How to Groom A Dog with Long Hair in Simple Steps

how to groom a dog with long hair

Dogs with short hair are easy to groom because of their short hair but what about long haired dogs. Even though they are more likely to take more time, there are simple steps on how to groom a dog with long hair.

You got to also be patient and understanding with your dog so you can groom them effectively. Never lose your temper or scold your dog while grooming them. There are steps to follow for a smooth grooming session.

These steps can be easily applied when you want to groom your long haired furry friend.

How to groom a dog with long hair in simple steps

Bathing (The rinse off conditioner method)

how to groom a dog with long hair

Step one: Brush the coat

Brush your dog’s coat before bath time. You got to do so there won’t be any tangles. These tangles will become unmanageable once you your dog is wet so you got to brush your dog’s coat.

Step two: Treat sticky spots

Rub coconut oil on your dog’s sticky spots like residue from gum or sap on their fur.

Step three: shampoo your dog

To keep your dog’s hair from being matted, start by bathing your dog from top to bottom. Both the water and shampoo are applied from top to bottom. An important note is that you got to keep the shampoo diluted.

You got to avoid the shampoo going into your dog’s eyes through wetting a cloth with shampoo and using it around the eye area. Use your fingers to remove any debris in your dog’s hair.

Step four: Condition and rinse

Use a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing your dog. You have to dilute and apply conditioner on your dog’s long coat.

Also, work through your dog’s hair with your fingers to untangle any hair that becomes tangled through the grooming process.

Step five: Dry

In this step on how to groom a dog with long hair, you have to towel dry and blow dry your dog’s long hair. Also, while you blow dry and towel dry your dog’s long hair, you have to brush these sections of hair.


how to groom a dog with long hair
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Long haired breeds such as Collies and Tibetan Terriers have to be brushed at least weekly. The best situation is to brush their coat daily so their wouldn’t be any tangles and matts.

Step one: Brush down and out

Brush in the direction of the coat growth. Never brush backwards as it irritates dogs.

Step two: Be gentle

In this step, it is important to be gentle when dealing with your dog’s hair. Take the time to untangle matts from your dog. Be gentle so your dog’s hair doesn’t break or tangle.

Step three: Apply a mat spray or coat conditioner

By applying a mat spray and coat conditioner, you will free your dog from matts. This happens by leaving it for several minutes on your dog’s hair. Then, use a wide comb or matt splitting tool to get rid of the matt.

If the matts are too big and can’t be combed, then you could use scissors to cut down the area.

Best brushes to use

Pin brushes

When you brush a long haired dog, one of the best options is the pin brush. The pin brush contains wired pins tipped with rubber or plastic to prevent injury. It helps in brushing your long haired dog effectively.

Slicker brushes

A slicker brush is also suitable for long haired dogs. In fact, it is suitable for all types of dog hair. Like the pin brush, it contains rows of wire pins. So use it on your long haired dog and you will have great results.

Trimming your dog’s hair

how to groom a dog with long hair
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Choose a professional clipper

Choose clippers that are strong. These interchangeable can be removed and resharpened inexpensively.

Go with thinning shears

In the sensitive areas such as eyes, private parts, and feet, you will need thinning shears. Thinning shears only trim specific area of cutting the entire area. Therefore , they are less likely to cut a large area of hair.

Step one: Groom your dog when they are calm

The best time for how to groom a dog with long hair is when they are calm. This means after times such as after playtime or after walking your long haired dog.

You have to also train your dog to love grooming. This happens by giving them treats every time you trim their hair.

Step two: Brush your dog’s coat

Before you trim your dog’s coat, you have to make sure it is free from matts and debris. Do so, by combing your dog’s hair. This is an important step for how to groom a dog with long hair.

Step three: Trim your dog’s hair

Turn on the hair clipper and run the blade down your dog’s body. You have to start from the back. Check on the blade’s temperature with the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t hot.

If your dog isn’t trained to sit still, try to hold them with your other hand.

Trim your dog’s belly area and areas where the legs meet the belly. Then, trim your dog’s back legs and rear.

Step four: Trim your dog’s face

Use a comb to get the hair away from your dog’s eyes. Gently, pull away the hair and use your fingers to hold the hair as you use shears to trim up and below the eyes.

You can also trim around the muzzle so food doesn’t get trapped along the area.

Step 5: Find a groomer

If you need any help with grooming, go to a a groomer. Your groomer is likely to help you a lot. They can either teach you how to groom your dog by watching them or they will groom your dog for you.


In conclusion, how to groom a dog with long hair is really simple if you follow certain steps. You got to also be patient with your dog so you know how to groom your dog’s hair with no problem.

To know more about grooming a dog’s face, check How to Groom A Dog Face – Scissors and other Methods.

Share your experience with us. How do you groom your long haired dog? Is it an easy or hard process? How do you groom your dog?

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