the better. Pet clippers usually have two sped motors. If you have a dog with thick coat, you may want a model with a different speed.

Other aspects to consider when buying a dog clipper

  • Cost: How much does it cost and is it really worth the cost.
  • Size and weight: When you handle your dog, it is important for you to be comfortable with the grip and weight of the clipper.
  • Accessories: You will also need brushes and combs to comb your dog while clipping their hair.
  • Sound: Make sure it has a low sound making it less likely to scare your dog.
  • Maintenance: This is crucial so it can be fixed whenever it is broken.

Also, to effectively choose the right one, you should check your dog’s coat to know whether it is fur or hair. Because whether it is hair or fur, it will require different types of pet clippers.

Steps to groom dogs with dog clippers

Grooming should start while they are young so they get used to the process. Grooming removes dead hair leaving only healthy hair behind.

You should also have the right tool, if you’re looking for a good clipper, check out the Wahl Pet clippers, it’s so powerful and so quiet that I have recommended it to every one of my friends and they’re all loved it so far.

Get it from amazon here.

Also, it is a good idea to regularly bathe your dog with dog shampoo.

1.) Use the right tools

You got to use the right tools for your dog. Use a slicker brush, comb, and slicker brush. You can purchase these requirements from any pet store.

2.) Use tools that are quiet

Make sure that you bring tools that are quiet and don’t cause your dog distress. You have to test different types of clippers and see which causes the least noise.

3.) Keep the blades sharp

Keep blades sharp so you don’t pull your dog’s hair. They need to be sharp for hard to reach places.

4.) Clip slowly

Clip slowly so you don’t injure your dog. Clipping too quickly can cause your dog distress and discomfort because it will be too fast for them and will cause them to feel nervous.

5.) Go in the right direction

Clip with the growth of the hair for a smooth coat. Cutting in the right direction may take time but the result is great when you apply it.

6.) Make sure the clippers don’t get hot

You can actually burn your dog’s skin with the clippers if they get too hot. For that very reason, you should turn the clippers off at times and touch them to see if they are hot.

If they are hot you can change the blades or switch to another clipper.


Can you use human clippers on your pets? The answer is no as it will cause your dog discomfort and stress. It will also not cut effectively as a dog clipper.

To know more about how to groom dog fur with scissors, check How to Cut Dog Hair with Scissors Safely.

Related Questions: 

Can human clippers be used on dogs? 

Human clippers can be used on dogs but they shouldn’t be. There is a huge difference between grooming dog fur and grooming human hair, and they both need very different tools.

 Human clippers are designed to deal with human hair which is quite light and easy to go through while your dog’s fur is heavy and grooming it requires a more powerful tool.

 However, while your dog’s fur may be stronger and you need more powerful tools to go through the dog’s fur, your pup’s skin is more sensitive and can be more easily injured with clippers made for humans and human hair. 

How do You Shave a Dog With Human Clippers? 

You sould not shave your dog’s fur with any tools, and especially not one that’s designed to deal with human hair. For one, tools designed for us have lighter motors and sharper blades to groom human hair easily but they can’t deal with dog’s fur just as easily. 

Secondly, your dog’s fur plays a very important role in regulating their temperature and protecting them from the elements, and by cutting their hair down, you will be exposing them to the elements and making them more prone to infections, sunburns, sore spots, and skin diseases. 

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