How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer? 8 Useful Tips.

This is How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer

Hooray! Summer is finally here; the weather is warmer, and a lot of memories are ready to be made. Therefore, you need to know how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Unfortunately, many owners don’t let their dogs enjoying summer enough, because they are worried about how their bodies will react with the heat. And to be perfectly honest, the extreme heat is not good for your dog’s health.

However, dogs like summer vibes, too. They appreciate family vacations, beach days, and spending extra quality time with kids while they are in vacation! Therefore, we brought to you today 8 useful tips to How to keep dogs cool in summer; that doesn’t include leaving them home alone:

1- How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer: Keep them hydrated.

Dogs like any other creature in the world, needs water to stay healthy, hydrated and capable of playing and moving around actively.

Of course, in summer, while playing and running in hot days; keeping your dog hydrated is even more important. And there are a lot of tricks that can help your dog stay hydrated with drinking water from a bowl:

How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer? The answer is water
Water.. A lot of Water.
  • You can make them smoothies. Just make sure that you don’t add any sugar or any ingredients that are not safe for a dog to eat.
  • Make them water Iced-Pops. Sometimes drinking water is boring, and dogs like trying new interesting stuff. You can put some sticks in small cups of water in the fridge till it becomes iced, your dog will love it and you will keep your dog hydrated.
  • Let them drink from your hand. If your dog is having really fun running and playing, even if they are thirsty they will think twice before they waste their time going to drink from that bowl. Therefore, you can offer them to drink some water from your hand.

In that case, you will keep your dog hydrated and you knew the first tip of How to keep your dogs cool in summer.

2- Your Dog Could Use a Haircut

Some dogs can use a hair cut in the summer. Not just to give your dog some breathing room, but also to reduce the shedding that comes with summer. Removing the dead and loose hairs can be of great help to both of you!

If you don’t know how to do it, you should spend more time learning, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. You can start by reading our how to cut dogs hair? Step by step like a pro article. It will help you find the easiest and fastest way to cut this extra hair without a problem.

3- Get your dog wet

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is the fun part! Not just because I love how playful my dogs are in the water, and how much they love the beach; and I really love to see them happy.

But also, lately, I found this amazing swimming pool for dogs; which I can honestly say that it is a life saver for me this summer because I won’t be able to go to the beach, so I’ll just let my dogs wet themselves home, and pretend they are in the beach.

Get him/her a swimming pool for dogs this is How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer
Exactly! – Credit GiPHY

Why this Swimming Pool for Dogs is SO AMAZING for How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer!

Well, I don’t know from where should I start, however, let me tell you about my experience with it, first. and why it is different from the other swimming pool I had before.

  1. The swimming pool for dogs is made for dogs, so its materials can handle how dogs play. Of course, you should take care of your dog’s nails; not just for the swimming pool for dogs, but also to avoid an accident like broken nails and exposed quick; know more about this here.
  2. The swimming pool for dogs holds to 18 gallons each time, in other words, a healthy German Shepherd dog can play, relax alone and have fun, and if you have a couple of small-sized dogs; they will have so much fun playing together, too.
  3. Kids can use it, too. Actually, if you have kids, maybe you will have to make a schedule of playing for both dogs and kids; because both will love it!
  4. The swimmimg pool for dogs works as indoor swimming pool. Though things might get little bit crazy, but who cares, let them have fun; it’s summer!
  5. You can take it with you ANYWHERE! So, if you want to spend some quality time with your friends and you don’t know how to make your dog busy, just tell your friend to prepare a spot so you can put the swimming pool for your dog, and go have fun.
Swimming Pool for Dogs is How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer
Swimming Pool for Dogs – Credit Glamorous Dogs

Now, you can keep your dogs cool in summer, keep your kids busy playing and keep your head up high; cause you did all that by buying the swimming pool for dogs and saved 24%.

4- Get your dog out of the dog house

You need to keep your dog away from hot, tiny and closed places. It is really not good for your dog to be in such a hot place in summer. That will annoy your dog, make them feel uncomfortable and may cause him/her a heatstroke.

But, if you really really really have to, just make sure your dog’s house is in the shade, your dog have nice cold water, and get them out from their whenever is possible.

5- Don’t leave your dog in a parked car

Just please don’t. Not even or a moment! Don’t tell yourself that you will only gap something from the market very fast, and your dog will be fine, most probably he/she won’t be fine.

We all have heard all of those horrible stories about dogs died, and others got very sick because of how terribly hot the weather can get in a parked car. This point is not just for How to keep dogs cool in summer, it’s also about how to keep your dogs safe all the time.

6- Avoid midday timing

I know how dogs want to play all the time, they want all the fun they can get of the day. But you are his/her parent, you are the one who is responsible for his/her health, so you have to say to the midday timing.

Avoid midday walks is How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer
I know dear, but it is really hot outside.

Midday timing is the hottest time of the day, so it better for your dog to be home, in a pool or chilling wheresoever avoiding the heat.

7- Offer your dog a wet towel

If you felt that the temperature is getting really high, that you yourself cannot stand it, just soak a towel in cool, cold water and put it under your dog.

Putting a wet towel under your dog’s paws is a really useful tip no just for our how to keep dogs cool in summer, but also great for your dog’s paws,; because if he/she walks on hot surface in that hot weather, it can really be annoying and hurtful.

And, that why we added the 8th tip.

8- Manage exercise time

Avoiding the problem is better than finding a solution for it, right? So, we really recommend that you avoid walking, playing or exercising with your dog in hot weather.

It can be so hard for his/her four cute paws to keep touching those hot surfaces for a long time. Therefore, manage your exercising, playing and walking times to meet the early morning or the late evening time of the day.

Now, it’s your turn. What other useful tips for how to keep dogs cool in summer you can add to this list?

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