How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes Laundry Routine

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes

Your dog’s hair is everywhere. On your couch, stuck to the carpets, your dirty clothes, and even your clean laundry! It is crazy how something so small could turn out to lead such a powerful invasion. The question is, do you know how to remove dog hair from clothes?

We’ve previously discussed how to get dog hair out of clothes(add link), but all of the techniques and ideas mentioned were demonstrated on clean clothes.

Today, I will give you a laundry routine that will make your life so much easier, and your clean clothes hair free. Here is how to remove dog hair from your clothes swiftly and efficiently.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes | Clean Laundry

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes before putting them in the washing machine?

You already know from previous experiences that throwing your dirty laundry into the washing machine won’t make the dog hair stuck on it disappear. The only thing it does is make things even worse.

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Dog hair loves the fabric fibers of clothes you wear. Water, unfortunately, is not a strong enough mediator to break the bonds of this unholy love affair. The now wet dog hairs are furious at this attempt of tearing them apart from their lovers. This leads them to unite and join forces by clumping as they fight in this battle.

These clumps then go ahead and riot against the weak, failed attempts of the washing machine. They stick to the washing machine’s drums and clog the drain. Revenge is on its way, and soon you will be left with fresh laundry full of hairand a slowly dying washing machine.

Don’t worry though! All of these nightmares of terrible consequences due to going to war unprepared could be prevented with a quick and straightforward solution. Drum rolls, please. The answer is to use your dryer machine first.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes using the dryer

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes | Washing and dryer machines

This might be a bit shocking, and it is actually a bit unorthodox, but exceptions do exist. Sometimes the perfection solution turns out to be an anomaly. Please think of the few people you’ve met who order and eat dessert before their meal.

Perhaps you are even one of those people who live their lives on the edge and love to seize every excellent opportunity that passes you by. Now that the cat is out of the box, let us get into this unusual laundry routine.

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Remove as much pet hair as you can manually

Before you toss the dirty laundry into the dryer, remove as much dog’s hair from your dirty laundry as possible. You could use a lint roller or any of the options mentioned in How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes. Things like balloons, rubber gloves, or even a sponge could get the job done.

Throw your Laundry into the dryer

You won’t just put your dirty laundry in the dryer first, nope! You are going to add one other thing as well. The secret agent in this operation is dryer sheets. Throw two inside the dryer with your clothes, and let the hair cleaning begin!

This mundane looking object has anti-static properties that will help with repelling and collecting the hair in your dryer’s lint trap. Simple things do sometimes turn out to have massive powers.

There is no need to use heat because we’re relying on the tumbling motion of the dryer. The fabrics will loosen up and finally divorce the dog hair and the materials of your clothes. However, using low heat is okay as well.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes | Tea, dog, and a woman

Now, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea for ten to fifteen minutes. The dryer and dryer sheets will work their magic as you sip on your drink. When the duration is over, take your clothes out of the dryer and shake them off. Don’t forget to clean the dryer’s lint trap.

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How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes Laundry Routine |

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You can now put your clothes in the washing machine following your general routine. After the washing cycle is over, throw your clean laundry back into the dryer. Set it as you usually do, so don’t forget to use the heat option this time.

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Tada! Congratulations, you have finally won the forsaken war. You now have clean clothes, so take a moment to enjoy the beauty of dog hair free clothes. Thanks to the dryer and sheet dryer, the dog hairs finally divorced your clothes. Welcome to your happily ever after.

Well, not exactly a happily ever after. However, it is still long enough until it is time for the clothes to get cleaned again. Make sure you store them in an area where these beautiful, hairy creatures can’t easily reach.

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BETTERWASH is also available in two different colors and is incredibly efficient in catching all lint and hair. We recommend giving it a look, we’re sure you will love it!

You can always reduce the amount of hair in your house due to shedding by regularly brushing and grooming your dog. Grooming techniques vary from one type of coat to another, so make sure that you do enough research and read a lot before you do so.

Maintaining a good, thorough house cleaning routine is also a significant factor. From vacuuming to using air purifiers, make sure that you tackle every single object in your house that could have dog hair on it. In other words, tackle everything!

This might all sound studious and very high maintenance. However, doing these cleaning routines are a small price to pay if you get to live with such a loving, loyal friend. It is not even that hard; it is all about consistency. Stick to efficient routines and enjoy living with your dog stress and hair free.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes | dog bone

Have you ever tried this laundry routine before? If you use this, please send us your before and after pictures.

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