Best Ways, Prevention, and Tools on How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

how to get dog hair out of car

Dog hair can be an irritating when it always falls down in your car. It’s hectic thinking how to how to get dog hair out of car. However, we are here to make it easier for you.

Here are the best ways, prevention, and tools on how to get dog hair out of car.

Best ways on how to get dog hair out of car

1.) Duct tape

Duct tape is a strong removal of dog’s hair in the car. The method is like lint rollers but is more effective than lint rollers and less expensive.

The best type of tape is the packing tape which has a light touch and is less likely to leave any kind of residue.

To apply, roll out a piece of duct tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out. Then press your hand into the the area that has dog hair in your car. Lift the duct tape up to collect the dog’s hair and see how many you collected.

Keep on repeating the process. To maximize effectiveness, you will have to replace the duct tape after using it for certain times.

2.) Rubber

One of the most common and effective tools in our How to get dog hair out of car guide; is removing a dog’s hair in car seats and car carpet with a rubber glove. It’s best to get gloves that have nubs on the palm side of the glove.

To apply, wear a pair of rubber gloves and run your hands over the car seats and carpet. Doing so from top to bottom using one direction only.

If your rubber gloves doesnot get rid of the dog’s hairs, you can use water to wet the rubber gloves or spray water on your car’s interior.

3.) Balloon

how to get dog hair out of car

A balloon is very effective in attracting dog hairs, and a very common tool in our How to get dog hair out of car, too. It does so by making static electricity.

But how does it work? First, you got to blow up a balloon. Then, you got to rub the balloon on the car seats and interior. When you run the balloon over the surface, the friction causes static electricity that collects dog hairs.

The balloon can be cleaned and reused again until it is not needed anymore. This method is effective in only removing simple hairs but not hairs that are long and matted.

4.) Spray bottle

One of the most effective methods of our How to get dog hair out of car guide is to add water into a spray bottle and simply spray it on your car seats and interior. Then, it will be easier to get the hairs out with a simple wipe with a paper towel.

A more effective method using spray bottle is to make a solution out of fabric softener and water. Just mix 3 teaspoon of fabric softener with one cup of water.

This mixture will help loosen the dog’s hairs that are sticking in your car’s interior because of the fabric softener. It will make it easier to wipe the interior with a paper towel.

5.) Velcro curlers

Velcro curlers is another method on how to get dog hair out of a car. This method has the advantage of being cheap, easy, and a fast solution.

Unlike duct tape, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness over time and need to be changed. It works better on your car carpet. You can also used it in your car seats and interior but be careful to not tear parts of the car upholstery.

To apply, simply run the velcro curlers over your car upholstery and the hair will stick to them.

6.) Wire brush

how to get dog hair out of car

Wire brushes are great for non leather seats and help remove stubborn dog hairs that doesn’t get removed.

This method is often made as an ending step when cleaning your car from dogs hair. It is great for removing any left traces of dog hairs.

To apply, run the wire brush over your car seats and interior. It will remove the hairs that doesn’t move.

This was our How to get dog hair out of car guide, now let’s see how to avoid the hair from getting to the car:

Prevention methods for dog hairs in car seats

1.) Dog brush

Simply groom your dog by giving them a bath and brushing their coat. It is important to do so in shedding seasons or if your dog sheds in general. It will remove excess dog hairs.

There are different sizes and brushes tailored for each hair type. To do so, brush your dog’s hair before you leave to the car with them.

2.) Blankets, sheets, or towels

Cover your car’s seats with a blanket, sheet, or towel in order to prevent your dog’s hairs from falling into your car seats.

The towel, blanket, or towel helps traps the dog’s hair and provide a barrier that prevents the hairs from getting out. This method is best suited for all types of seats whether leather, cloth, or vinyl.

It is often a good idea to also cover seats especially leather or vinyl so your dog doesn’t damage the seats with their claws.

3.) Dog crate

how to get dog hair out of car
Credited: AKC

Use a dog crate to contain your dog while they are in your car. The crate must be comfortable and have a good bedding for your dog. Thus, your dog hairs will be contained in your dog’s crate and will not fall out into the car.

A dog crate will also keep your dog safe and comfortable without them being hurt.

A tool for the best way to get dog hair out of car

One special tool to get rid brush your dog’s hair and keep your car clean is the MAGICGLOVE™: Grooming Glove for Pets.

This tool is used on all dog hairs such as short, long, dry, or wet. It protects your hands from when your dog is struggling to not get brushed especially biting and scratching.

Fitting all hands sizes, it is very comfortable in your dog’s skin and provides a massage.

It can also be used to keep areas clean such as your house and car by pulling out hairs.

To learn more, check the MAGICGLOVE™: Grooming Glove in this page.


In conclusion, there are different ways, prevention methods, and tools that can be used on how to get dog hair out of your car. These help in stopping and preventing the problem of dog hairs falling in the car.

To learn more about the best brushes for short haired dogs, check Top Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Shedding .

Share your experience with us. Does your dog’s hair fall in the car? How do you deal with the situation?

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