Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth!

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth! |

Have you ever wondered about the question do dogs know their names? Typically, this question will bring more with it;

How do they understand humans’ language? Do they really understand that this is their name or it grows to become a habit whenever he/she hears it?

Throughout many studies and researches, we were able to understand the way how babies start to comprehend and understand how to acquire language throughout their lives.

In fact, we didn’t need that much of questioning in the first place, as we are humans so it sounds reasonable for us that our human babies would eventually understand us, but how our canines were able to do so?

The answer to the question “Do dogs know their names” is precisive, which is yes.

a puppy sleeping on a person's arm-  Do Dogs Know Their Names

Yes! our canines acknowledge the names we gave to them. When we call our four-legged friend with his name he actually understands that we are addressing him, the only difference is that dogs get the naming thing differently than humans do.

Also, dogs would use the tone, body language and the way we approach them to be able to identify that the words we are saying are directed to them.

Do Dogs Know Their Names; The Science Behind It

The way our dogs comprehend and acknowledge their names are totally different from ours. For humans, it is easy to differentiate the meanings of the sounds we hear.

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Whatever the language we are dealing with it is a bunch of sounds put together to form a meaningful entity, sometimes, a variety of entities (words) can have the same meaning we as humans have the ability to understand the mechanism of how our language works but our dogs can’t.

If you heard words like ‘Fido’ or ‘Pooch’ you will know that these words refer to dogs, for our canines it is different. Dogs’ concept of words is different from ours, as we deal with words our canines deal with the sounds they hear.

When they hear specific sounds “their names” they know that his/her owner is addressing them.

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Our pooches are living in human communities that have plenty of sounds so, we need to make sure they get it when these sounds are directed to them and not someone else.

With only the ability to understand as a 2-year old baby, your dog will want to know which words are directed to him and which is not.

If you said something, for instance, like ” Please come here and sit next to me” the word ”sit” and “come” how your dog supposed to know it is directed to him and not someone else?

If you are looking into your pooch’s eyes he/she would understand that the message is directed to them and will respond to the message, but with the absence of body language and eye contact the dog’s name is the key.

A dog’s name is the cue that he knows by it that we want to tell him a certain message, so a pet owner would want to make sure his canine knows his name in order to deliver to him a lot of messages and make sure his dog is getting it.

Do Dogs Know Their Names; Teaching a Dog His Name

Training your puppy or dog to recognize their name is easy especially if you are using positive reinforcement.

Using this technique while training will motivate your dog to go through the training fast to get the savory prize (treat) at the end. It is a safe and effective way that will also help with bonding with your dog.

Let’s know how to use it with name recognition training!

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth! |

The idea behind teaching your dog his name is that something great is going to happen after hearing it. You should start your training when you have your dog’s attention directed to you.

Get plenty of savory treats on hand and start to say the name you chose for your dog with a positive indicator like “Yes!” and give your pooch a treat then wait for few seconds then repeat the same thing.

Your session should last about 5 minutes each several times a day. After a while, your dog will know that when he hears these sounds “his name” something delicious is coming in the way, you will start now calling his name when his focus is not on you.

You will call his name and when he looks to you, then you will use the indicator “Yes” and gives him a treat. IF you found that even when you are calling him he is not looking, try to get his attention to you then start the training.

Repeat the training as you can, in different environments and also, in your walkings with your dog and in no time you will find that your dog recognizes his name.

Check 4 Basic Tips to Do Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Right to know more how to make your positive reinforcement effective and also, if you still don’t settle on the kind of treats you are going to give to your dog, check Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More! and Top 13 Homemade Dog Treats That are Delicious for Your Dog for savory ideas!

Do Dogs Know Their Names; Signs Your Dog Knows His Name

There are many ways you can know through them if your dog recognizes his name or he just approaches you because of your tone and body language and it became a habit for him.

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth! |

When you call your dog and he is not in the same room as yours, if he comes running to you this is a sign that he knows his name and he didn’t come because of your tone.

If you are in the same room, you will find him looking towards you in your direction and giving you his attention.

You could take the name test to another level, start to call different random names and see if your dog is going to come to you at any one of them or only when you call his name.

*Keep your tone the same through all saying all the names*

If you found that your dog approaches you at a different name than his, probably the enthusiastic tone or your body language was his cue and not his name.

Other signs your dog can recognize his name:

  • Becoming alert
  • Staring at your direction
  • Barking
  • Tail and ears up
  • Wagging his tail
  • Tilting his head
  • Perking up if he heard his name in a conversation
  • Immediate response

You could also inspect your dog’s reaction for his name; if their response for the call is positive by being excited or you think he is looking worried. If you sensed that your dog is being kind of anxious, it is an alert for you that you are using his name in the wrong spots.

Never use your dog’s name for punishing or in an angry voice, keep your pooch’s name related to only positive things and not vice versa.

Do Dogs Know Their Names; How To Choose The Perfect Name For Your Dog

You may think that why would anyone gets to your own will of choosing your dog’s name, but that is not the case here.

There are some factors that would make the learning process for your dog to know his name faster and that’s what we are writing about.

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth! |

Long-time ago, specifically ancient Greek times, naming a dog was important to get let everyone know that you own that dog, people would choose strong and powerful names for their canines, and most importantly short names.

Experts think that choosing a short name, made of a syllable or two, as it would be easier for your dog to learn and for you to say, just like what the Greeks did.

There are many short names that you could choose from if you are looking. Check this site for name suggestions.

Do Dogs Know Their Names and Their Owners Too?

So, we know the answer to the question do dogs know their names, but do you think that our dogs are able to distinguish our names as well? Let’s know the answer!

Do Dogs Know Their Names? Find Out The Truth! |

There is no doubt that your dog loves and cares for you, and of course, knows you! but how he actually recognizes you is the question. Some studies showed that some dogs show some signs of excitement when a certain human name is recalled in front of them.

But this is not the common way dogs recognize their owners, dogs depend on the face and smell to recognize their owners, these are the ways a dog will depend on to recognize not just their owners but anyone else.

So, know you got a little glimpse of what is happening on your dog’s mind regarding the recognition part if you had any other question that is related to this matter it would be a pleasure to have a little chit-chat with you!

Comment your opinion, questions or discussions and we will answer them all!

And always remember, our four-legged friend will remain loyal to us knowing our names or not, and that’s all that matters.

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