7 Extraordinary Different Cat Breeds

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Different cat breeds from all over the globe are in town to amaze you!

No, but seriously. As people we greatly celebrate our uniquenesses, so why shouldn’t we do the same with our cats?

Whether they weigh more than a small child, they love water or have water-resistant fur, can climb rocks, or have different coloured eyes, these next couple of differnet cat breeds are surely going to peak your interest.



1.Japanese Bobtail

Different cat breeds Japanese bobtails
(Credit: Kurisumasu)

Most of my family and friends know this little fact about me: I want to move to Japan one day.

I have been wanting to move there ever since I was teenager.

However, I have only found out recently about this special Different cat breed. Also known as Japanese sstreet cats, these felines are famous for having a bunny-like tail.

How they got this rather mundane name is pretty interesting.


In 1602, Japanese authorities decided that all cats that had come from overseas should be set free. This was done so that they could help deal with the rodents threatening the nation’s silkworm population, and therefore a pretty important industry during that time.

At that time, buying or selling cats was illegal which later on lead to Bobtails becoming the beloved street cats of Japan.


Due to their need to express their emotions very vocally,and on many octaves, these felines are incorporated into many folktales that claim they can sing!

They are also the inspiration to this little porcelain artwork:

Different cat breed Japanese bobtails figurine
“beckoning cat” a well-known Japanese item

Furthermore, these cats are also known to be extremely prone to heterochromia, a genetic eye mutation that I will go into more details with below.

In conclusion: if you wanted a cat with more bunny features: here it is.



2.Norwegian Forest Cat

Different cat breeds Norwegian forest cats
A stunning Norwegian forest cat

As their name may suggest, these beautiful forest dwelling creatures are naturally outdoor cats. However, they can be trained to be indoor cats. Their claws are sharp enough to climb stone.

They are well known to have a top coat with glossy long water shedding hair and a woolly undercoat They are adept to live in the cold climates of Northern Europe.


This mighty large cat breed was referred to as “skogkatt” in old Nordic legends. The “skogkatt” is a “mountain-dwelling fairy cat with an ability to climb sheer rock faces that other cats could not manage”. Nowadays, this name is often used by certain breeders and organizations when referring to this cat.

This definitely makes them one of the most interesting of Different cat breeds.



3.Maine Coon

Different cat breeds Maine Coon
LOL, look at this goof stuck in the bokkshelf


Different cat breeds Maine Coon 2
a variety of Maine Coons

Is it its massive size that makes it so special?

Or is it the fact that this children-loving cat has water-repellent fur?

Well, both to be honest.

Not only are these felines known to be the largest cat breed on earth, but they are also extremely good with other housemates. That includes dogs, other cats and children.


They are often referred to by their nickname “the gentle giant” due to their large size and calm and loving demenour.

Two of the more “accepted” origin stories are that they are the descendant from Marie Antoinette´felines that had come to America when she tried to escape France. Even if the royal French noble had been less successful, her cats had survived the journey across the Atlantic Ocean and settled in North America just fine.

Another one talks about them being the offspring from Captain Charles Coon’s, an English Seafarers´, cats that mated with local feral cats to create this large cat breed.



4. Bengal

 Different cat breeds Bengal cats
Two Bengal cats smooching

Have you ever wanted a cat that was…like a dog or a dog that was little bit more feline?

Well, here you go. The Bengal cat is basically both to put it shortly.

Bengal cats are awesome. They are fiercely loyal with an overwhelming amount of positive energy packed into their small bodies.


They are one of my personal favourite Different cat breeds.

You love going to the Forest? These cats are all up for going on a long hike.

Beach vacation? They love water! Truly this cat is one of the Best Cat Breeds that an active and out-going person could ask for.


However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t up for cuddles. Getting warm and cosy around the chimney with you is definitely one of their favourite pastimes.



5.Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a semi-long-haired breed of domestic cat, which was developed in the United Kingdom from a selection of cats obtained from various cities of modern Turkey.

This breed is rare and is easily recognizable by the Van pattern, which was named after them. This means that the colour is restricted to the head and the tail.

Thus, the rest of the cat is white, which is due to the expression of the piebald white spotting gene.

Furthermore,these cats have a high probability of inheriting heterochromic eyes.

They are then referred to as odd-eyed cats and in recent years many people have come to appreciate their unique looks.

Their eyes are usually amber and blue.

Different cat breeds Turkish Van
An adoable Turkish Van kitten with heterochromic eyes

Heterochromic cats

Heterochromia is a genetic mutation of the eye, where eye colours are different from one another.

Not only is it a much more common phenomenon nowadays, people actually start appreciating cats with this little beauty mark a bit more.

Different cat breeds Heterochromia
Heterochromia in cats

If your cat is super unique and special and you have any pictures to show, leave them in the comments for me. What do you think makes a cat Different?

If you are interested in learning more about long-haired cat breeds and why you should get one, read this.

Read you next time!

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