Bombay Cat: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Bombay Cat: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet |

Oh God, look at those coppery eyes and short black hair. No, they’re not a panther! They’re an exotic breed of cats that do resemble the black leopard, and they’re called the Bombay cats!

The Bombay cat breed is an interesting, stunning looking breed that is known for their intelligence and sensitive personality. They make a unique combination between looks and personality that set them as the most desired cat breed of all times.

After reading this post, you’ll know a lot of things about this amazing breed, so without further ado, let us start talking about the Bombay cat!

Bombay Cat: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet |

Everything You Need to Know about Bombay Cat!

Bombay cats are known for their rich short black hair that make them one of the most stunning black cat breeds. Here, we collected all the information you need to know about the Bombay cats and some interesting Bombay cat facts. So, are you ready? Perfect, let’s dive in!

  • Their History

The Black Bombay Cats were first bred by the late Nikki Horner, an American breeder who was the first to create the Bombay cat back in the late 50s by selectively breeding a Black American Shorthair who has a rich eye color and a Grand Champion sable Burmese.

You can see how selective Nikki was. Not only did she pick two specific breeds that had the characteristics that she was looking for, but she chose the most unique cats of both breeds to create a mini leopard looking cats.

Bombay Cat

Horner desired a cat that resembled the wild Black Panther in terms of looks, but that wasn’t wild at heart. After a long journey of line and outcross breeding, Horner was finally able to create what she has desired for a very long time, the Bombay Cat.

She named the breed that because it was the Black Leopard of India that inspired her to create this cat breed.

  • Their Personality

The Bombay cat’s personality makes them very interesting among all of the other black cats. These medium-sized black cats are very curious, active, and very adaptive; they amazingly can adapt to changes at any age. It is absolutly miraclous and mindblowing how capable these medium sized creatures are.

The young Bombay cats are also active and curious. The Bombay kittens love to stare in wonder at their surroundings like they’re living in their own fancy world.

They also love exploring anything and everything, and they tressure and enjoy their playtime. The best part is that Bombay cats are very affectionate and can become very needy.

They have this funny habit of jumping on their human’s lap just to show them how much they love them very often.

Bombay cats perfectly go along with children, so they make the perfect choice for cat owners with children. However, please note that they may become super clingy and ask for non-stop attention. They also don’t like being left alone for a long time.

  • Their Characteristics

Bombay cats are extremely sensitive and smart animals. These gorgeous black cats won’t do well if they are mistreated, neglected or abused.

Bombay cat

Thus, if any form of training needs to be done, make sure you do it in a positive, lighthearted way. If they ever do something wrong like pottying outside of their potty area, never yell or punish them.

  • Their Eyes

The second most stunning, unique feature of the Bombay cat breed is definitely their eyes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because we’ve already mentioned earlier that Horner specifically used a Black American Shorthair cat who has a rich eye color to create the Bombay breed.

This breed is divided into two types based mainly on their eye color. The American Bombay cats have eyes of orange or honey color, while the British Bombay cats have more various options varying from golden to coppery colors. All of which are absolutly stunning and unique.

This is the easiest way to tell the difference between the two Bombay cat breed types. After reaching the age of four months, a Bombay kitten’s eyes will start to take the rich color of copper or orange.

  • Their Coat

We’ve talked about how the second-most stunning feature of a Bombay cat is their eyes. Well, we’ll now talk about their number one best feature, which is definitely their shiny, short, thick and black hair.

In order to keep their beautiful coat shiny, healthy and stunning, we have to feed them a healthy diet.

This cat breed sheds very minimally. Petting them regularly and brushing them twice a week is all you need to do to remove any loose hair and keep their coat healthy.

  • Their Body Structure

The Bombay cat breed is a little heavy and they have a short, stout nose. Their ears are rounded and long just like most other cat’s.

The average weight of a Bombay cat is around three to six Kg. The male cat weighs a bit more than the females. Their life span’s average is approximately between thirteen to fifteen years.

  • Their Health

The Bombay cats are known to be a healthy breed. However, they have a risk of a genetic disease, which is a craniofacial defect. This defect can sometimes be seen in newborn kitten.

The Bombay breed is also prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy more than other cat breeds. This is a common type of heart diseases in cats. They could also experience eye tearing and respiratory issues because of their faces’ flat structure.

  • Their Living Conditions

The Bombay cats are known for their loving personality that makes them very friendly and super cuddly. They can adapt easily to almost any living conditions in a short period.

Bombay Cat

They are very capable of being surrounded by many children or other pets. That is what makes them one of the best cat breeds to be adopted by a family household.

They’ll capture their family’s attention, including pets, in a short pertiod of time.

  • Special Requirements

This friendly breed just loves talking with their people, and they don’t hesitate to ask for more attention. They’re attention seekers, so make sure you’re capable of showering with love and playtime sessions before you adopt one.

Like I mentioned previously, their coats don’t require much attention. They don’t shed a lot. All you need to do is frequently pat them and brush their hair twice a weak to keep their gorgoues black coat healthy.

Bombay Cat: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet |

Are Bombay cats hypoallergenic?

Well, Bombay cats are not hypoallergenic. In fact, no cat is. However, they are considered shed less than the other cat breeds.

Bombay cats are very interesting creatures to live with, and the more you spend time with them, the more you will fall in love with them. They honestly deserve to be considered as the world’s most desired cat breed because of they combine great personality and gorgeous looks.

They don’t only a beautiful cat breed, but they are also brilliant, active, funny and adaptive cats among all of the other breeds. Looking to get a new pet? Maybe you should also take a look at these 5 lovely cat breeds that you should open your door to.

Bombay Cat: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet |

That’s it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed learning more about this amazing cate breed. As always, if you have any questions, then feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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