Foods Poisonous to Dogs You Use It Every Day.

Foods Poisonous to Dogs You Use It Every Day. |

So, your dog wants to try every single thing you eat, we understand. However, those are foods poisonous to dogs, he/she can’t have it.

We know how your dogs can be when you eat. Your four-legged friend like sharing everything you have with you; if you are eating something, he wants some, if you are drinking something, he wants some. And, you are thinking about how this ‘some’ can hurt your dog; well, it can hurt him/her a lot!

don't feed your dog foods poisonous to dogs
I’m sick!

I know that this might sound ridiculous, I ‘been there, and I also didn’t believe it once. However, and after a lot of digging for the right pieces of information, it turns around that it’s true; some foods can kill your dog.

So, does all food is poisonous to your dog? No. Does this mean that you can’t share any of your food with your dog? No. But, it means that you have to stay away from the food that is on this list:

Foods poisonous to dogs you use it every day:


Jaw-dropping right? Avocado is very essential for human’s health, most athletics eat avocado almost every day, because of how important it is. However, it is very poisonous to dogs; and not only the fruit itself, but I am also talking about the leaves, bark, and bit, too. 

Avocado are foods poisonous to dogs

Keep this fruit away from your dog.


Well, for those who love baking. You are doing a great job! Just don’t let your dog eat any of the raw east dough, never! You know when you let the raw east dough on the table, and it becomes larger? That’s exactly what is going to happen in your dog’s stomach when he/she eats it; his/her stomach will expand and will cause your dog severe pain.

foods poisonous to dog dogs
Baking time!


Lemons can be toxic to your dog. Lemons contain something called psoralen; this thing can cause your dog vomiting and diarrhea, not just that, a large amount of it can cause your dog kidney failure, difficulty in walking, and death.

lemons are foods poisonous to dogs


I know that you are now wondering, who will give his/her dog alcohol? Well, that’s probably true. However, if you left some alcohol on the table, he/she might want to try some.

foods poisonous to dogs
Red wine

Not to mention, that there are products that you use every day, contains alcohol; mouthwash, perfumes, and some of the cleaning products.


For those who don’t know what xylitol is, it is a sugar substitute that often found in candy, gums, baked goods, and all of those yummy products. Xylitol can cause a rapid blood drop to your dog, liver damage, and even death.

foods poisonous to dogs
Cup Cakes

So, yes. If you like candy, and can’t get enough of it; you need to stay away from your dog while eating it, because he/she can’t have any!


Some people use garlic in almost everything, and yes, it is tasty. However, it contains thiosulfates, which is extremely toxic for your dog. Thiosulfates can damage your dog’s blood cells, and also lead to anemia, vomiting, and diarrhea.

foods poisonous to dogs
The garlic family


Coconut and coconut oil are high in potassium products, and should not be given to any dog. No matter how delicious it is, and how extremely crunchy is the fruit, or how much you believe your dog will like it. Your dog can’t have coconut.

No coconuts for your dog

Coffee, caffeine, and chocolates

Heartbreaking, right? I also enjoy these products a lot, can’t imagine how I can spend my day without my morning coffee, and the pleasure I take from that little piece of chocolate that I take in the break. However, our lucky dogs don’t feel the same, because those products contain a substance called methylxanthines, which is extremely toxic to them.

foods poisonous to dogs
Chocolate and Coffee

Even dark chocolates? Especially the dark chocolates.

Dark chocolates are the most dangerous because it contains the highest level of methylxanthines. Yes, I know that dark chocolates are better for our diet, but it is extremely toxic for our four-legged friends.


Nope, they can’t eat that, too.

No Grapes and raisins for your dog
Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins can cause your dog kidney failure, so don’t feed your dogs any of them.


According to the American Kannel Club, dogs can’t eat ice-cream. And that’s because of three main problems: milk, sugar, and flavors.

As mentioned before, sugar is extremely toxic for dogs, especially the xylitol, moreover,  dogs digestive system is not made to digest milk products. So, it can cause your dog’s gas, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

Also, the flavors that are used in the ice-cream like: chocolate, coffee, Raspberry … etc. Can be extremely toxic for your dog.

No Ice-cream for your dog

Therefore, no matter how you think your dog needs to cool-down, don’t give him/her ice-cream. If you are trying to find safer ways to cool your dog down, take a look at my other article, you might find it helpful.

I know that this article might sound cruel, but don’t we all love our dogs, and we feel so happy when they are healthy and happy? Therefore, and because we care about you, and your dog, we made this list.

And on the other hand, dogs can eat a lot of other delicious food. Your dog can eat carrots, meat, eggs, peanut butter, Salamon, and much other delicious foods that he/she can happily share it with you.

Just keep your dog away from those foods poisonous to dogs.

And one last thing, you need to ask your dog’s veterinarian about every single food you give your dog because some dogs are allergic to specific foods, so you need to be aware of that, too.

So, after knowing what are foods poisonous to dogs, and foods that are not; tell us what did you already know, and what was a surprise for you knowing it’s poisonous foods to dogs. 

Share with us your thoughts, and opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything you need to know, and if you need to know more about foods poisonous to dogs, please check my other article, you will find more details.

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