How to Get Dog Hair out of Blankets? Simple Proven-to-Work Methods

How to Get Dog Hair out of Blankets? Simple Proven-to-Work Methods |

We all love our pups dearly!!

We love them to the extent that we let them sleep in our beds, but No matter how much we love our furry friends, Their hair is still a nuisance to us.

After a good relaxing cuddling session with your puppy in your bed, You will be left with the daunting task of cleaning up his hair from the blankets and upholstery.

So, No good deed goes unpunished, ha??

In this article, we offer you the best proven-to-work methods on How to get dog hair out of your blankets easily with only available household products.

The Best Ways to Get Dog Hair out of Blankets

#1 Adhesive Rollers

These rollers are equipped with a disposable adhesive backing that makes them an excellent tool for hair removal.

How to get dog hair out of blankets
credit: medium

They may be known as lint rollers as they can be used to remove lint and dust from clothing

How to Use:

1.Give your blanket a good shake to get rid of any loose hair

2. Lay your blanket on solid ground like a table

3. Keep rolling up and down till it’s full of the adhesive strip.

4. Remove this adhesive strip to expose a new fresh adhesive section.

5. Do it again until all hair is cleaned

#2 Duct Tape

This is for highly sticky dog hair that is too stubborn to be off using the Adhesive roller.

using duct tape to get dog hair out of blanket
credit: Instructables

How to Use:

1. Cut a broad section of duct tape

2. Flatten the tape against the surface of your blanket that is embedded with irremovable dog hair.

3. Keep it there for a while then peel it with a quick motion.

4. Repeat this process many times until you get all the hair.

#3 Rubber Gloves

removing dog hair out of couch using rubber gloves
credit: apartment therapy

This is a good household object life hack that will make cleaning dog hair off your blanket a breeze.

How to use:

1. Wear a pair of basic disposable gloves, get them slightly dampened.

2. Run your hand up and down your hair covered blanket. The hair will eventually stick to the gloves

3. Simply, Rinse off the gloves and repeat till you get all the hair.

4. Wipe dog hair between swipes with a rag or a towel. keep a near trash can to throw the collected hair to prevent its escapement into the air.

This is better than the last method as it doesn’t take much tape needlessly.

A dry rubber glove can also do the trick.
So keep one under your bed for quick touch-ups.

#4 Rubber Squeegee

I know this is strange but bear with me, please.

This is a last resort option to cope with too much stubborn dog hair, only after you employed all the other ways mentioned here and still, there is hair left.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Blankets? Simple Proven-to-Work Methods |
credit: Pet insider

Using a squeegee to remove your dog’s hair out of your blankets and upholstery is actually a smart way and much more handy than what you think.

How to use:

1.Fill a can with soapy water

2. Spray the blanket but don’t overdo it.

3. Rub the squeegee against the blanket to remove the dog hair.

4. Remove the hair off the squeegee after every wipe.

#5 A Solution of Water and Fabric Softener

Make a solution of 7 parts water and 1 part fabric softener and put it in a spray can.

The ingredients on the fabric softener will help loosen the hair by breaking any static bond that formed between the hair and the carpet.

This will soften the dog hair making it easier to clean.

How to use:

1. Spray the solution into the parts of the blanket that were difficult to get the hair out of before.

2. Simply get a wet washcloth or your gloved hand and rub it across the blanket.

3. The hair will gather around the cloth or your hand more easily now.

4. Remove the hair off the cloth or your hand and repeat.

#6 Vacuum Cleaner

I should have mentioned this early, but I didn’t because it is not as effective with blankets as with carpeting and upholstery

With blankets, dog hair can be really stubborn as it weaves into the blanket’s fabrics

Needless to say, a good round of vacuuming is the best way to start any hair removal session.

This is a good method to remove loose hair as fast as you can.

How to use:

1. Go over areas twice with alternative directions to loosen up stubborn hair

2. Start vacuuming as much loose hair off your blanket. Remember to vacuum the sides.

Be careful with large amounts of dog hair
as it may clog up the vacuum cleaner and damage it.

# 7 Rubber Soles

I know, Right!!?

Rubber soles of shoes such as cowboy boots or trainers can pick up dog hair effectively.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Blankets? Simple Proven-to-Work Methods |

How to Use:

1. Simply, Wear them and drag your foot across the blanket. amazingly the dog hair will be bunched up.

2. Then, Simply lift it up.

Another way is to:

1. Hold them in your hands

2. Rub them against the blanket again and again. With this way, you can remove the hair thoroughly.

It’s better to choose a pair of new shoes.
In case you use the old one,
make sure it’s empty of Dirt before cleaning.

That’s it, the dog hair is finally out of your blanket.

Remember, If your dog is shedding more than ordinary, please check with your vet. To learn more about shedding and Dogs Hair loss issues.

Feel free to check out my other articles on How to get dog hair off your couch or your car carpet.

There are probably more tips out there that would fix this problem but that is what has worked for me personally.

If you have any further tips on How to get dog hair out of blankets, or if you ever tried one of these methods before, Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

As always if you like it, share it

Have a nice day and Read you next time.

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