Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons)

dog hair vacuum

Dog hair Vacuums have been popping all over the Internet for the past few years. But are they really worth it?

Do they do something that the other regular vacuums don’t, and are they worth the ridiculous amount of dollars these companies want to charge you?

To answer this shortly, I’m going to say yes. Today I’m going to share with you five reasons why you need a dog hair vacuum if you have a furry four-legged best friend.

Also, I will be giving you a couple of great alternatives that will tackle the main issue of dog hair shedding, thus allowing you to save money or giving you enough time to save up some money so you can, later on, purchase that extraterrestrial dog hair vacuum.

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? – General Reason

Because it makes your life a little bit easier!

All of the reasons I am going to discuss today share a common end goal, which is making your life with your precious four-legged friend a little bit easier.

By making the basics of how to take care of your puppy’s and house needs easier, you are going to be improving everyone’ quality of life.

I know this might sound a bit dramatic, but when your dog’s hair is everywhere, there is definitely going to be a rise in frustration.

Imagine waking up a bit late because you slept through the alarm and getting ready in haste cause you’re late for an important meeting when you realize that your blazer and black pants are covered in pet fur.

That is definitely not the professional look you were aiming for, and you don’t have enough time to take care of that. Sure, a lint roll could help you a bit, but why start your day with anxiousness and frustration?

You might be thinking, how would a dog hair vacuum help me with having less dog hair on my clothes? To that I say, stay tuned and continue reading this blog post to learn more about that.

The five reasons why you need a dog hair vacuum to help you with removing pet hair that I am going to discuss today are:

  • To keep your carpets clean.
  • To keep your furniture clean.
  • To keep your clothes clean.
  • To reduce dander and allergies.
  • To reduce dog hair shedding.

Without any further a due, let’s dive into these five reasons why you need a dog hair vacuum!

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? Reason number one:

To keep your carpets clean

If you have a pet, then you know how messy it could get. However, you might not know the drill. Pet fur is one of the most stubborn things to get out of anything, especially carpets.


Because even if you know the general drill, the method of removing pet hair varies greatly depending on the type of carpet it is stuck on!

Who knew that such a tiny, non-living thing coming from the most precious four-legged creature in your life could cause so much trouble?

dog hair vacuum

Make sure to bookmark this post for future reference because I am going to tell you what features to look for while purchasing a dog hair vacuum that is going to fulfill your vacuuming needs. It all depends on what surface you need the most help with.


Because as we mentioned, techniques and features that are going to be needed to help with removing pet hair vary significantly according to the surface you’re attempting to clean.

What’s fantastic about a good vacuum for dog hair that it is specifically designed to tackle issues resulting from pet fur.

Thus, the companies manufacturing these vacuums, and dog products reviewers create and perform tests that answer the critical questions any dog owner might ask.

Dog hair vacuum features to look for

A good vacuum cleaner for dog hair good thrive at some pet fur related tasks but poorly perform on others.

Remember that a more expensive vacuum cleaner for dog hair doesn’t mean that it gets straight A’s on all of the dog hair removing tests. So make sure to read and watch the reviews that test and compare multiple dog hair vacuums at once.

High suction power is one feature that must be on your checklist while you’re researching for a good vacuum for dog hair — a suction power of ninety-five cubic feet per minute (95 CFM) is impressive.

A suction of power of eighty-four CFM (85 CFM) is also a good option.

The reason why I said you should look at the prices and feature as well is that you’re going to be surprised to know that one of the most expensive upright vacuum cleaners have a suction power of 85 CFM.

However, the less expensive ones have a suction power of 95 CFM.

What’s fantastic about dog hair vacuum s is that their tests speak our pet owners lingo! You get to see the perofrmance of thee essential features like how effective the dog hair vacuum is at removing pet hair from hard floors and carpets.

There is even a specific test called the carpet in-depth clean test!

Also, how the vacuum performs on thick carpets is thoroughly explained. It could easily clean thick carpets, or tug a bit but get the job done. Some good vacuum for dog hair has a switch that reduces the suction power to remove dog hair more effectively.

For more essential features to look for in your vacuum cleaner for dog hair, read my What Is The Best Vacuum for Dog hair blog post!

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? Reason number two

To keep your furniture clean

Pet fur has a way of getting stuck on furniture as well. Ugh, isn’t that so annoying?

Imagine returning home from a long day at work, fixing up yourself your dinner, then going with your tray to your sofa to enjoy some tv as you eat,  but your hands and clothes get covered with pet fur.

dog hair vacuum

It could also be a bit embarrassing if you invite your friends or family over, and they end up witnessing this artistic mess our lovely dogs tend to leave behind unintentionally.

However, your so lucky because guess what? Some of dog hair vacuum s can also work on some furniture, like sofas and couches.

