Do Collars Bother Dogs?

Do Collars Bother Dogs? |

I got my dog this new collar for Christmas, and he loved it! Did he? Do dogs like their collars? Do they enjoy wearing collars? Do they like putting it around their throat 24/7? or, Do collars bother dogs?

Do Collars bother Dogs? Dogs’ collars are incredibly important for dogs to ensure safety and relief for both of you. However, if we are going to answer this question straight forward, we can say that yes, on some occasions they do. To be perfectly honest, it is annoying to have something tied to your neck all day and night, however, if you focused on how long he wears it, and what kind of collars he is wearing, the answer of the ‘Do Collars bother Dogs?’will be no.

Having a four-legged friend is such a blessing; working up every day knowing that someone cares about you, loves you, and is waiting for you. What if you are hurting him/her without knowing? What if you never asked yourself Do collars bother dogs or not?

Do collars bother dogs?

Collars are an essential part of the dog’s ownership. You can’t walk your dog without his/her collar, you can’t go biking with your dog without a collar (if you are wondering how to go biking with your dog, and which collars are best for this kind of activity, check this article), and you can’t play with your dog in a public place without making sure that he/she has his collar on, just in case something wrong happened and you need to pull him/her closer.

However, there are times when the collar can harm your dog.

Do collars bother dogs? In those four situations; YES.

1- Suffocation.

Dogs are very active animals. It is very hard to predict what your dog is going to do next and why. Will he/she try to jump over the fence, doe he/she got zoomies, so he/she is suddenly running everywhere (If you don’t know what zoomies are, and how to deal with it. Check this link), or something grabbed his/her attention, so he ran towards it without paying much attention to the collar.

Therefore, in those times, yes, collars can bother your dog. In fact, collars can be extremely dangerous, too. Because, if you are not paying attention, all these jumping, running, and chasing can lead to suffocation.

2- Skin Irritation.

A too tight collar to your dog’s neck can make him/her suffer from various forms of skin irritations. Chafed skin is, most probably, one of the most common skin problems that are caused by too-tight collars, that is literally been rubbing your dog’s neck for too long.

Chafing most common symptoms are hair loss in the neck area, where the rubbing been happening, redness, and a really annoyed dog.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that there is a space to put your finger between the collar and your dog’s neck. Also, if you got him/her a new collar, you need to observe if he/she is comfortable wearing it or he/she keep trying to remove it because It can contain a material that causes skin irritation to him/her and you don’t know. In that case, check with his/her vet, to make sure that you are using the right collar for yor dog.

3- Neck damage.

Do collars bother dogs? In some cases, collars can damage dog’s neck. If your dog is so uncomfortable with his/her collar that he/she keep keep pulling his/her neck hard to get rid of it. It can cause him/her a serious damage to his/her neck.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your dog is comfortable wearing his/her collar, and that can be easy by training him/her and helping him/her to get used to it. (If you don’t know how to train your dog to wear and walk in a leash, check this link)

Also, some dog owners, prefer using shock collars, which is not the best collars to use on a dog, but some dog owners prefer using it because it allows them to control their dogs more, especially if they have big dogs.

But, if you are going to use a shock collar on your dog, at least use it right to not cause your dog any harm, or any neck problems. (If you are wondering how to use a dog shock collar, read this article)

4- Discomfort.

Dogs has the right to feel comfortable while they are at home, walking, running or playing. They have the right to feel comfortable everywhere and anytime. So, if you found that the collar you bought your dog puts him/her in general discomfort, you need to think of changing it.

Remember, you are responsible for him/her and his/her comfort. So, be there for your dog, and take your time while choosing the perfect collar for your dog.

Do collars bother dogs?

Do collars bother dogs? With those four tips; NO.

To choose the perfect collar for your dog, you need to understand that there are some things you need it to be there, and other things you need to stay away from.

1- Collar type.

Collar type is the most important thing you need to take care of once you decided that you are going to buy your dog a collar. So, first, you need to decide wether you want a flat collar, dog harness, shock collar, or another collar.

And choosing the right collar depends on why you are buying the collar itself and how big is your dog, so if you don’t know how to choose your dog’s collar by yourself, ask a professional.

2- Appropriate width.

The collar width for your dog’s neck determines the pressure your dog will feel around his/her neck and while pulling the leash. Therefore the width of the collar can’t be too tight that hurts your dog’s neck, and also can’t be too loose that it gets out of your dog’s neck.

Therefore, you need to measure your dog’s neck while he/she is standing, and place two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck, if it fits properly, you have the appropriate collar width for your dog.

3- Fur type.

Fur type is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying a collar for your dog. Because, if your dog has a thick coat you need to measure your dog’s neck after his/her hair cut, so you can get the appropriate collar width, and don’t get confused with the volume of the coat.

Another reason why it is super important to put dog’s fur type into consideration is that you don’t want your dog’s fur to be pulled in the collar every single time your dog’s moves, which will make your dog uncomfortable.

4- Choose wisely.

Choosing the right collar depends on the quality of the collar and its material, not its price. Therefore, while choosing the right collar, don’t pick the most expensive, assuming that it is the best. Go with what fits your dog more, and what you feel that it is best for him/her.

Also, you can check with your friends who already bought their dogs the collars that fit them the most and ask for a professional opinion before getting your dog his/her new collar.

Dog’s collars are not just an accessory that makes your dog look nicer and cooler. Dog’s collars are something that will be around your dog’s neck for a very long time, choose wisely.

Do Collars Bother Dogs? |
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Related Questions:

What is the purpose of the dog collar?

A dog collar is an essential rounded piece that is put around the dog’s neck to make it easier for the dog owner to train his/her dog to walk on a leash, train him/her to do some tricks or to control him/her while he/she is outdoors.

Another amazing thing that dog collars offer is that it helps you put an ID to your dog, so you don’t lose him/her anywhere.

How do I know that my dog likes his/her collar?

Well, if your dog is not trying to pull the collar off, crying or trying to reach it with his/her jaw to cut it; he/she is fine.

But, if you bought your dog doing any of the above, and you saw that he is not in the mood; he doesn’t want to play, he wants to sit alone and not interested in anything. You should check his/her collar you might have got your dog the wrong size.

Should puppies wear a collar?

Yes, You just need to make them take their time getting used to it. Be patient while you are trying to introduce your puppy to the leash for the first time, let him/her play with it till he/she feels safe while holding it, then try to put it around his/her neck.

If your dog didn’t accept it at first, it is okay. Try more than one time, and every time you put the collar around your dog’s neck and he/she kept it give him/her a treat. By the time, your puppy will get used to it.

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Now, why don’t you tell us about the first time you tried to put a collar on your puppy? For me, I had to chase my dog for 15 mins, because he thought we were playing.

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