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This wireless Electric Dog fence will keep your pet safe!🐶🐶





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The world is not a safe place for dogs, heck, it's even not a very safe place for humans! Your dog is always safe unless they get outside of the house, which is when the worst could happen.

If only you could keep your dog indoors without having to install a fence around your property (or even worse, restrict their movement by tying their leash somewhere). 

Oh, wait, there is a way! Introducing the Wireless Invisible Dog Fence



  • Keep Your Dog Safe

Give your dog all the freedom they want to roam and explore and keep them safe at the same time. This wireless electric dog fence will teach your dog not to cross the forbidden areas and to obey your limits.


  • Set Clear Boundaries

This Wireless shock collar for dogs comes with 20 training flags so you can set your boundaries clearly for your dog so they can tell where they can and can not be. Don't worry, they will learn what the flags mean on their own in no time. 


  • Feature Waterproof Collar

This portable electric dog fence can be used in any condition thanks to waterproofing, even if your dog goes swimming with it, it still will work perfectly as you expect it to be. 


  • No Digging Needed!

Unlike other traditional fences, this wireless electric dog fence is the best wireless dog fence collar because it doesn’t need digging or setting wires around your yard. This also means it can cover a more uniform area, and it will cover 300 meters in each direction circularly.


  • Offer Portable Option

No digging, No problem. Since you need to do any installation of any kind, you can take this with you anywhere. Perfect for keeping your dog safe when you are staying over a friend's house or spending the holidays with your parents.  

  • Display a Warning Tone

Whenever your dog steps an off-limits area, the electric system will send a warning, non-harmful, tone to your dog’s collar to prevent them from crossing over the boundaries. It provides 5 adjustable levels of tones that you can choose from.

  •  Low Battery Alert

The receiver collar will notify you whenever it runs out of charge or when the battery needs to be changed.

  • A Quick and Easy Setup 

If you follow the steps of setup correctly, you will be able to get started using it in no time. 



Q: How to set up the fence?

A: Just follow the official instructions listed below. 

Q: What's the battery Capacity? 

The battery Capacity is about 140 mAh, so it should last you a long time before charges. 

Q: How long can the shock collar last on a charge? 

In normal conditions, the receiver's battery can last for about a week, but of course, this can change (positively or negatively depending on usage. For example, if your dog rarely goes over the line, it can last longer, but if they constantly try to go where they shouldn't, it may last a bit less. 

Q: Can I use this on other pets? 

You shouldn't use this wireless dog fence collar on any pets other than dogs. I don't think it's safe to use this on any other animal than a dog, because this was designed for dogs only. 

Q: Is it safe to leave it on the dog for long? 

It's safe to leave it on the dog, but we recommend not leaving it on for more than 12 hours at a time. 

Q: Does this come with a manual? 

Yes, this shock collar fence wireless electric collar for dogs come with a manual that contains information about the product, the steps to set it up and start using it, and general instructions for the safety of you and your dog. 

Q: Can I use this on a puppy? 

It's not recommended to use this on small puppies and it may cause them difficult pain. 

Q: Are the batteries included? 

Yes, the receiver's battery is included. 

Q: How can I charge this shock collar fence wireless? 

You can charge it like you charge any other device, b plugging it into your standard 240-volt household outlet. 

Q: What's the operating range of this wireless invisible dog fence? 

The operating range of it is up to 5,000 square meters, that's more than 1.2 acres. 

Q: I have tried multiple electric wireless fences before and none of them seemed to be working dependably, is this one any different? 

I have been using this wireless shock collar for my dogs for about a year now and it hasn't failed me once. As long as you keep the batteries charged, they will do the job just right. 

Q: Do dogs tolerate this wireless shock collar? 

As long as you do it right, they will. You need to get them used to the collar at first, take the time to get them familiar with the collar and let them know their limits. Make it clear that inside is good, outside is bad, and give them treats for staying within the area designated to them. It will startle them at first, no doubt about it, but they will soon get used to it and understand the concept. 

Q: Does this give any warning to the dog or does it shock them at once? 

Yes, it definitely gives them every chance to avoid getting shocked. It gives a warning tone to tell the dog they are getting dangerously close to the limits, and if they keep going, it will start with a small shock. The shocks will get more and more intense as the dog gets closer to the fence. 

Q: I once had a shock collar fence wireless similar to this and my dog just ran through it, can they run through this one as well? 

No, this one was designed to prevent your dog from running through it. How? The collar is smart enough to know if the dog is moving quickly and will start getting more intense as the dog increases the speed and gets closer and closer the fence in order to prevent them from running through the fence. 

Q: Can I control the field width? 

Yes, the field's width is adjustable and you will be able to completely control the width of the boundary and change it as you need. 

Q: Does this feel heavy on the dog's neck? 

