What Are The Different Types Of Cat Breeds?

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Everyone has a favourite, so what are your favourite types of cat breeds?

Big cat breeds are just as loveable as their smaller versions. All the types of different cat breeds have unique ears, eyes or other features that set them apart from the rest of the feline kingdom.

I think everyone remembers that moment in the second Shrek movie where puss-in-boots takes off his iconic hat and gives the audience the biggest, roundest, most adorable eyes you have ever seen.

Even when they are usually referred to as puppy eyes, there are several types of cat breeds that can look just as adorable.

Just like with people or other animals, we shouldn’t shame them for their unique looks. Instead, we should celebrate their uniqueness and quirky adorableness. This is why I tried to include long-haired cat breeds, short-haired cat breeds and even a no hair cat breed.



big cat breeds Persian cat
Green-eyed Persian cat

Starting our list of types of cat breeds off with a fan favourite. They are not only known for their long/haired fluffy fur coat that comes in various colours, but also for their very round eyes.

There are so many descendants from this breed, that I could write a whole article only about them.

Persians are a good breed to include into your family as they are calm and can add a relaxing vibe to your home.



2. Bengal

big  cat breeds Bengal cat
Look at the Bengal cats’ stunning eyes

And we are returning to one of my favourite cat breeds of all time. This truly multi-talented big cat breed is a hybrid between an Asian leopard and domestic house cats. They are best known for their adventurous, “dog-like” character and their intense loyalty towards owners

Bengals are also one of the few big cat breeds with big and stunning eyes. I mean check it out! They have definitely earned their spot on this list of types of cat breeds.



big cat breeds

3. Sphinx cat

big cat breeds Sphinx cat

This cat breed is awesome. Not only can people suffering from cat allergies finally own cats problem free, but they also have some of the most intense eyes I have ever seen. The only thing bigger than the sphinx’s eyes (and heart of course) is their ears.

However, their ears are super sensitive-just like most other cats- so please take care around them.

They pretty much capture you in their golden disks and dont stop loving you anymore.

big cat breeds

4. Abyssinian

types of cat breeds abyssinian
Two cute Abyssinian cats.

First of all, they are loyal and affectionate cats. They are pretty smart as well, which means you and your kids can easily teach them some tricks.

Abyssinians are a popular breed thanks in large part to their unusual intelligence and generally extroverted, playful, willful personalities. Please beware that they may become depressed without constant activity and the attention from you.

These unique felines are top notch athletes and acrobats. A true outdoor cat that is very curious and adventurous.

Their sandy brown fur coat is good camouflage in the wild. Like most other cats on this list, their key features are their big ears and eyes. Don’t they just look adorable?

big cat breeds

5.Russian blue

types of cat breeds Russian Blue
A sleepy Russian Blue.

What is there more to say about these beauties? They are probably one of the top big cat breeds in terms of colours. No one can resist their grey-bluish fur coats that are just soooo soft.

Additionally, Russian blues are considered hypoallergenic cats, just like their Sphinx relatives above.

Furthermore, these cats are intelligent, curious and highly-athletic. So if you are looking for an multi-talented addition to your household: here they are!

big cat breeds

6. Oriental Shorthair

big cat breeds Oriental shorthair  cat
An Oriental Shorthair mum with her kittens

I personally think this type of big cat breeds deserves a better name. These cats have a very defined head shape, almost like a triangle. They are loving cats and it is best to keep them in pairs or groups as they re not solo cats.

There eyes are usually green and almond-shaped.

Furthermore, I simply love how bat-like these felines look. when I was younger I always wanted one,so these are really awesome.

Lats but not least, these adorable cats retain a kitten-like behaviour throughout their entire lives. Oriental Shorthairs are athletic and enjoy playing fetch. They are all so active!

7.Cornish Rex.

big cat breeds Cornish Rex
Big ears and big eyes all in one adorable cat.

This intersting cat breed has a galloping run and is intelligent and curious. They tend to keep a kittenish nature throughout their entire lives, which is a great trait to have in a cat.

Due to their light coats, they like to stay indoors. dry and warm climates suit them the best. Often you might find one of those cuties curled up around heaters, computers or even your shoulders! This is done to preserve heat and keep themselves warm.

They have no hair except for down hair-unlike most other cat breeds. Despite some beliefs, Cornish Rex cats are NOT hypoallergenic.

big cat breeds


8. Savannah cat

big cat breeds Savannah Cat
(Credit: Wikipedia)

I think the Savannah cat deserves a special spot on this list of types of cat breeds due to their unique bodies in general. Even though they are on the rather light side of big cat breeds, they are massive.

Sometimes this cat can reach your knee height.

As seen in the picture above, this curious and very loyal cat will follow you around the house. They also love socialising with people, dogs, cats and everyone else honestly. They fetch and walk on a leash, if trained to do so.

Another little fact about Savannah cats: they love water. sometimes they will even want to go into the bathtub with you.

I even wrote an article dedicated to these sleek felines alone, as they have so much to write about.

9. Balinese

An amazing Balinese

Is it just me or are these cats getting prettier and cuter every single time?

First of all, the Balinese is a long-haired cat breed that resembles the Siamese. Both have a majorly white fur coat that ends in either creme, brown, or gray colouration. They are known as long-haired Siamese cats.

Furthermore, they have stunning sapphire blue eyes.

Similar to their Siamese ancestors, Balinese are sociable, vocal, playful, inquisitive, and an intelligent breed. Additionally, they are also said to be notably acrobatic. They love spending time with their owners.




So, this was my take on different types of cat breeds around the world. Whenever I write something, I try to include as many cats from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. I mostly do this so that we can all learn more about the world and see cats in all their shapes and sizes.

Interested in some common cat breeds, or even in some rare cat breeds? Feel free to read these articles that I wrote about them. If you have any specific breed of cat you are interested in or want to share a personal pet story, let me know in the comments. Read you next time!

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