Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets


This Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets will keep your toddlers and pets away from dangerous areas.🐶👶

Upgrade the traditional pet gate and get this Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets that’s made from chew-resistant materials and adds a fashionable touch to your home. This portable gate will help you keep your pets away from certain areas and will keep your toddlers safe too!

Benefits You Get:
  • Keep Your Pets Safe Around the House: This gate is the easiest and the best way to keep your pets safe and protected around the house.

Magic Gate Portable Folding Safe Guard For Pets

  • Provide Safety to Toddlers: This gate will help you keep toddlers safe around the place. Now, you can double check their safety and rest your mind they are away from dangerous places such as stairs and kitchen.

  • Add a Decorative Touch: This gate was elegantly designed to blend well with the home decorations to give your house a unique

  • Feature Folding Option:This magic-gate features a portable and foldable option that will take minimal space to save you space around the house.

Safe Guard For Pets

  • Have Control Over Doorways: This portable dog gate will let you perfectly enclose any area you wish such as; doorways, between walls, stairs anywhere indoors or outdoors.

  • Make The Perfect Gift for Pet Owners: Treat yourself, or someone special with this portable magic-gate makes the perfect gift for every pet owner.

What You'll Get:

The package includes 1 portable gate

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What weight does this go up to?

This gate is 29 inches/ 74 cm tall and expands to 72 inches/ 182 cm wide. 

2- What does it look like when not closed?

If you would like to close the door, you can remove very easy.

3- Can it stop a cat at the top of the stairs?

Yes, it can 

4- Will the hooks stick to bricks?

Yes, the hooks stick to bricks and can be deleted and used again  

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