Top Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Shedding

best dog brush for short hair shedding

There are various types of brushes for your dog. These brushes help relieve the shedding. What is the Best dog brush for short hair shedding dogs is one of the questions that that dog owners have.

Here is a list of these brushes .

Types of brushes

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes are wire brushes with firm bristles. It mainly works on long , medium , and fury fur but can be used for short hair.

Slicker brushes are great for dogs who have short and wiry coats. They are an excellent tool to remove knots, mats, and tangles that don’t need to be cut out.

This brush has a lot of thin metal bristles that are great at removing loose hair and deshedding.

However, take care when you brush dog’s with short hair as you can scratch the dog’s skin.

Bristle brush

This type of brush is good for all coat types. It helps smooth fur and distribute healthy skin oils resulting in shiny skin.

Bristle brush comes in different sizes, spacing, and length which determines what dog it is suitable for. For example, short bristles that are near together are the best choice for dogs with short hair. While longer bristles are better for dogs with longer hair.

If your dog has a wiry coat, you will have to look for a stiffer bristle. A Bristle brush can be used on dogs like Pugs, Jack Russell Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, and Boston Terriers.

Undercoat rake

best dog brush for short hair shedding
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Rakes can get inside dog’s thick coat and remove tangles and dead fur inside the undercoat. Also, they are specially suited for dogs with undercoats.

They are mainly used for double coated and heavy and thick dogs’ coat.

It has a wide set of teeth that pass through the top coat and into the undercoat. They are often shaped as as a shaving razor and has a row or two of pins. They should be used with little pressure.

Some of the dogs that rakes are used in are German Shepherds, Malamutes, and Chow Chows. Always find the best type of rake suitable for your dog; it must not be too short that it will mess with the undercoat or to long that it will irritate the skin.

Rubber brush

A rubber brush is also called rubber curry brush. It is suitable for all type coats. However, it is best to be used on short haired dogs that shed a lot.

It works by having the rubber act like a magnet and remove loose hair while the pins help massage the skin while improving blood flow and spreading healthy skin oil across your dog’s body.

Some rubber brushes come with a handle while others do not have a handle.

Flea comb

A flea comb gets rid of fleas, their dirt, and eggs. It has teeth that are very close to each other so that fleas and debris can be pulled out of the fur.

It is best for all dogs coat type.

Double sided brush

best dog brush for short hair shedding

It is a useful brush for all coat types. However, it is best for medium to long haired dogs. This type of brush isn’t very effective on dogs with short coats.

It has two sides. On one side, there is the pin brush which removes tangles and mats in fur. While in the other side, there is a bristle brush which smoothes the coat by distributing its natural oils.

Pin brushes

Pin brushes are occasionally helpful for brushing short haired dogs. They are most suited for dogs with medium hair. You must ensure that the pins have rounded tips so that you can protect your dog’s skin.

Deshedding tool

This tool helps to remove a lot of dogs’ loose hair in one session. They are best for dogs with double coats, dogs with thick and heavy coats, and dogs are going to shedding.

Size of combs

The best best dog brush for short hair shedding is one that is suitable for your dog coat. Combs come in different teeth size and spacing between each teeth. There are the long and fine tooth comb.

The long tooth comb are for dogs with heavy undercoats . It helps loosen the tangles and remove fur in the undercoat.

The fine tooth comb works well on those with dogs who are short haired and with thin undercoats.

How often to brush your short haired dog

It depends on coat and lifestyle. Specifically, dogs with longer coats require frequent grooming. If however your dog has short hairs, follow these certain tips.

If your dog has a short and wiry coat, you should use a slicker brush . Brushing should happen twice a week. The best method is to brush in layers from the skin outward in the direction of the fur.

Some of the dogs with short and wiry coats are Terriers, schnauzers, airedales, and wirehaired dachshunds.

If your dog has short and smooth coat, you got to use the bristle brush or rubber brush. You should brush once a week.

The best method is that you first brush against the hair growth to remove loosen hair and then you brush with the hair growth to flatten and spread natural skin oils.

This coat type is in basenjis, pugs, and doberman pinschers .

If your dog has short and double coat, you got to use the slicker, deshedding tool, pin brush, and metal comb.

Brush twice a week and more frequently in spring and summer when your dog is shedding.

The best method is to brush with the hair growth to remove loose undercoat excess fur and mats. Then you got to use a metal comb to remove loose hair.

Some dogs with short and double coat are Labrador retrievers and Rottweiler.


In conclusion, there is not a single best dog brush for short hair shedding. There are many brushes that are suitable for short haired dogs.

Each is for different usage depending on coat density , texture, and length. These brushes are effective in cleaning up loosen hair and preventing matts.

Share with us your experience. What type of brush did you buy and how has it worked on your dog?

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