Why Do Dogs Bark and How to Stop It

Why Do Dogs Bark and How to Stop It |

Why do dogs bark is a question with many answers, some of which are more difficult than others.

There are many reasons for dogs howling and dog sound. it is a simple matter of communication.

They simply want to let you know something, or they need to grab your attention.

However, sometimes dogs can do this a lot. and for this, it would be rather helpful for you to learn how to make a dog stop barking, or rather how to train him not to bark.

Why Do Dogs Bark and How to Stop it

In this article we will talk about the below points

First, why do dogs bark?

  • Dog Breeds Prone to Barking
  • Dog Breeds that Don’t Bark
  • Dog Reasons for Barking

Then, how to stop dog barking?

  • Tips and Tricks You Can Do
  • Dog Bark Collars – a good idea?
dog baking| why do dogs bark and how to stop it
Why do dogs bark?

Barking from time to time is not really an issue, after all, this is what comes naturally to your dog as a mean of communication, and it is rather cruel to expect a dog to be silent

It is the excessive, uncalled for barking that we consider problematic.

As it turns out, some dog breeds are more prone to excessive barking and dog noises than others.

Dog breeds prone to barking:

  • Chihuahua

Yes, this small dog breed is one known for being noisy, so you can say what they lack in size, they make up for in sounds!

  • Pomeranian

Looks can be deceiving with these breeds, even though they appear o be fluffy, they do have a strong personality and they will not hesitate to express it with braking

  • Siberian Husky

It is expected of a husky to bark, after all as a breed they normally bark when they work and even known for dogs howling

  • Yorkshire Terrier

Like any terrier breed, Yorkshire terriers are no exception, barking comes along with the package of silky fur and lovely bright expression

  • Beagle

Beagles were initially bred to chase rabbits and bark while they are at it, so you can expect a Beagle to bark despite their cute looks.

Dog breeds that do not bark

  • Greyhound
  • Basenji
  • French Bulldog
  • Chinook
  • Bullmastiff

Why do Dogs Bark?

Well, aside from the genetic reason, there are several reasons for dog noises.

  • Protective or Territorial Barking

When your dog feels he or his territory is being threatened by strangers, he may resolute to barking and sometimes too much.

why do dogs bark is why we are here to talk about.
Why do dogs bark?

When your dog experience certain feelings like fear or threat, such feeling can trigger excessive barking as well.

When your dog is not used to meeting strangers if he sees mailmen as a threat when delivering your mail.

All these are potential triggers to excessive dogs howling:

  • Playtime, and Greetings

Okay, we all love it when our dogs are excited to see us, but some dogs are rather noisy about it.

To be more specific, some dogs do bark a lot when they are excited if they are greeting you, or if they are engaged in an interesting game, they might use barking to express their excitement.

In general, it is not a problem, I mean barking from time to time, especially when you and your dog are in good mood is nothing to fuss about.

It is an issue when your dog goes into a frenzy of barking and howling and other dog sound.

  • Attention

So, maybe your dog wants you to do something for him?

In his/her mind, he would only need to grab your attention and you would quickly understand what is it that he wants

Problem is dogs often use barking for this, and it is not always fun

When they need water or need a walk or a fetch game. they would keep barking till you get it and do what they need

  • Separation Anxiety

You will find that dogs do get affected by the change, especially when their owner is away, or if you suddenly change their environment,

Some dogs reactions can be barking. and it is not an indicator that they are dealing well with the change.

  • Boredom

If your dog is alone for a long time, and without company or nothing to do. it is natural to them to bark in most cases, this would happen when dog owners leave the home for a long period of time.

It can be due to working or travel conditions

And more often than not, they hear about it from their neighbors’ complains

How To Stop Dog Barking

A dog barking loud
Why do dogs bark!

General Tips and Tricks

You will find that prevention is better than cure when it comes to a dog barking, so we would need to keep in mind why do dogs bark when thinking about how to stop it. If you need to know more about training; here’s an amazing dog training for new parents guide.

  • Exercise

Make sure your dog is doing plenty of activities and exercises,

Don’t slack on his walking time, make sure to engage with him in a game or two.

This will stop barking due to boredom for starts, and also if your dog is well excised and tired he is much less likely to bark.

  • Address Barking early on

It is a common misconception with puppy barking issues that your puppy is too young to be trained

Fact is dogs would get used to barking as it gives them some sort of a rush as they grow older, the problem is likely to escalate

That is why it is always better to address the problem before it turns into a habit.

  • Be Consistent

You can’t reward your dog for barking at strangers, and then training him not to bark at mailmen for example,

Be consistent throughout all scenarios, so your dog understands that what he is doing is wrong and he will not be rewarded for it.

  • Rewarding and Positive Reinforcement

Make sure you are being patient with your dog, tell him no when he is barking and reward him once he stops. so he can associate not barking with treats, and barking with no treats

  • Be Calm

on’t shout at your dog when he is barking, you have to speak in a clear calm voice, anger and shouting is likely to backfire and increase the issues

Do you want to learn more about handling dog barking? Check out our ultimate guide to handling barking dogs

Is a Dog Bark Collar a good idea?

Even though there are a number of barking collars some swear they would work, they are likely to cause your dog pain. so it is unworthy just for that reason.

Another Methods that are considered NOT a good idea are:

Using a muzzle constraint or even debarking procedure, these are very extreme and inhuman ways to treat your dog.

So, it it not a question of effectiveness, it is a matter of animal cruelty.

This Anti Barking Device for dogs will help you stop dog barking easily, train your dog correct barking, sitting, aggression and other behavioral obedience. It generates non-harmful ultrasound waves that make dogs curious:

Still wondering why do dogs bark? Use this tool for training them not to bark.

Have you found this article helpful? please share with us your feedback and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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