The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For


Wild cats are gorgeous; however, domestic cat breeds will always have a special place in our hearts. We’re so lucky to have domestic felines walking this earthy because I honestly can’t imagine my house without a cat.

They bring so much joy and glee into our lives, which is why I decided to create this list.

Lets start our article with a little trivia about the longest domestic cat breed!

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic Cat Breeds: Meet the longest cat breed

The Maine Coon cat is the longest domestic cat breed, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the current longest domestic cat, the second-longest, and even the former longest domestic cat belong to that breed.

The current longest domestic cat in the world is called Barivel. He is three feet and eleven inches long (120 cm). To put this in perspective, Barivel is longer than a baseball bat!!! He lives with his adoptive parents in Italy, which makes sense since his name means a joker or a clown in local Italian dialect.

The second longest domestic cat is Ludo. This Maine Coon lives in the UK and is 3 ft 10.6 inches long. Ludo is so huge that he needs a dog carrier in order to travel around in.

Let us not forget about the former longest domestic cat. Mymains Stewart Gilligan or Stewie, a grey tabby Maine Coon, was the previous world record holder. He was 4 ft 0.5 inches long and a certified therapy animal. Unfortunately, he passes away in 2013 due to cancer.

All three of these cats are record-holders according to the Guinness World Records book.

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: The Maine Coon breed

First things first, the Maine Coon breed is the number one largest domestic cat breeds worldwide. This impressive feline is well known for their social and calm nature, which has earned them their nickname the gentle giant”.

Domestic cat cat breeds Maine Coon
A rare black Maine Coon

There are two “accepted” versions of the Maine Coon’s origin story. One is that they are the descendants of Marie Antoinette’s felines that came to America when she tried to escape France. Despite the French noble being unable to make it, her cats had survived the journey across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in North America.

The second origin story says that the Maine Coons are the offsprings of Captain Charles Coon’s, an English Seafarers’, cats who mated with local feral cats, thus creating this large cat breed.

As you can see in the picture above, this breed has a very distinctive head shape. They are also very intelligent, and thus the Maine Coon breed is amazing!

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: The Bombay breed

The more I learn about this cat breed, the more I am convinced that our elder cat must be at least 50% Bombay!

domestic cat breeds Bombay cat
A loveable Bombay cat

Named after the beautiful Indian city, this cat breed is a miniature version of a black panther. They have black soles, noses, and mouths as well as a shiny black coat. Their beautiful coppery and greenish eyes are other unique aspects of this amazing breed.

Bombays are extremely loving cats who want to show you every day how much they love you. However, they may tend to have that one special person in their lives that they love a little bit more than anyone else (that would be my husband in our case.)

Additionally, they are an active black cat breed who loves children and enjoys engaging in mind-engaging games.

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: The Savannah breed

Despite their wild appearance, the Savannah cat is actually a domestic cat breed.

Domestic cat breeds Savannah cat
A Savannah cat

The Savannah cats are a hybrid cat breed; they are the offspring of a domestic cat and a serval cat (an African wildcat). Sometimes, a Savannah cat can be so tall that they can reach your knee.

This curious and very loyal cat breed will follow you around the house. They also love socializing with people, dogs, cats, and everyone else. You can train them to fetch and walk with a leash as well!

Just like with children, some Savannah cat breeds will turn out to be extremely shy and anti-social if you isolate them. If that happens, they might even hiss at strangers or people that they have just met.

However, they’re mostly out-going and social cats. They actually like making new friends, so you have to continuously encourage them to be more social.

Another little fact about Savannah breed is that they love water. Sometimes, they will even want to go into the bathtub with you.

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: Meet the smallest domestic cat in history

According to Guinness World Records, the smallest cat ever recorded was actually a male blue point Himalayan-Persian. His name was Tinker Toy.  He was measured to be only 7 cm tall and 19 cm long when fully grown at the age of two and a half years.

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: The Devon Rex breed

If I could be a cat, I would probably want to be this one. This type of domestic cat breed is known to be very intelligent and capable of learning difficult tricks. However, it is rather hard to motivate this amazing feline.

The Devon Rex is a slender, big-eared breed with a unique wavy coat, similar to the Cornish Rex’s.

This breed has been described as “a monkey in a catsuit” due to their mischievous, playful and outgoing nature. Devon Rex cats can perform many “canine” tricks such as fetch, heel and they can even be trained to walk on a leash.

Additionally, if you are looking for a cute companion to cuddle with, look no further! If this cat imprints on you, they will love you unconditionally for the rest of their life.

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

Domestic cat breeds: The Siamese breed

Last but not least, let us talk about one of the most well known and beloved domestic cat breeds.

Domestic cat breeds Siamese kitten
An adorable Siamese kitten

These small and elegant felines are especially loved for their sky blue eyes and creme fur coats; they also have a “tip-coloration”.

Similar to the Devon Rex, they imprint on one person and are known to have rather dog-like behaviour. They are known to be intelligent and socially mature cats.

One of their main features is their distinct “meow“, which has been compared to the sound of a crying little baby.

According to Marge Naples in This is the Siamese Cat, 2nd edition 1978, this breed embodies a mixture of the panther’s grace, the deer’s speed, the tiger’s strenght, the dog’s affection, and a lion’s courage.

If this doesn’t make you want to get this domestic cat breed cat, then I don’t know what will.

Feel free to read these articles if you are interested to read more about extraordinary cat breeds amd long-haired cat breeds!

The 5 Best Domestic Cat Breeds You Should Open Your Door For |

I think wild cats are fascinating. Their sharp claws and fangs, speed, and calculated movements when they’re hunting definitely has a certain appeal to me. It reminds of the cats’ primal ancestors that roam the jungles and savannahs.

On the other paw, domestic cat breeds are the fun-sized equivalent of that! You can cuddle up with them whenever the two of you want to, you can take them on walks, and you can even raise them to be apart of your family.

What do you think? Which domestic cat breed is your favorite? Let me know your thought in the comments down below. Read you next time!

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