Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More!

dog training treats

As humans, we like to have some snacks every once in a while because yeah we deserve to have a chill and forget about everything, right? Sadly, our canines don’t have “our” type of snacks but, they are not forgotten.

Treats are there for you, canine friends! but they re not used as a chill, they are for your training buddy.

dog training treats

Find out more about the best dog training treats that are healthy and balanced for your dog and what are the treats we should avoid.

Dog Training Treats Kinds Found Out There

Before diving more in the world of treats, a pet owner should know more about the kind of treats found in the market and how to choose the best one out there.

Hard treats are those like bones, dried, and chew-like bones, and hard chews that are beneficial for teeth. Also, there are Soft treats like cakes, homemade treats, and chews with a loose texture.

Whatever the the type of dog training treat you will choose, make sure it is not harming your dog in any possible way and add a nutritional value to him

Types of Dog Training Treats

Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More! |

Crispy treats

Crispy treats are hard and crunchy, you know those bone shaped dogs biscuits? Yep, those are considered as crunchy treats. They come in multiple shapes, sizes and flavors. Make sure to choose a high-quality crispy treat for the sake of your pooch’s health. Crunch treats are a splendid choice for everyday training rewards.

Frozen or Dried treats

You can find dried treats in many forms; meat, liver, or seafood. As for the frozen treats, you could find forms similar to those of dried plus variety of homemade treats from fruits and vegetables that are verified to canines’ use.

It is important to use dried and frozen treats that are specially made for dogs and don’t give them any leftovers or kinds of food they tasted by mistake and liked it. These treats are known to be effective in training your dog as they are often tasty and delicious.

Unfamiliar Kinds of Meat

There is plenty of dogs treats that you can find and you will be surprised by the kind of meat used on making them. Crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo and even Nutria are unique sources of meats that we didn’t even know that exists. Those are actually could be considered as a rich and beneficial kind of treat for your dog.

Don’t worry, the source of this meat is ethical and was not made over environmental or animals rights.

Dog Treats with Nutritional Additives

Dog treats with supplements are a great option for taking care of your dog’s overall health. For example, treats that are rich with glucosamine are great for the dog’s joints. Glucosamine is a compound that is chemically classified as an amino sugar. It helps in supporting healthy joints, reduces inflammations and prevents disorders like osteoarthritis.

Treats with glucosamine are great for large and heavy dog breeds as they are more prone to joints disorder.

Limited-Components Dog Treats

Treats with limited or special ingredients are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomach. Limited treats are made without any artificial additives that may cause any allergic reaction. They are made without the famous protein source( beef and chicken) as they are the most two items that dogs are allergic of and also don’t use grains for the same reason.

Best Dog Training Treats; DIY Dog Treats

Homemade dog treats are another fabulous option for pet parents to use as dog training treats.

dogs cupcakes- dog training treats

If you are a great chef(or horrible like me) making your dog training treats at home are very easy that even if your friends run away every time they know you will cook, cooking for your dog is way more different.

Homemade recipes have many benefits than just being a fun cooking experience. By making your own dog’s treats you are controlling the components that found in them, also, you will tailor a tasty treat based on your dog’s preferences. Reducing the consumption of food with preservatives that are unhealthy additives for your canine’s overall health.

A lot of recipes are there for you to try most is made from five ingredients and sometimes less! Here are some of the healthiest and most balanced nutrition benefits for your canine’s health;

Peanut Butter Treats

If your dog adores peanut butter like hundreds of dogs out there, these recipes of homemade dog training treats will make your pooch jumps in excitement every time he sees the jar you are reserving the treats in.

Get two cups of flour, half of the peanut butter, and two eggs and mix them together. When the mixture is combined enough, add water till it is like a dough and you could roll it out.

Usually it would take from 15-20 minutes

Homemade Chicken Treat

If your dog is a chicken lover this recipe will make him go insane. Chicken balls treat is east to be done and won’t take a lot of time to prepare it. Get one cup of diced chicken, one egg, three tablespoons of rice flour, half cooked rice cup and a punch of parsley.

Mix all the ingredients together and take small pieces and roll them into small balls. Put them in the oven and enjoy the smell of this rich flavored treat. It would take from 20-30 minutes to be ready.

You could replace the chicken with any other meat that your dog likes and it would still be awesome!

Dog Treat with Babies food

This recipe is super fast to be ready, you will only need two ingredients for it. It is great for people who don’t think cooking is not for them or basically if you are new at making homemade treats and wants an easy recipe. Bring two whole grained flour cups and two jars of smashed(pureed) baby food.

Choose the baby’s food according to your buddy’s preferences. If you are going to try a new flavor you could make only one cup of each component. Mix both ingredients until they become combined, then put them in the oven. It would take from 25-30 minutes to be ready.

Homemade Biscuits

Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More! |

This a five ingredients recipe. You will need to bring flour, flax seed, oats, beef bouillon, and peanut butter. After mixing them together, time to cut them with a cookie cutter. If you don’t have one, use the top of shot glasses to get a perfectly round shape. Cook for 20-30 minutes.

