Interview With The German Shepherd Dog Breeds

German Shepherd Dog Breeds

The German Shepherd Dog Breeds are a medium to a large-sized working dog which originated in Germany.

German Shepherd Dog (sometimes shortened to GSD), this was the breed’s officially recognized.

The German Shepherd Dog Breeds History.

Before 1977 in Britain, the German shepherd was known as “the Alsatian”, they developed the breed originally for herding sheep.

Because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, they became the most preferred breed for many kinds of work such as disability assistance, search-and-rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

Here with us today Mr & Mrs German Shepherd For our interview.

Hello, Mr & Mrs German shepherd, how are you today?!

Hello dear, all going good, thank you, we are glad to be here today.

So, Can you Mr shepherd tell us about your Intelligence?!

Well, I’m glad you asked that question, it’s one of the most important qualifications we have.

So, In the book The Intelligence of Dogs, my favorite author Stanley Coren ranked us third for intelligence, behind Border Collies and Poodles which is not fare by the way.

He found that we had the ability to learn simple tasks and only after five repetitions also we obeyed the first command given 95% of the time, the other 5% I was busy dealing with Mrs. Shepherd in the kitchen, they can wait you know!.

Coupled with our strength, this trait makes us desirable as police, guard or even search and rescue dogs, cause we are able to quickly learn various tasks and we also interpret instructions better than other breeds.

Oh WoOow Mr. shepherd, That’s cool, Mrs. Shepherd, I heard that you are sometimes Aggressive or Tend to bite!

Who!, Me?!, look honey, an Australian report from 1999 provided statistics showing that we are the third most likely breed to attack a person.

But that was back then, when i was young, reckless, and no body knows about me, Now, to keep my popularity, i had to stop, if you done your research, you will find that i’m Ranked the 38th.

It doesn’t mean i lost My strength or something, my bite still have the force of
over 1,060 newtons, compared with a Pit bull or Labrador Retriever, i still can rock it baby.

You sure do Mrs. Shepherd, I can see it on Mr. Shepherd’s face, who I meant to ask, can you tell and old story about you?!, I love old stories.

One of the dearest stories to my heart is my growing up story, did you knew that Mr. von Stephanitz named me “Deutscher Schäferhund”!, when they translated it, it was the German Shepherd.

I remember the decision of calling me that name, I assisted shepherds in herding and protecting sheep, then all the dogs who were doing the same thing used my name but as the old ones “Altdeutsche Schäferhunde”.

During the world war I, my life was threatened because of my name, the didn’t like the Germans you know!.

The UK Kennel Club officially renamed me “Alsatian Wolf Dog”, Eventually, the appendage “wolf dog” was dropped because some breeders were worried of the mix between us and the wolf-dog hybrid which will affect their popularity and legality.

For five decades, we were called “Alsatian” but then, and in 1977, some dog enthusiasts pressured the British kennel clubs to allow us to be “The German Shepherds” again

I’m still proud of my “Alsatian” but we gotta keep it cool and modern huh!.

What a nice story, Mrs. Shepherd, you were talking about being popular, would you tell me about that?!

You bet we are popular dear, in 1919, 54 German Shepherds were registered at the UK Kennel, but By 1926, this number had grown to be over 8,000, we gained international recognition after the end of World War I

Returning soldiers spoke highly of us, the Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart dog actors popularized us more.

After “Sieger Pfeffer von Bern” the German Shepherd became the 1937 and 1938 Grand Victor in American Kennel Club dog shows our Popularity increased again.

But again the World War II came to decline us, they still don’t like the Germans, i don’t know what’s with these people, they are breaking my heart, i’m so adorable, don’t you think?!, but we won’t be defeated, our Popularity increased gradually until 1993, we became the third most popular breed in the United States

by 2016, we became the second most popular breed, our physique is very well suited being Competitors in shows and competitions, such as agility trials.

Mr, shepherd, Is there are any Sub-sections breeds from the German shepherd?!

Oh yes, of course, I can mention 5 german shepherd dog breeds, but some of them are not recognized by any major kennel club.

There is the “Czechoslovakian Wolfdog”, which recognized by the FCI, and mostly originating by a crossing of 48 German Shepherd Dogs with four Carpathian wolves, a tough one, see the look!!

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. one of German shepherd dog breeds

There is the “King Shepherd”, but not recognized by any major kennel club, originating from the German Shepherd Dogs.

Now you see “Shiloh Shepherd“, also not recognized by any major kennel club, and originating from German Shepherd Dogs.

Shiloh Shepherd, one of German shepherd dog breeds

There is the cutie pie “White Swiss Shepherd Dog” or (Berger Blanc Suisse), recognized by the FCI, plus originating from white-coated German Shepherd Dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Shiloh Shepherd

And, Finally, there is the “East-European Shepherd”, this is the only one whom I consider is bigger than us, also have more straight top-line and a completely other coat which will be more suitable for Siberian or Arctic conditions, also based on German Shepherd, but specially developed in USSR for military, guarding or guiding, he is a champion.

One last thing i would like to mention, anyone who own a German shepherd or would like to do this must really read about us, learn how to take care of us, train us, and all he can know about us, it’s not doing it with zero information.

I recommend you read the German Shepherd Grooming Tips and the Comprehensive Guide to German Shepherd Dog Training and my heart tells me that you’re really going to need reading about How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Shepherd, that was a very lovely interview.

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