Those vacuums tend to have features like ease of use and maneuverability. Some come with a motorized brush, which you could sometimes purchase separately.

This makes the task of properly cleaning your furniture quick and hassle-free. There is no need to break a sweat to enjoy your super comfy couch!

Other good dog hair vacuums have a power lift mode that allows you to do get a lightweight vacuuming experience. This is extremely helpful for when you’re trying to clean hard to reach places.

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? Reason number three:

To keep your clothes clean

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Vacuuming your clothes isn’t the best way to remove dog hair from them, which is absolutely true. It is neither hygienic nor practical, but that’s not what I meant.

However, if you vacuum your carpets, hard floors, and furniture regularly, then the amount of hair that gets stuck on your clothes will get reduced significantly.

For further information about how to get your clothes completely hair free, then check out my How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes Laundry Routine blog post.

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? Reason number four:

To reduce dander and allergies

Pet fur, dog hair, and dog dander are considered to be allergens. If you find yourself coughing and sneezing a lot inside your house, then the dog’s hair is probably the cause.

Like with the case of keeping your clothes free of dog hair, a good vacuum for dog hair isn’t a direct solution. After all, you can’t really vacuum the dog’s fur and dander from your lungs.

Unfortunately, not all vacuums can remove dog dander. However, some good vacuum for dog hair has a sealed system with HEPA filters.

Hepa stands for high-efficiency particulate air and is an important feature to have in a dog hair vacuum if you have allergies and asthma.

The good news is there is something called a filtration test, so make sure to research how well the dog hair vacuum you’re considering to buy scores on the filtration test.

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? Reason number five:

To reduce dog hair shedding

Finally but not least, we’ve finally reached the final point that is going to reduce all of the previous four reasons why you need a dog hair vacuum. And that is reducing the amount of hair your gorgeous dog sheds.

When it is possible, it is always better to tackle the thing causing the issue than attempting to fix the main issue’s consequences. So can we really just vacuum our dogs?

The answer is yes, and no. When I say vacuum your dog, I am not referring to grabbing any vacuum and just going loco with it on your dog.

I actually mean that there are some hair shedding vacuum brushes out there designed specifically to reduce the amount of dog hair your four-legged best friend sheds.

Now that I have introduced you to the invention that most people don’t consider, but they should, let us talk a little bit more about them. Deshedding vacuum brushes can effectively reduce the amount of hair your dog loses.

The deshedding vacuum brush makes both of your vacuuming and grooming regimes easier and even faster. Did you know that there are many different types of this divine, innovative invention?

However, I am only going to discuss two types today. I will talk about the deshedding vacuum brush add-on, which you can easily attach to your vacuum. I am also going to mention the motorized deshedding vacuum brush.

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? The deshedding vacuum brush add on

This type of deshedding vacuum brushes is simply a brush attachment piece. All you have to do is attach it as an add on to the vacuum that you already own.

This makes the grooming process way easier and of course, less messy. It is also a fantastic grooming tool for sensitive skin, because this brush will lessen your need to use bristle brushes.

This vacuum brush isn’t motorized. It is only an add-on that can be attached to your vacuum and get used on your dog.

This is vacuum brush attachment is an excellent option if you’re not interested in having multiple electronic devices taking so much space of your house.

dog hair vacuum

We do have this fantastic tool on our store, so if you’re interested in having one, then get our Cat/Dog Vacuum Cleaner Attachment here!

Why you need a dog hair vacuum? The motorized deshedding vacuum brush

The motorized deshedding vacuum brush is simply an innovative grooming system that is powered by ( Are you ready for it? )  a vacuuming motor! What makes these so amazing is that they don’t cause much noise.

This makes the motorized deshedding vacuum brush so unique because it won’t scare away your lovely dog.

The vacuum brush collects your dog’s hair as you groom them. This makes life easier on you because you won’t have to worry about cleaning the ridiculous mess after you finish your dog’s grooming session.

It also fits perfectly in your hand, so the motorized deshedding vacuum brush is very easy to handle and also super comfortable.

dog hair vacuum

We also have the motorized deshedding vacuum brush that is cordless on our store, so if you’re interested in such a tool then get it here.

One last thing I want to mention is the robot vacuum dog hair.

While those aren’t mainly in any way shape or form as effective as the dog hair vacuums, they’re great if you’re often sick, but wish there was something could at least minimize the dirt and fine hair on the floor.

dog hair vacuum

If you want something that vacuums small areas all on its own, then check out our robot vacuum dog hair here.

Why You Need A Dog Hair Vacuum (5 Reasons) |

That’s it for today’s post. You should now understand how pet hair vacuums differ in function than other regular vacuums.

If you have any questions related to dog hair vacuuming or are considering to buy a dog hair vacuum, then leave all of that in the comments down below.

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