How to Groom A Dog Face – Scissors and other Methods

How to groom a dog face

 How to groom a dog face, Dog grooming can be more convenient and cost-effective than taking your dog to a professional groomer, but clipping a dog’s facial hair is often difficult, especially if it’s your first time or if the dog is nervous.

So use proper safety instructions and tools and techniques when clipping dog fur, and opt for professional grooming if you lack confidence in your dog’s abilities or behaviors.

If washing a dog in advance, dry the fur carefully before clipping, because wet fur can block the blades of the mower and shorten their useful life.

How to groom a dog face

how to groom a dog face

Things you need for grooming your dog

  1. Slicker brush
  2. Clippers
  3. Assortment of plastic comb-shaped attachments
  4. Blunt-nose scissors

Instructions for grooming your dog

  • Walk your dog before grooming or trimming his facial hair. Therefore, a 30 to 45 minute walk can enhance the dog’s cooperation with the process, as it reduces anxiety, offers a bath break and the dog’s tires.
  • Confining the dog in a small room with you so that it can not sink, or using the help of another person to gently hold and restrain the dog.
  • Brush the fur with a Slicker brush, go with the grain of hair growth, and then brush the fur away from the dog’s eyes. The Slicker brush separates and smoothes the hair, which facilitates the cutting process.
  • Then attach a plastic comb accessory to the main mower blade. The correct size of the attachment depends on the desired length of the fur; an attachment leaves fur longer.
  • Light the mower, and place the cutting head flat against the top of the dog’s head with the blade’s spokes toward the back of the dog. Then pull the mower toward the back of the dog to cut the fur away from the upper front.
  • Then clip along the muzzle starting at the bridge of the nose and pulling the trimmer down towards the dog’s mouth or the ground.
  • Clip between the eyes by placing the cutting head flat against the forehead with the spokes of the blade toward the nose, and pulling the trimmer toward the sound. Be extremely careful with this step or ignore it, because the blade’s rays can hurt the dog’s eyes if the dog jerks his head.
  • Wrap then your free hand around the dog’s muzzle, gently point to the ceiling, and hold it in place.
  • Also, place the blade head against the chin with the spokes toward the throat, and run the clipper to the throat to cut dog’s “beard”.
  • Cut the remaining hairs with blunt scissors to the nose. Then hold the hair between your fingers and the toppings over your fingers to reduce the risk of cutting into the dog’s skin.
  • Hold the tip of your ear between your fingers so that the fur – and no skin – rests above your fingers, and cut that fur over your fingers with blunt scissors on your nose. Repeat along the edges of the ear and the other ear.

Tips and Warnings when you trimming your dog’s face

How to groom a dog face
  • Steady the dog’s head by gently grasping the “beard” fur with your free hand.
  • Always point scissors and clippers away from the eyes.
  • Look at the pictures of similar dogs for ideas on specific face-specific haircuts.
  • Refer to a dog grooming manual such as “The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide” for general and specific grooming breed advice.

How to trim a dog’s face ( a Maltese dog )

A Malta dog has a beautiful long coat. Grooming the Maltese layer is an important part of keeping the dog healthy and happy, as well as eliminating the matting problems.

Also, to trim the face, owners should take care not to harm the dog and work on the trim systematically for the best results.

Things You Need To Brush Dog Scissors Instructions

1.) Brush the dog’s hair to remove any mats or entanglements.

Never cut the hair until the skeins are removed to avoid problems when cutting.

2.) Then brush the hair back on the neck and cut the hair at the top of the neck where the hair falls between the ears.

3.) Separate the hair in the middle of the head and brush down to the sides. Remove entanglements, then cut hair between ears and eyes.

4.) Then pull the hair up to the top and cut around it to form the shape of a mushroom. Leave a little longer for a more cute look or for dogs with a bigger head.

5.) Brush the hair on the snout so that it cuts in the middle and cut the hair about 1 inch below the snout. This gives the hair shorter muzzle in the front.

6.) Brush the ears down, then remove them and cut along the outside so the hair on the ear is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch long. For balance, cut the hair on the ears the same length as the hair on the muzzle.

How to groom a dog at home?

how to groom a dog face

Having a dog comes with several responsibilities, including keeping it clean.

Indeed, grooming your dog prevents the development of skin problems, brushing regularly will reduce the amount of hair on your furniture and clothing and avoid the appearance of knots.

The grooming salons offer these services, but it is possible to groom your dog in the calm of your home, without much cost.

 Tips and tricks to groom your dog yourself at home.

Before you start grooming your dog

Many dogs do not like to be groomed because they were not used to it at a young age or because they experienced a trauma during a previous grooming.

Also, if you have a puppy, get used to it from the beginning to be handled: play softly with your paws, ears, etc.

 Combine these manipulations with something pleasing to him, such as dog candies, or small pieces of dried liver.

Whenever you touch a part of her body, give her a candy. Follow the same principle to get used to grooming tools.

On the other hand, if your dog suffered a trauma during grooming, it would be better to consult a groomer-behaviorist who will help you to desensitize your dog smoothly.

However, never give this type of therapy to someone who uses aversive methods that could amplify your dog’s problem with grooming.

how to groom a dog face

Moving the clippers – Essential grooming accessories

So to groom your dog at home, make sure you have some essential accessories on hand.

Of course, you will need a good shampoo specifically designed for him and his type of hair, towels to properly mop and a dryer. But grooming your dog is not just bathing him! These grooming tools should be part of your kit for a complete grooming:

Grooming Brush: The grooming brush should be used at least once a week, to remove dead hair and undo knots.

In addition, it is advisable to brush your dog before bathing, this will prevent you from blocking the drain with tufts of hair. For your convenience, get a quality brush that also removes undercoat hairs.


In conclusion, how to groom a dog face requires following certain steps. It is a needed routine that all dogs have to have. Also how to groom a dog face requires having certain tools.

To know more about other practices in dog grooming, check Dog Grooming At Home: It Can Be That Easy.

Share your experience with us. How did it go when you first started grooming your dog’s face? Was it an easy or hard experience?

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