Will the US Have Its Own Pet Massacre Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Will America Have Its Own Pet Massacre Amidst the Coronavirus Panic?

Back in 1939, over 750,000 pets were murdered in the UK in preparation for food shortages due to World War II. 

It is evident that fear and panic makes people do barbaric actions to assure themselves that they are going to be alright.

Fast forward to 2020, and we have the infamous Chinese Pet Massacre, where China Officials ordered their people to kill their pets because of Coronavirus. They have recently started rewarding people with money for every pet who is killed.

The world was mad at what is happening in China, but now, the same thing is about to occur in the Western World.

I have already mentioned that the UK might have its second British Pet Holocaust here, but sadly, the same thing might happen in America as well!

America would never have a Pet Massacre, or would it?

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