Sweet Potatoes Dogs Training Treats

One of the best veggie dog training treats is sweet potatoes fries. Actually, sometimes I eat them myself they are really delicious! Get sweet potatoes, coconut oil, turmeric, and cinnamon(optional).

Cut the sweet potatoes to finger-shaped fries and after that, Mix the coconut oil with turmeric and pour it on them. Sprinkle the cinnamon over the sweet potato fingers and put them in the oven for about 30-50 minutes

Frozen Apple-Yogurt Treat

This is one of the dog training treats that doesn’t need to be cooked at all. Get two apples, one cup of plain yogurt and ice trays.

Cut the apples for small pieces and mix it with the yogurt then put them on the ice trays and finally put the trays in the freezer. After a couple of hours, your yummy treat should be ready. Frozen Apple-yogurt cubes would be great on hot summer days.

Cheesy Bone like Treat

I adore making this cheesy bone-like treat, it just doesn’t make your kitchen smells heavenly good, it will make your dog a permanent resident in the kitchen, good luck of getting him/her out of the kitchen!

You will need four cups of flour, two cups of grated cheese, oil and water. Mix all the flour, cheese and some oil on a bowl and then add water to it. Now cut the mixture to bone shaped small biscuits and put them in the oven.

This recipe would take a lot of time in the oven, about 2-3 hours but it is totally worth the wait!

Apple-Cinnamon Dog Training Treat

Make a little change in your dog’s regular flavors and spice it up with this delicious apple cinnamon recipe. This one also is one of those treats that will grace you with a heavenly smell in the kitchen, so be prepared for your dog’s stay at the kitchen.

Get one cup of quick oatmeal, 1/2 cup of apple sauce, one egg, and a punch of cinnamon. Get all the ingredients in one bowl and mix them, then put it on the oven for 25 minutes.

Do you think that’s all the dog training treats we have? ah-ah we still plenty of them to share with you!

Gluten Free dog Training Treat

If you have got a dog that is allergic to grains this recipe is perfect for your canine friend. Get oat or rice flour, two bananas, and peanut butter. Mix them together, cut the dough into sizable pieces, put them for 25 minutes in the oven and here you are about to get your dog gluten-free dog treat.

Apple-Ginger Dog Training Treat

This is another recipe for dogs with grain allergies that is tasty and east to be made. Bring one cup of brown rice flour, the same amount of diced apples, 2/3 cup of Greek yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and the same amount of coconut oil.

Wondering if you could use coconut oil for another thing than food? Check Can You Brush Dog Teeth with Coconut Oil? to know more about how to use coconut oil for your dog’s dental care.

Combine all the items you get together, cut into pieces and put in the oven for 25 minutes.

Carrot- Apple Dog Training Treat

If your dog loves apple and carrots you sure need to try this recipe out. Get one cup of flour. 1 cup of carrots(grated), 1/2 cup of apple sauce, and one egg. Mix mix mix and put in the oven for 35-5- minutes and give your pooch a yummy dog training treat.

Dog Training Treat for Dogs with Diabetes

If your pooch is diabetic, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t have treats like other dogs, you just need to find the kind of treats that suit his health case and everything should be great. This recipe is considered also from the healthy dog treats for dogs with such a case.

You will need 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour(careful with the gluten level though), half a cup of beef liver cut into small portions, and two eggs. Mix the items together, cut into reasonable portions and put the tray in the oven. After 15 minutes, your diabetic treat is ready to be served.

Dog Training Treats; Chew Toys

Dog training treats shouldn’t be always food, chew toys are also a great item that could be a great treat for your dog. It is not only a funny and approachable treat but it also helps in scratching any building tartar on the dog’s teeth which will help in maintaining the dog’s dental care.

Best Dog Training Treats; Healthy Treats and More! |

Try our Interactive Chew Toy it is great for amusing your dog and keep him/her busy for a good amount of time. It comes in a suitable shape and size, our chew toy also is bite resistant and helps in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and massage their gums with the rubber bristles on it.

You can also fill it with treats for a fun and more pleasant time for your dog playing with the chew toy, with a reward coming out every once in a while.

Don’t Use This Dog Training Treat!

Don’t give your dog chocolate, raisins, any food that contains onion, food that has caffeine in it, fatty and salty food. All these types of food are considered toxic for dogs, so try to keep them away from your dog’s food and never use them as dog training treats.

Don’t use too hard dental bone-like chews as they could break your dog’s teeth or injury his gums due to excess toughness, they also could cause gastrointestinal which is considered fatal for large breeds.

Don’t use rawhide or treats made of pig ears as they have chemicals embedded in their manufacturing and also they are rich with fats that make dogs more prone to obesity.

In a nutshell

Choosing the best dog training treat for dogs may need a lot of considerations, but it is all for the sake of your canines’ overall health. Choose the best dog training treat according to your dog’s shape, size, obesity rate and the flavor he/she prefers the most.

Share with us what is the most doggie treat that your dogs prefer and how did you notice his obsession with this specific dog treat.

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