5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know

basic puppy training

When you plan to get a new puppy, you should know more about all the things you must have prior knowledge of, to fulfill your dog’s needs. To be in good health, shape and being taught how to deal with his surroundings is the responsibility of pet owners.

5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know |

Basic puppy training commands is one of the essentials that a puppy will need to learn first. Teaching basic commands will help you live with your puppy in a harmonious life and to protect your puppy in many situations that may hurt him.

Why Basic Puppy Training Command Is Important

To teach your puppy basic commands will help you more than you think. Keeping your dog’s safety is the most important factor that will encourage you to teach your puppy commands.

What will you do if you find your dog running down the street and there is a car that is coming and you have to make your dog stop before it is too late? The logical answer is to call for your dog to stop, but are you sure he is going to listen to you? Is he actually understand that this is a command that has to be obeyed immediately?

If your dog didn’t get obedience training before, probably he won’t stop. If it got to happen to anyone and have been in a similar situation he/she will wish their dogs listen to them, because who is going to tolerate the guilt of not being able to rescue hie/her pet at times like this, especially that they could have avoided this.

Also, you could benefit from commands training to make your dog drop any dangerous thing from his mouth, we all could be faced with such situations so we better be prepared for dealing with such things.

Getting your dog out of potential doggie fight at a park or anywhere is another reason you should know that command training will be a great help in resolving that situation too.

Basic Puppy Training Commands: How to Train a Puppy to ‘Sit’

 basic puppy training

At first, you need to know that commands training will need a lot of rewards and praise, so be prepared. You will have to grab your puppy’s attention to start the training session.

Getting your pooch attention is required on all commands training. You will have to stand in front of your dog and make sure you are at his sight line and he would be able to hear you clearly.

After you succeed in getting his attention, let him see the treat that lies in your hand, be careful and doesn’t put it too close so he didn’t take it from your hand. At this point, your puppy’s attention will be 100% to you.

Now slowly, get the treat close to your puppy’s nose and start to raise it above his head. Your puppy will start to trace the treat with his nose and eyes. When the treat reaches a certain place above the dog’s head he will have to sit on his bottom to be able to trace it with his eyes and nose.

Don’t place the treat too high so your puppy doesn’t have to hop to take it. If you find him still sticking to stand, try to find a corner in the house and train him there. The corner will keep a little place for your dog to move backward to keep seeing the treat, so he should sit to hold it to his vision.

When he sits, You will give him the order of the word and say ‘sit’ to him after that, you should give him the treat with praising and a lot of affection.

Basic Puppy Training Commands: How to Train a Puppy to ‘Come’

5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know |

Personally, I call the ‘Come’ command the life saving one, it will be your lifeline in many situations where your dog is running without caring about anything. As a pet parent, If Your pooch doesn’t come to you when you recall him, this is a bad sign. You will need to enhance his training a little bit to get him to come to you every time you call.

If this is the first time for your puppy will get to know the ‘come’ command, you will need to make sure that he gets it right and never miss a call from you.

This command is a fun one, you will need a friend or a family member to help you with this. You will need a toy, lots of treats and the one who is going to help you. Sit a few feet away from your dog( that your friend or family member will be holding) and call your puppy’s name with the most excited tone you could manage. When he runs towards you and reaches you, praise him, play a tug game with the toy and give a treat.

Repeat this action until your puppy gets used to it. You could replace the puppy’s name, after some trials, to come. ‘Come’ command is one of the training that will last for a lifetime. You will need to sharpen your dog’s response and makes him more alert to your commands and this will happen when you keep training or let’s say reminding him of his training.

Still curious about knowing more about this important command? Check How to Train A Dog to Come – Dog Training Basic Commands 101

Basic Puppy Training: Teaching Your Puppy to ‘Stay’

5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know |

Teaching basic puppy training is not always an easy thing to do. To teach this command you should know first that it is one of the challenging commands to coach, but with a positive attitude and persistence, you will get your puppy standing still.

It will be helpful to you to stop your jumpy dog when he does jump on your guests, or keep him out of your way while holding a heavy item.

Choose the right time to start this one, you will have to be in a good mood and got plenty of free time for the training. If you are hurried or not in the mood, it’s not recommended for you to do it then.

Initially, you will start by commanding your dog to sit. Keep in mind to choose a clean, dry and a surface that is not cold so your dog won’t get uncomfortable, put your hand in front of your dog’s face and tell him ‘Stay’

Keep repeating it without doing anything yet so he gets familiar with the word. Keep your procedure with specific movements and don’t change them for your dog to understands you rapidly.

Start by taking one step away from your dog while you are saying stay, your puppy will probably start to follow you when you are taking steps away for the first few times (that’s why you need to be in a good temper!), you will have to use a word like ‘ah ah’ or ‘stay’ but with a firm voice.

Make him sit again a give him praise for it and gather your happy vibes again and start over. After a few trails, your puppy will begin to understand the command when you are about three or four steps away, so give him a treat for that.

Don’t let him come to you to get the treat, he will think that standing means getting a treat, instead go and give it to him.

After your puppy fully comprehends the command, you can start to add the release word. Choose a word for releasing and make sure to stick to it and don’t change it. You may use the word ‘Okay’, put your hands down while saying okay and let your dog come to you.

Basic Puppy Training: Coaching The “Take It” and “Drop It ” Commands

5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know |

Get one of your dog’s favorite toys in one hand and start to provoke him to get it out of your hand. When your dog opens his mouth to take it, you will have to say ‘Take it’ with a bright voice and then reward him.

Repeat the action multiple times with the same thing, giving the order to take it when you find your dog opening his mouth to take the toy and rewarding him when he does so.

After that, bring another one, a twin toy to the one the dog is having and start to direct his attention to it until he drops the identical one he has on his mouth and comes to take the one on your hands.

The moment he drops the toy in his mouth, say ” drop it” and when he is about to take the new one, tell him to “take it” keep repeating this until your dog grasps the idea of the command.


Coaching your puppy basic puppy training commands will not only help you keep your pooch from any threatening situation, but will also enhance and strengthen the bond found between you and your dog.

Share with us any situation that you think commands were a life saver for you!

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