No, the collar is not heavy and it will not strain the dog's neck even if they wear it for many hours. 

Q: Is this safe to use even in thunderstorms? 

Yes, thanks to the built-in lightning protection, this shock collar wireless dog fence's transmitter will stay safe even in cases of power surges causes by lightning strikes. 

However, it's just safer to let the dog in and disconnect the device during lightning storms, it's not worth the risk. 

Q: What is the "Signal Field"? 

The signal field is the distance from the wire to the place where the collar receiver first activates. The Field Width knob can be used to adjust the size of the signal field. 

How does the Wireless Dog Fence System Work? 

 The hidden fence system uses a buried wire that transmits a radio signal that the collar can pick up. The wireless signal itself is harmless, but it gives the collar an indicator of how far or close the dog is to the boundary. 

The collar will then start to give a warning beep as the dog gets closer to the boundary. If your dog ignores the beep and keeps going, the collar will issue a warning shock at first. This warning shock is mild and will not cause the dog much pain but it is enough to grab their attention. 

If the dog still keeps going, stronger shocks will be shocked, and the shocks will keep getting stronger until the dog gives up and returns to within the boundaries set up for them. 

With time, your dog will try to avoid correction, and they will quickly learn that the way to do that is by staying within the established boundaries and by not getting to close to the fence. 


How to set up the Wireless Dog Fence System 

1- Plan Well 


Start by preparing a diagram of the area you want your dog to stay in, and make sure your boundaries are clear of any unforeseen obstacles. You can include the house, driveway, swimming pool, and so on. 

Does your neighbor have a similar shock collar fence wireless containment system in place? If so, make sure to mark the location of the buried wire of their system on the diagram. 

Make sure to mark any buried utility lines around your house as these will affect the placement of your wire. 

2- Install the Wall Transmitter 

 Then, you will need to determine the location of the wall transmitter. The transmitter can be mounted on any wall as long as it can reach a standard 240-volt household outlet. The screws come included. 

Something to note here is that while the collar is waterproof, the receiver is not, so it shouldn't be installed where it can be exposed to splashes or something of that sort. 

It's best to make sure the transmitter stays within an enclosed area that's a couple of feet away, at least, from any large metal objects such as water heaters or metal garage doors. 


3- Layout the Wire 

Now that you have the dog shock collar fence wireless transmitter installed, it's time to place the wire all around your property. 

Before you do that, it's recommended that you test the system and make sure it is working properly. It's important to not nick or scrape the wire during installation. 

Stary by laying the wire around the perimeter of your containment area to form a continuous loop. Do not make sharp corners, instead, use gradual turns at the corners with no less than 1-meter radius. 

Do not use electrical tape or twisted wire nuts as this will cause an intermittent signal or even disarm the system altogether. 

Continue around your perimeter until you return to the start of your loop. 

It's important to notplace the collar receiver on your dog until the containment system has been tested and the signal field adjusted.  

4- Test the System 

Make sure the collar receiver is not on your dog when you are testing the system. 

Manually test the containment system to verify that the signal is properly transmitted through the wire, and use the test light. 

Select a straight boundary wire that's 50-ft-long at least, attach the supplied test light to the receiver probes and hold the collar receiver at your dog's neck height. 

Walk the collar slowly toward the boundary wire and listen for the warning tone. Keep an eye on the collar, the test light should turn on. 

An important note here is that the wider you can make the field width, the harder it will be for the dog to run through it. 

After the first trial, adjust the field width and try again. Keep testing in a number of different areas until you are 100% sure that there no breaks in the lines and that the system is working as it should be. 

After doing the retesting and getting completely sure that everything works as it should be, it will be time to add the flags. 

The flags are useful as visual cues that tell the dog about the boundaries, so it's best to place them where the warning tone is first heard, this way the dog will be able to connect the dots faster and always be aware of his boundaries.

5- Fitting the Collar to the dog 

When fitting the collar, make sure that the probes contact the dog's skin. You may need to remove a small amount of the dog's hair to make this happen. 

It's important to not leave the receiver on the dog for longer than 12 hours in a day and to check for skin irritations every now and then. 

Use short probes for dogs with short hair and long probes for dogs with long hair. Check the tightness of the probes, it shouldn't be too tight to smother the dog but also not too loose that you lose the receiver box. 

What You'll Get:

The package includes:

  • 1 Indoor wall-mounted transmitter; $145.99
  • 1 Power plug; $9.99
  • 1/ 2 Adjustable receiver collar; $89.99/$179.98
  • 2*6 Volt battery for collar; $19.85
  • 1 Boundary wire of 300 meters; $22.68
  • 2 Extra metal contact points;
  • 20 Training flags; $17.99
  • 1 Test bulb;
  • 4 screws;
  • 1 User's manual.

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Wireless Invisible Fence to be Quality Premium Product.

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