Yulin Dog Meat Festival .. in 2019!!???

dog in a cage. Yulin dog meat festival

Look at these pictures

I’m sorry in advance,

These stills aren’t from some Hollywood post apocalyptic drama
where hunger driven humans resort to eating dogs
because they lack everything else,

NO, These are from our world!!

Our 2019 world!!

From the remote southern Chinese city of Yulin

I’m sorry if the images were too distressful or graphic for you
but you have to see them to know how big these monstrous cruel deeds are

An image is worth a thousand words

This horrendous cruelty takes place every year on June 21st in The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

In case you don’t know, Here is everything you need to know on the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

What Is It?

Once a year during the summer solstice, The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, or what is known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival takes place.

It is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, in which thousands of dogs are killed and tortured for the festival.

The Yulin dog meat festival started in 2009. The festival spans about ten days during which, it is estimated that 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed and eaten by festival goers.

yulin dog meat festival
credit: animal people

This infamous festival was actually started by dog meat traders as a way to boost business and the local economy taking advantage of an activity that was already taking place.

It’s widely believed that the consumption of dog meat in Guangxi Province, China, dates back to hundreds of years.

However, this official gathering was not promoted and encouraged until around 30 years ago. At the beginning by the dog meat traders. Afterwards, the Yulin government has adopted the festival for touristic purposes. The government pursued making it a popular attraction for dog eaters from all over China and the surrounding countries.

This event has drawn waves of criticism from the mainstream media and animal lovers worldwide. Influential figures have lead campaigns around the world in a bid to stop it.

As a result of the pressure, the local government of Yulin has stopped organizing the festival. However, the monstrosity didn’t stop. As vendors continue selling dog meat and the act of eating dog meat continues year-round and is peaking during the summer solstice. 

Why Can’t The Chinese Government Ban The Festival?

To them, the festival doesn’t exist anymore, as the local government of Yulin has stopped backing this festival and removed it from their tourism calendar in 2014.

The Yulin Municipal Government has repeatedly declared that it is not able to stop the festival as it claims it does not exist as an official event. So, to them, there is nothing to stop

Since 2014, there has not been an official dog meat eating festival in Yulin. But local people do still gather to eat lychees and dog meat during the summer solstice in an entirely unofficial capacity.

People eat dog meat at a dog meat restaurant district on the day of local dog meat festival in Yulin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, June 22, 2015. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon
credit: yibada

Let all that aside, These back and forth skirmishes between the Chinese government and the media are just technicalities. The issue here is not with the festival itself, it is the act of dog eating.

A festival is no more than spending time with your family and eating traditional foods. This Dog Meat Festival is no different. official or not, they still eat dog meat

The main issue is that Eating Dog meat is not illegal in China, the authorities say there is no action for them to take. 

Why Exactly Dog Food?

Dog meat is a traditional food in some areas of southern China, where it is believed to be good for the body in warm weather.

yulin dog meat festival
credit: BBC

It is an age-old tradition as They believe that eating Dog meat and Lychees will balance out their inner energy as well as make their businesses prosper the following year.

How Many Dogs Are Killed and Eaten in China?

At its height, the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival is responsible for 10,000 to 15,000 dog deaths.

As for mainland China the whole year round, The widely reported figure is 10 million dogs killed and eaten each year.

The yulin dog meat festival
credit: booky

If these numbers are in any way correct, then the period of dog meat eating in Yulin city around the summer solstice accounts for just 0.01% of the number killed annually across the country.

That’s why I said, the main issue should be, The Dog Eating Act

However, I should say that nobody really knows. No one is counting and there is no official record of the number. That’s why any statistics are merely estimates which must be taken with a pinch of salt.

What Goes on During The Festival?

The preparations of this infamous festival take place months before it starts on June 21st. As a large number of stray and stolen dogs are being collected and stored in different cities in Sichuan Province

These hundreds of dogs are being held in horrible circumstances such as dim-lit, filthy warehouses in south-western China. This is where meat traders wait to send them to the annual canine-eating festival in Yulin in June,

It’s reported that the officials of Dazhou, a city of Sichuan, are colluding with meat traders by giving the rescued dogs back to them. According to The Daily Mail

Many of the dogs are thought to be stolen prized dogs as they have collars on them. 

From there, the pooches suffer a 15-hour road journey to Yulin. Chained and crammed into crowded wire cages before being killed at the slaughterhouses or markets.

The dogs go through this journey without food or water as they await their fate. They suffer the sight of those before they have their throats slit. Many are reportedly beaten and even burned or boiled alive.

How can you help?

Ending the Yulin festival won’t end dog meat eating, but ending dog meat eating will end Yulin. The focus now must be on the dog eating act and the year-round trade in dog meat.

Do your research, find groups which are working responsibly on the ground to stop the trade all year round, all over the country and help them achieve their goals.

Donate, fundraise, raise awareness, volunteer, join a support group, sign petitions. Do what you can because it all makes a difference.

With your help, change is possible.

I hope this article can tribute to the ending of this monstrosity,

Please share it as much as you can on all your social media outlets. So the whole world can be aware of this monstrosity taking place soon on June 21.

I will be happy to hear your thoughts on this issue in the comments

Have a nice day and Read you next time

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