Dealing with Barking Dogs: The Ultimate Tips Guide

Dealing with barking dogs

Barking is a way that dogs use to communicate but excessive barking can disturb you and your neighbors while causing annoyance. But what are the reasons that dogs bark? and what is the best dealing with barking dogs?

Why do dogs bark?

Dogs can bark as a way to signal different emotions. They bark when they are

Dealing with barking dogs
  • Chained into a place without any space to move or kept in a space that is small.
  • Being provoked deliberately or by accident by people or roaming dogs.
  • If a dog is untrained.
  • If your dog is lonely or bored.
  • When your dog is sick.
  • If your dog is thirsty, hungry, neglected, or on the wrong diet.
  • A victim of abuse.
  • Genetics because some dogs are prone to barking than others
  • Curiosity.
  • Working to become the “Alpha” from the owner or other dogs.

Tips for dealing with barking dogs

1.) Desentization

The tip to dealing with barking dogs is to make sure you desensitize your dog. If your dog , for example, barks at a bicycle passing by or a person. You got to wait until they come into view and reward your dog with treats or praise. So they associate this with a positive experience.

As your dog gets closer, reward them with praise or treats. Once your dog stops barking, stop giving them treats.

Essentially, your dog is going to understand that treats are better than barking.

2.) Block your dog’s view and sounds

Dealing with barking dogs

If your dog barks excessively at things that they see moving such as cats, close the blinds or curtains in order to remove the visual stimulus that makes the dogs bark.

And if your dog also barks at hearing sounds. You can mask the sounds through using white noise and music as masking the sound.

3.) Use commands

There are two ways when teaching your dog how to stop barking. The first way is to use a look, sound, gesture. But you have to wait until your dog submits and stops barking before going back to what you are doing.

The other way is to make your dog bark on command by using the command “speak” for dogs to bark. This command is done with giving treats to your dog so they learn that now it’s time to bark.

Over time, you could stop giving your dogs treats and they will bark on command.

You can then teach your dog another command which is “quiet” where the dog becomes quiet when saying the word “quiet”. Reward them when they stop barking and become quiet.

4.) Anti- stress devices

Some dogs bark excessively when they are scared and feeling anxious. There are collars that reduce stress through the use of soothing pheromones and herbal mixtures .

These pheromones and herbal mixtures gives out the sensation that mother dogs are nursing their puppies.

Anxiety wraps and jackets help relieve stress and anxiety in dogs. It is made from breathable fabrics that maintain a comfortable pressure on your dog making a calming effect.

You can also create a “safety zone” for your dog in which you get a crate and put in it different toys, bedding, and water and make it comfortable for your dog.

5.) Exercise your dog

Dealing with barking dogs

According to their breed and size, dogs need regular exercises. Because many dogs bark out of boredom.

You could walk your dog before you leave to work and before they sleep so that they feel satisfied and tired out to not bark.

Also stimulate their mental capabilities through giving them toys and puzzles to play and solve.

6.) Use a dog spray bark collar

The use of dog spray bark collars is safe as it doesn’t harm your dog. Unlike shock collars, citronella spray collars are used as spray with lemony odor to be sprayed on your dog when they begin to bark.

Most dogs don’t like the smell and tend to stop barking when they are sprayed.

7.) Take your dog to an animal trainer

Take your dog to an animal trainer so they can train and teach your dog to stop barking.

Mistakes to not make to stop dog barking

Don’t yell

You have to not yell at your dog. As they will not understand that this means that they should not bark. They will see it as a competition between you and them for who barks the loudest.

The best way is to use a calm and firm voice with commands, gesture, or look that signifies that your dog needs to stop barking.

Don’t offer your dog attention

Don’t give your dog attention when they are excessively asking for it. An example would be if you are eating and your dog wants you to walk them. Don’t give in. Instead when they do so, walk away from them.

Don’t comfort

If your dog is barking and you pet them and comfort them, you will reward them for barking which further reinforces the idea. You have to talk in a calm but firm voice and give them a command, gesture, or look.


Dealing with barking dogs requires patience and is following certain tips. These tips help you when you want to stop dog barking. There are also common mistakes that you should not follow and best to avoid.

For more information regarding dog barking in sleep, check Dog Barking in Sleep: Signs, Reasons, and How to Minimize It.

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