3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts

Yes, anxiety dog training podcasts do exist! Here is why you should listen to them. Reading articles and research papers are both great ways to learn about topics that you don’t know much about.

Watching informative videos is also a great way, but these methods require you to only focus on what you’re seeing.

Don’t you wish for a way to learn new information while driving to work or even while taking your dog on a walk?

Welcome to the magical world of podcasts, an innovative spin on radio shows that allows you to learn about anything at any time and any place. Today, I wanted to share with you three podcasts that talk about anxiety dog training.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

Anxiety Dog Training – Real Separation Anxiety vs Simulated Separation Anxiety

I am mostly talking about separation anxiety and simulated separation anxiety.

A dog who truly has separation anxiety should be treated differently than the dog displaying the same symptoms just for the sake of capturing your attention.

If you want to learn more about the difference between these two different forms of separation anxiety, then check out my How to Crate Train A Dog with Separation Anxiety blog post.

What makes a podcast good?

Think of podcasts as radio shows that you could take away anywhere you go.So if you’re trying to evaluate if a podcast show is worth subscribing and listening to, try to treat it as a radio show.

Questions I ask myself before I commit to regularly listening to a podcast to include

  • Am I learning something new?
  • Is the host’s tone animative and not dull?
  • Is the host humorous and entertaining?
  • Does the host have any experience in what they’re giving advice about?
  • This more of a bonus point for me, but I am usually more interested in a podcast if any personal stories are shared.
3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

The 3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts

After doing some research and listening to hours worth of podcast episodes, I am ready to share with you three great podcasts.

These talk about all things dogs related. I’ve chosen my favorite episodes that discuss and gives tips on separation anxiety in dogs.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts: Fixing Anxiety Separation with Julie Naismith

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts

Julie Naismith provides information that doesn’t sound as mean or as cruel as the rest of the advice you get online. She acknowledges that every dog is different and opposes following the generic guidelines and plans.

Julie is a separation anxiety training specialist and behavior consultant. During the podcast, I felt how genuine and caring she is with the way she gave her advice.

Turns out her dog, Percy, had separation anxiety and she had to try out many ineffective tips until she finally successfully improved his anxiety separation.

When someone goes through a specific struggle and come out of it, they tend to have more tips and tricks than the rest of the people.

Favorite episodes:

  • 3 Tips to help you smash separation anxiety
  • Truth and Lies About crating an anxious dog
  • 5 big reasons people Quit separation anxiety

Most content on dogs with separation anxiety usually focuses on crate training as the solution for dogs with induced separation anxiety.

However, this entire podcast is dedicated to the real separation anxiety.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts: Enlightened by dogs with Kathy Kawalec

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts

Kathy Kawalec advocates for a gentler approach to the simulated separation anxiety behavior and is mindful about how the dog feels when they’re under stress.

I highly recommend you listen to the Attention Seeking and Separation Anxiety in Dogs episode.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts: Simply for dogs with Franklin Medina

Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts

Franklin summarises what you would frequently read on the web. However, he supports his statements with teachings from dog training experts.

One expert who particularly stood out to me was Cesar Millan, who is infamous for his show “Dog Whisperer on National Geographic.

What I really like about Franklin’s content is that he has two veterinarians on his team who review his content content to ensure information accuracy.

In his podcast, he talks about a variety of dog related topics. If you want to listen to his episode on separation anxiety, then search for Mommy, Don’t leave me! Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs.

In that episode, Franklin discussed how sometimes dogs have simulated separation anxiety, and not the the real seperation anxiety. One shouldn’t respond to a dog’s cry in this case because we’re only supposed to acknowledge and reward good habit and ignore bad behavior.

It is all about the positive reinforcement. If you’re new to our site and you’ve never heard of this term, then I highly recommend you learn more about this essential training technique here.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

Please note that these podcasts are not listed according to their rank. Each one is unique in its way, and I highly recommend you check them all out.

I am sure that there are more amazing podcasts about dogs out there, so let me know if you want to see more posts like this one.

3 Anxiety Dog Training Podcasts to Follow |

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you give these podcasts a listen. Let me know which podcast you plan on listening to and feel free to send me your feedback on it.

As always, if you have any questions about separations anxiety, simply leave them in the comments down below.

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