HEATPAD™: Waterproof Heating Pad for Pets




Keep your best four-legged buddies warm and happy in cold nights

 This pad will provide your pet with the warmth they need to sit or sleep comfortably in cold nights. Now, you can feel good knowing you’re meeting your pet’s needs as it mimics the hot water bags for humans.

Benefits You Get:
  • Heating Pad for Dogs and Cats: Third generation heating pad suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury. Help the pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) to keep warm and comfortable when spend winter
  • Waterproof & Moisture: Proof Pet Heating Pad: Durable Oxford fabric and waterproof material for long-lasting, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, dust free, anti-electric shock (ensure your pet’s safety), easy to clean by hand
  • Safety Instruction: Please keep the pet heating pad flat when in use, please do not fold the heating pad when you use. Place an object such as a thin pillow or fleece (not heavy) cover the heating pad. Indoor Use Only.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Does it matters which side faces up?

hi, the front side is connected with the cord and it is much warmer than the backside. you can feel the temperature difference when you turn on the switch  

Additional information


17.7*17.7 IN, 28*17.7 IN


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