How to Spot and Get Rid of Dogs Fever Easily At Home

How to Spot and Get Rid of Dogs Fever Easily At Home |

Feel your dog’s nose. If it’s wet and cold, your dog is healthy. If it’s hot and dry, it is most probably a ‘dogs fever’ symptoms. But, is it always that simple?

Typically, people’s normal temperature range is (97.6–99.6°F) (36.4-37.5 °C), the dog’s normal temperature range is (99.5-102.5°F) (37.5-39.1°C). So, if your dog’s temperature is above or below those numbers, you might need to check with a veterinarian.

Dogs fever is not something rare, or something you should worry about; however, it is something you need to pay attention to it, and to its symptoms; because it is a response to the threat of disease.

Dogs Fever Symptoms

  • Weakness
  • Red eyes
  • Warm ears
  • Warm, and dry nose
  • Decrease appetite
  • Quivering
  • Coughing
  • Vomiting

Dogs Fever Causes

5 Steps to take your dog’s temperature

It will not be the easiest or the sweetest activity with your dog; however, dog lover does what they need to do for the sake of their dog’s health.

So, yes it won’t be easy; no one will ever feel comfortable with a thermometer in their private parts, but still, we need that to happen for a happy, healthy dog.

Choose the right thermometer

There are two ways to take your dog’s temperature; with a rectal or ear thermometer. 

If you are going to use a rectal thermometer, you need to apply the gel or any-safe-oily material. Then, gently, insert the rectal thermometer in your dog’s anus and remove it once you get a reading.

And here’s how:

Credit: First Aid For Life

In case you are going to use an ear thermometer; you need to place the ear thermometer deep in your dog’s horizontal ear canal.

Calm your dog down

Once you decided which thermometer you are going to use, you need to figure out how you are going to calm your dog down; because he/she will undoubtedly not like it. So, give your dog the time he/she needs to get used to the situation. 

Distract your dog with treats he/she love.

Just make sure that your dog’s treat is healthy. You can check this list for dog’s healthy food.

Choosing the right treat for your dog is not as hard as you think, or even expensive; because it can be anything that is healthy and safe for your dog.

For instance, dog treats can be homemade biscuits, doggy treats from the pet shop, or even some of his/her favorite, save for dogs, food from your plate.

Insert the thermometer and wait

Once you feel that your dog is ready, insert the thermometer, gently, in his/her body. Wait, till you get results; it shouldn’t take much time, approximately 10-15 seconds.

Inserting the thermometer in your dog’s private parts is not an easy mission for you or your dog. Therefore, you need to be really gentle and wait for your dog to be calm and ready, don’t try to rush things up; give your dog the time he/she needs.

If you decided that it is so hard for you to do it, just ask some professional help; I believe your dog’s vet has done it thousands of times before, he/she will be happy to help.

Praise your dog

As you can imagine; this was not a comfortable situation for your dog, so, tell him/her that he/she has done a great job.

Dogs are very active creatures they enjoy running, playing, jumping, and being noisy; it’s their thing. So, when they are doing what they love, and they feel sick and not capable of being dogs, they become even more sad, frustrated, and lazy.

Therefore, you need to cheer them up while they are tired and in pain, give them their favorite treat, and be there for them.

5 Steps to Reduce Dogs Fever at Home

dogs fever
let’s cool you down, dear.

 Keep your dog hydrated

After cooling your dog down from the outside, it is about time to cool him/her down from the inside, too. So, bring your dog some cool water, and keep him/her hydrated.

You might also try to put some of his?her favorite fruits in the refrigerator so he/she can enjoy eating some cold, tasty food; that can keep him/her cold and help her/hi, eat something.

Feed your dog

It can be a hard thing to do if your dog is sick; it is normal. However, food is necessary to help your dog feel better, so keep trying.

Try to give your dog more choices; put the food that you know he/she can’t resist, give him/her the treat he/she prefer if he/she finished the food.

 Give your dog a shower

After cooling your dog down using the wet cloth, you can get your dog ready for a cool washing; not ice-cold, and not the normal water temperature; Put your dog in the tub, don’t spray water on him/her, and don’t give him/her a shower in a cold place.

Now, use the cloth you used before to calm your down; soak it in the tub, and gently apply water on your dog’s body.

 Dry your dog very well

When there is dogs fever, dogs can catch a cold easily; so, be careful, and dry your dog very well with a clean towel.

You can also use the dryer. Just be careful you don’t want to burn your dog’s skin; therefore, make sure the dryer is not so hot, and your dog is not moving a lot or seems in pain.

 Cool your dog down

You can cool your dog down by using a wet cloth, that is not too cold, and gently wipe your dog’s paws, ears, and chest.

Remember: Don’t get your dog too wet; you need to gradually decrease his/her temperature. And, don’t use soap; only nice, and cool water.

Warning: Cooling your dog down should be done in a healthy way, remember your dog now is weak so he/she can’t fight another sick symptoms. So, stay away from ice-cream; I know that it the first thing that will come in mind when you hear the world “cooling down”, but you can use frozen fruits instead.

Fully recover from dogs fever:

Your dogs need to rest, eat very well, take his/her medicine -if the veterinarian said so-, and to stay hydrated.

You need to let your dog recover, let him/her take the time he/she needs. Sometimes dogs fever resolved on the first day of treatment, while other dogs fever can take much longer than that. 

Therefore, even if you decided that you can treat your dog at home, you need to ask your dog’s veterinarian if your dog needs some drugs, or even supplements to help him/her recover.

dogs fever
I need some rest, mum.

Then give your dog the time he/she needs to recover, and he/she gradually will return to the active, naughty, and happy dog that you know.

I know how hard and heartbreaking it is to see your dog tired, sick, and not in the mood. But, you need to know that it is normal, and it happens to all creatures, they are just humans they get sick, and then they recover. So, no need to worry much just follow the instructions and everything will be just fine.

How to prevent your dog from having dogs fever?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Dogs fever, human fever, or any other sickness symptoms are unpreventable; you cannot avoid getting sick neither can your dog. 

However, you can boost your dog’s immune system, so he becomes healthier, naturally.

Dogs are very active animals; they want to smell anything, taste everything, and be everywhere that is their nature, and we love them the way they are. But, we need to take care of them and make sure that they are healthy and happy.

Therefore, you can help your dog not getting dogs fever a lot, by keeping them away from gardens that contain poisonous plants, maintain the perfect diet for your dog, restrict them from visiting their sick dog-friends till they get better, and don’t give them human food that is poisonous to them.

Moreover, visit your dog’s veterinarian, and ask him if your dog needs any drugs, or vitamins to support his/her immune system.

Related Questions:

How to tell if your dog has a fever without using the thermometer?

Fever makes the dog feel tired, not in the mood, he/she loses appetite. Besides, you will notice other symptoms like his/her eyes is in red, warm or dry nose, warm ears, and sometimes coughing and shivering.

If your dog’s veterinarian didn’t recommend any, so your dog is perfectly healthy and doesn’t need any drugs; keep it that way, and don’t try to give him/her anything his/her veterinarian didn’t write to him/her.

How to Comfort a dog with a fever?

You need to give your four-legged friend a lot of water to drink, fever makes dogs very thirsty, make sure you cool your dog down and dry his/her body with the dryer.

Hopefully, I answered all your questions about dogs fever, if not; please, feel free to ask me anything.

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