How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy (Hassle-Free!)

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy (Hassle-Free!) |

How to pee pad train a puppy may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you are new to pet parenting, but after a time you will get to the point of knowing the responsibility that comes with keeping a canine.

Having a puppy is so fun when we are thinking about the petting, playing time and taking zillions of images of the cutie pie, but when we are faced with the difficulties of raising the little canine sometimes we think about if it’s really worth all this effort!

Raising a puppy is not an easy task, but it’s totally worth it! When the training period is passing and your dog is learning how to cope with the rules, you will find that everything is becoming easier until you don’t feel it as a load. How to pee-pad train your dog is one of those nerve-wracking times that we want to pass it as soon as possible.

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House training our puppies is one of those frustrating kind of training that we wish it will pass, and Ta-Da my puppy knows where to eliminate. For using pee-pads for your puppy, you will have to settle on a strategy for the process, how and when to start using it.

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy; Why to Choose Pads

First of all, let’s agree on that house training your dog to eliminate outdoors is the ideal solution, but in some cases some puppies will need a quick and reachable place for peeing due to their poor control of their bladder and the urge of peeing in short period of times so some people will use pee-pads while potty training their canines.

Using pee-pads is beneficial for elderly people who won’t be able to keep up with getting out so many times, others will find it hard to potty train their dogs when they don’t have a backyard or living in an apartment.

Using public areas as your dog’s toilet is not a smooth matter if the dog is not vaccinated, you will fear of exposing him for so many foreign things without being guarded.

Whatever the reason that made you settle on pee-pad training, there are some tips you need to follow to ensure having a hassle-free pee-pad training, the first one of them is choosing the pads.

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy; Looking For The Right Pads

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The concept of using the pee-pads is to get a steady place for your puppy to potty on and it is always visible to him for easy finding. The first thing to know what you should be looking for, you will have to search for an absorbent pee-pads to be sure it won’t leak when your puppy uses it.

The second thing is that you will need that chosen thing to be easy for cleaning it fast, also you will need to make sure it is big enough to contain all the mess your puppy will make and at the same time avoiding staining your floor.

If you have a large breed puppy, you will have to put that in mind as it will differ in the amount of discharge, a toy breed won’t, of course, eliminate the same amount as a large or a giant breed.

You could use newspapers, paper towels, store pee-pad or potty indoor/outdoor carpet. Each one of these has its pros and cons; for newspaper and paper towels, it would be hard to clean after them and in many times they are messy, but if your budget is limited, newspaper and paper towels are inexpensive.

For the indoor/outdoor carpet, you will need to wash it regularly because it absorbs a big amount of discharge and can’t be left for long, also you will find it a bit hard at first to let your dog stop pulling and chewing on it.

The last option is store pee-pad. Many think that it is the ideal choice as it combines the pros of the newspaper and the carpet, it is absorbent, in a rational size, and with the option of being easy dumped.

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy; Put a Schedule For Your Puppy

This is one of the most important parts on how to pee pad train a puppy, you will have to put a schedule for the times you will take your puppy for eliminating, you will have to take your puppy to pee first thing in the morning, after every meal, after a nap and before he goes to sleep.

And you need to keep in mind that your puppy still can’t hold his bladder for long. There is a great rule you could use for having an estimated time for how long your puppy will hold his bladder you will have to add 1 to the number of your puppy’s months.

If you have a three months old puppy, by applying the rule 3 his age in months+1, so your puppy should be able to hold it for about 4 hours. But don’t rely on too much on this rule it is just for estimation, and don’t forget the individual differences between puppies, a puppy may hold it longer or a shorter period of time compared to another puppy.

Keep your puppy close to you always to be able to catch any clue your puppy will do when he needs to eliminate.

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy; Present The Pee-Pads To the Puppy

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Give the puppy a suitable time to inspect the pee-pad before beginning how to pee-pad train a puppy. Your puppy will likely to sniff them, it is totally okay, leave him to walk over the pee-pad and use the cue word you chose for the eliminating command.

Check 5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know the commands you need to teach your puppy and the technique used for making a dog to comprehend a command.

How to Pee Pad Train A Puppy; Use a Crate For The Training

Dogs don’t like to be in a place that is not clean and will always find a place further from where he sleeps to eliminate in. Use this to your advantage! If you introduced the crate right for your puppy, likely he will consider it as his den.

Don’t use the crate to punish your puppy, this will enhance the feeling that the crate is a bad thing or related to negative experiences, so avoid doing this to your puppy.

There are some things you need to keep in mind to get the perfect crate for your puppy and make sure there is nothing to bother him in it, here are the tips;

Make sure to get a crate that is suitable for your puppy to lay on, stand and be able to turn around in it without facing any difficulties, don’t make the mistake of getting a too big crate for the puppy, he will end up making the extra space in it his potty area.

You could get a crate with dividers if you want to get a big crate, they will help you in keeping the extra space away from being used, when your puppy grows more you can reduce the dividers to make the crate more suitable.

Always associate the crate with positive things like putting treats and toys inside of it and treat your puppy whenever he gets in the crate on his own. Using the crate will help you in regulating the times you take your puppy to the pee-pads.

You should take your puppy to the pads every time you get your puppy out of the crate.

Never forget to always reward and praise your puppy when he eliminates on the pads. So, share with us when do you think pee-pad training is useful and when a pet parent should quit it and replace it with outdoors elimination.

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