Dog Grooming 101: How to Use Dog Clippers

Dog Grooming 101: How to Use Dog Clippers |

Does your dog look like a cotton ball of hair with four legs?

Can you even see his eyes among this cloud of hair over his head?

You know exactly what that means!

It’s time for you to take your furry pal to the grooming salon.

But wait a minute, You suddenly remember how much you paid last time you had him professionally groomed,

Your enthusiasm instantly diminishes

You look at your pup again and wonder!!!

Is this really necessary?
Would it really kill your puppy to be an unrecognizable rectangle shaped walking being for a couple of days more?
You thought to yourself

Let me tell you something ma’am,
There is another question that your mind isn’t asking

Can I groom my puppy at home by myself without paying that much money?

Dog Grooming 101: How to Use Dog Clippers |
say what now

yes, you read that right,

you can actually give your furry son a trim yourself without paying that much money.

This is not only cost-effective, but also can help your pup feel more comfortable while being groomed by you of all people

I know this easier said than done, grooming your dog at home can be a pain in the ass but with the right guidance you can do it

That’s why you are here ma’am and that is exactly what you gonna get

So without further ado, let’s start right in with tips on How to use dog clippers to groom your dog at home easily.

Shall we?

Top Tips on How to Use Dog Clippers to Trim your Puppy’s Coat

Freshen up Your Pup with A Bath

woman bathing a dog as part of how to groom a dog

Just like you whenever you go get your hair cut, the stylist usually starts with backing your head into that incredibly uncomfortable sink to wash your hair, to get all the tangles out and smooth your hair.

Do the same thing with your pup.

This also will help to get all the dead hair off your dog, leaving only good hair to cut.

You can’t tell if the dog likes it or not. Sometimes you will find your dog’s eyes sparkle with joy, Other times your dog will run as fast as he can trying not to get wet.

If he is the latter not the former, I recommend this amazing device

This has worked for me personally, my puppy used to dread his bathing time and he always gave me a hard time showering him until I started using this magical glove

Dog Grooming 101: How to Use Dog Clippers |
look how happy he is

This is a kind of two birds with one stone situation. As the soft bristles on that glove can provide your pup with the most relaxing massage while washing him at the same time

Now, my puppy is always waiting for his next bath

Use high-quality shampoo for your puppy’s sake.

For more on How to bathe your dog without getting soaked.

Clean Dry Slate

After Bathing your pup, you should dry him up before any attempt to clip him. Trying to trim a dirty, or wet dog can result in the pulling of some hair.

This will end up hurting your dog a little which in turn will make the whole home grooming experience a bad one.

You don’t want to induce anxiety in dogs whenever you whip those clippers out their pouch!

Don’t use a human hair dryer for this as they are too hot for dogs and may burn them. Use a dog dryer for that matter

There are plenty out there. Me personally I use DRYPET.

It’s easy to use, cheap, and more important, it’s silent

With the DRYPET, you can finish drying your puppy up in a matter of minutes.

So moving on,


Once your dog’s coat is dry, brush him thoroughly to get rid of dead, tangled, and matted hair.

Use a comb to go through your fluffy friend’s hair and try to work out any tangled hair you may find.

brushing a dog. how to use dog clippers
credit: Yorkie magazine

Begin at your dog’s head and move down his body. The underside of your dog’s stomach is an especially sensitive area, so take extra care to be gentle when brushing there.

If there are any heavily tangled or matted areas it’s best to brush around them. you can deal with them later.

For more on How to Get Mats out of Dog Hair.

Brushing your dog may take some time, especially if he’s a long haired breed. Avoid brushing too hard as this could irritate your dog’s skin. 

Assemble Your Grooming Tools

grooming tools. How to use dog clippers

Before you start your grooming process, make sure you have everything you will need in one place.

Here is basically what you will need ( a brush or a comb, scissors, clippers, shampoo, towels)

Having the best equipment will not only make it easy for you to groom your puppy but also it will result in a much better aesthetic

There are plenty of products out there you can choose from, so you might get puzzled.

Not so long ago one of my friends have recommended PROGROOMER kit to me and I have been using it since.

Dog Grooming 101: How to Use Dog Clippers |

The PROGROOMER kit does have everything I need. Plus, it is half as expensive as what I used to pay for one professional grooming session

What makes the PROGROOMER kit works for me is the low noise feature in the clippers.

My dog, as most dogs too, usually feels anxious whenever he hears the noise of machinery around him, but with the PROGROOMER kit I never have this problem

Making your First Clip

How to use dog clippers
Credit: paw castle

Now after you have prepared for everything, your tools are ready, your dog is clean, dry, and free of tangles and mats, it’s time for you to get down and dirty and start clipping and this how you do it:

  1. Start working on an inconspicuous area first to test your skill and your dog’s tolerance. 
  2. Go slow when using the dog clippers, and work your way down your dog’s body in the direction of the hair growth
  3. Be sure your clipper blades are sharp. Dull clippers pull hair more.
  4. Make sure the clipper blade you choose works best with the specific type of coat your dog has so you achieve the result you want.
  5. Use the guide comb for a consistent cut and to keep from nicking the dog.
  6. Switch blades and let the hot ones cool down.
  7. Use coolant to keep the blades from overheating and burning your pet.
  8. Wipe excess coolant from the blades before touching the coat.
  9. Check the blades frequently to make sure they aren’t overheating If they become too warm, simply spray on the coolant.
  10. Do not use water to cool the blades.
  11. Place the blade on a metal surface, which quickly cools it off 
  12. If you see signs of redness, swelling, or infection it’s best to stop and visit your veterinarian before attempting to groom the area. 

That’s it.

That was how to use the dog clippers. I hope this helped you

Finally, Make sure your dog feels it’s a fun time for him and that will make the grooming process much easier

Take your time while grooming your dog and don’t be in rush, you are dealing with a delicate living being that you can easily injure if you’re not careful.

How to use the dog clippers could a frightful task at first but with practice and patience, it will get easier each time.

Remember, love is the most important ingredient of this equation, So for this to work make sure he feels your love

So what’s the cutest experience you had while grooming your fluffy buddy, tell us in the comments.

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