Dog Grooming Tips for German Shepherds

dog grooming tips

German Shepherds are a great breed of dogs that originated from Germany. They are so popular throughout the world. But did you know they require frequent grooming? Here are the best dog grooming tips for German Shepherds.

Nature of German Shepherd’s coat

The German Shepherd has a double coat where they have two layers of fur: the undercoat and the top coat.

  • The undercoat is the coat closest to their skin. It is very dense and made from short hairs. It helps them stay warm in cold temperature and keep their temperature in warm weather.
  • The top coat is known as the guard hairs. They are the longer hairs are on top of the undercoat. The top coat helps keep dirt and moisture away from the German Shepherd’s skin.

Why it is important to groom a German Shepherd?

It is important to put some extra effort into grooming a German Shepherd because they are double coated. You need to groom your dog to reach the undercoat as well as the top coat.

Double coated dogs also tend to shed more than dogs who aren’t so you have to make grooming a priority or else lots of their fur will fall down.

If you don’t groom a German Shepherd, they are more prone to getting mats in their undercoat. This will lead to dreadlocks and, in other cases, to dirt is trapped inside their hair causing infections that are dangerous to your dog’s health.

Top 3 grooming tips for German Shepherds

dog grooming tips

Make it a comfortable experience

For a German Shepherd, regular grooming is very important especially brushing their coat to keep it clean and healthy while fighting off shedding.

Make sure you are offering your dog comfort and patience when grooming them for the first time. Dogs don’t understand for the first few times what you are doing so offer a calm environment and be reassuring.

Generally, it is best to brush their coat 3 to 4 times per week to keep shedding to the minimum and keep their coat shiny.

Be gentle

Make sure that you gently touch your dog before grooming so they do trust you. If you groom your dog and they struggle throughout the process, it is better to offer them a treat.

Talk to your dog while grooming them to make them feel reassured and to create a deep connection with them. Don’t get angry at your dog during grooming as your dog will associate your anger with grooming and will not want to be groomed again.

Use a flat surface

Use a flat surface such as a table or floor to groom your dog. Don’t use furniture as their hair and dirt may fall down and it will be hard to clean up.

Dog grooming tips: brushing a German Shepherd

dog grooming tips

The time and frequency of brushing a German Shepherd varies from one German Shepherd to another because of the coat’s length and condition. German Shepherds with longer coat require frequent grooming that is extensive.

One of the best tools to use when brushing your German Shepherd is a wire Slicker Brush. Other options include a grooming rake or a brush. 

Dog grooming tips: bathing a German Shepherd

German Shepherds need bathes occasionally. This is the case if they are fed high-quality food, brushed out, and groomed on a regular basis.

They would need baths for only once or twice a year. Over bathing your German Shepherd will make their skin dry and strip away the natural oils.

When bathing your German Shepherd, remember to use a shampoo made specifically for the dogs and not shampoos made for humans since their PH body levels are different from humans.

Also when bathing a German Shepherd, you should put cotton in their ears to prevent water from entering leading to ear infections.

Dog grooming tips: clipping toenails of German Shepherd

You got to check your German Shepherd’s nails on a weekly basis to see if there are any broken or split nails. Broken nails are the result of nails being left to grow for a long period of time.

For best results, it is best to trim nails by taking off small amounts of nails and not in large amounts.

Be careful when clipping your dog’s nails as they have nails that are very dense and often dark in color so the quick, veins that feed the nails, will be hidden. Cutting the nail too short can cut the quick leading to your dog experiencing pain and bleeding.

Dog grooming tips: ear cleaning your German Shepherd

dog grooming tips

You got to check at your German Shepherd’s ears at least weekly and cleaned. You should consult your vet about the type of ear cleaning product you will get to clean excess wax and dirt.

After you get it, apply it on your dog’s ear canal. Then, massage the base. Allow your dog to shake their head. Then, get cotton balls and wipe the ear from dirt and wax.

Repeat for the other ear. Then, Give your dog a treat. If your dog suffers from an ear infection, go immediately to the vet to treat them.

Never use alcohol or cotton swabs to clean your dog’s ears as they can hurt your dog.

Dog grooming tips: Cleaning German a Shepherd’s teeth

A German Shepherd needs their teeth to be cleaned out frequently. Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste that is suitable for your German Shepherd. Try to brush your dog’s teeth frequently throughout the week. The best is to brush it daily.

You can use dental snacks to help keep your dog’s teeth clean or chew toys can also keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

Training your German Shepherd to accept cleaning their teeth is an important step. Start early while they are young so they are trained to not hate teeth brushing.

Dog grooming don’ts

  • Allow water to get inside the dog’s ears
  • Brush a wet coat
  • Forget to brush your dog’s undercoat too
  • Leave the shampoo on your dog
  • Get shampoo into their eyes and ears
  • Forget to cut nails and teeth
  • Leave your dog alone while grooming


In conclusion, grooming a German Shepherd is an ongoing process as it is with any dog. The best dog grooming tips for a German Shepherd are those that help keep your dog clean and healthy without harming them.

To know more about other grooming tips for all dogs, check Dog Grooming Tips: All You Need To Know.

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