Do Dog Training Pads Really Work? Answers Will Surprise You!

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Coming home to a clean floor is one of the most common dreams all dog lovers have, therefore, we have today the dog training pads; let’s see if they really work!

Before we start talking about dog training pads; how it works, is it effective or not, and in what age should you start training your dog on using dog training pads. We probably should talk first on how often your dog pee, and when you should worry, or consider visiting a veterinary.

A do need to go pee, but there is no dog training pads home, yet.
Need to go, Need to go, Need to go! Credit: GHIPHY

Well, If you are wondering if your dog is peeing a lot or if this is normal, you are not alone. Usually, dogs pee every four to six hours (which means from 3 to 5 times per day), but this is a little bit different from how many times puppies and old dogs pee.

Typically, puppies need to pee every two hours, so we are talking about a lot of peeing in that age, but things get better with maturity and, of course, training. On the other hand, for senior dogs the peeing process can become more uncontrollable, because of certain factors, medication is one of them. Now, let’s figure out what some of those reasons are:

  • Aging: Age can make dogs pee more than usual
  • Marking: Usually dogs mark their homes and the places they visit with their pee.
  • Overheating: Sometimes when weather changes, dogs drink more or less, so it can make the pee process not stable for some time.
  • Infection: Don’t worry, it’s common between dogs, so you just vest the veterinary and he will give you the right medical course.
  • Submissive or Excitement Problems: I believe we need to talk more about this:

Submissive or Excitement Problems

Some dogs are nervous, shy or even anxious dogs, some of them were born that way, and others have a history of receiving punishments for their accidents, such as peeing on someone’s feet; so they lost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

In that case, it is extremely advisable to start paying attention to your dog’s behavior, and, of course, avoid any punishing methods that may make the situations worse. In addition to that, you can check those anxiety dog training podcasts, that may help, too. But, in case you noticed that your dog’s behavior didn’t change, you probably need to visit your dog’s veterinary, and ask for advice.

A shy dog that is sorry for his mistake.

On the other hand, Excitement can be a very strong reason for a dog for peeing. Typically, you can notice this while your dog is still a puppy, so if your dog gets excited when it’s play time, when you come home, or when a guest arrives; you will most probably face the same problem with them while growing up, if you didn’t address it quickly.

To avoid those accidents you need to manage its triggers at first, so you need to take playtime outdoors, if it is a hard thing to do, so you probably should make sure that your dog had the chance to pee; before he plays, meet a guest, or before you are back home.

However, and even though you used treats to manage the situation, accidents happen; therefore, using dog training pads might be the perfect solution in that situation.

Dog training pad to help you live in a clean, dog pee-free home.
Dog Training Pad – Credit: Glamorous Dogs

Why do you need PADSMART, the dog training pads?

Well, as a short answer, I can tell that accidents happen! But, if you need a more detailed answer; I would love to tell you more about our dog training pads.

1- Dog Training Pads are Waterproof

The main purpose of having dog training pads for your dog is to protect your carpets, car seats and your floor nice and clean. Therefore, using a four layers waterproof dog training pad like our PADSMART; will diffidently help you keep your home clean.

2- Time and Money Saver

No instruction manual needed, no How-to guide comes with the dog training pads; just lay it down and let the magic begin. In addition to that, you need only one pad to do the job; because it is reusable, all you have to do is put it in the washing machine and use it again.

3- Suitable Size

Our dog training pads, PADSMART, comes in high-quality materials, very unique and colorful design, and an amazingly suitable size 40*60 cm; which make it suitable for several usages.

While you are here, you can check our Buy More, Save More offer.

Our Amazingly Helpful Dog Training Pads
Dog Training Pads – Glamorous Dogs

Now, you can get out dogs training pads, PADSMART, and save 25%.

How To Use the Dog Training Pads?

The dog training pad is a new thing for your dogs, they don’t know what they are supposed to do with it, or how they can use it; so, you will need to teach them how they can properly use it. Here’s how you can do this the easy way:

1- Put the dog training pads on the floor

We prefer you place the pad on the floor first, not on a carpet and not on the coach, because your dog doesn’t know yet what to do with it; so, to avoid accidents (which will most probably happen) put the pad on a hard surface.

2- Use a potty command

Dogs are very smart and unique creatures, therefore, once you start teaching them something new they do their best to learn it fast. One of the most successful techniques to teach them fast is using treats after introducing your dog to a command. Of course, there are other ways to potty training; you can check.

3- Timing

You should keep a close eye on your dogs, learn the signs they give when they need to pee and keep them close to the dog training pads 10 minutes after they eat; that’s probably when they will need to go.

4- Repeat

To this point, your dog understands that the dog training pads are for peeing, but you have to keep repeating the command, reward technique till your dogs start to go by themselves.

Dog is getting his/her treat
Oh Boy! – Credit: GIPHY

Now, Does the Dog Training Pads Really Works?

Like any other product in the world, you will find that the product can work for some and doesn’t for others; therefore, here are some of the pros and cons of dog training pads:

1- Dog training pads are really convenient, you can place it anywhere. Not all of us lives in a place where he has a space that allows his dog to pee outside. So, yes, if you live in an apartment or in a tall building; it’s much easier to get your dog training pads and keep your house clean.

2- Dog training pads are very easy to use and clean-up. So, it allows you to carry it with you anywhere and use it as many as you want; without worrying about its size or cleanliness.

3- It is weather friendly, and this is so important for those who have dogs that are not comfortable with specific weather, not to mention how important this is to you when it’s freezing outside and you can’t get your dog out to pee.

Not to mention that out customers LOVE IT, and these are some of their comments:

On the other hand, some people can find dog training pads are:

1- Preventing dogs from having fun outside, and spend some time socializing with other dogs. Which we are not saying that it is not true, but on the other hand though, dog training pads are not designed to lock your dog home. Dog training pads are designed to keep your home clean and your dog more comfortable, but we do recommend that dogs should go out and socialize.

2- Teaching your dog to pee on anything that is thin and light. Which could be true with other Pee Pads, yes, most probably your dog will be confused, However, our PADSMART is made of high-end materials that are different from any other thin and light carpet on the floor; so, we assure you that this will not be a problem.

3- The fabric clings to the dog’s nail. That is actually a very good point to discuss the importance of clipping our dog’s nail, and how dangerous is it to let it grow. If your dog’s nail clips in stuff or you can hear their sounds while your dog is moving around you, so your dog’s nails are in danger; to avoid the circumstance of that, please find the best way to clip your dog’s nail, here.

To find a product that ALL people will agree on is a very hard, maybe even impossible, thing. But, finding a product that meets your needs and helps you make your life better; yes it is easy. Yet, not all of us has the same needs, so before you take action and buy, ask yourself what are your needs.

Dog smiles while chilling
That smile! – Credit GHIPHY

Now, that you have all the facts, why don’t you tell us about your experience with our dog training pad if you already have one, and if not; tell us if you found this article a good reason to buy your dog one.

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