Long Haired Cat Breeds: Why You Should Get One

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Long haired cat breeds? YES, pleaaaase!

Long haired cat breeds have always been a staple of royalty in the ancient world. From the far eastern Asian countries, the Persian Peninsula or the cold Scandinavian countries. Their long, luxiorious fur simplyemits ellegance and compels one to stroke them.


Nowadays, long-haired cat breeds are thankfully ab it more available for the average cat lover. Otherwise, you and I probably wouldn’t have some of our favourite felines by our side.



Long haired cat breeds Persian
Can you say no to this little cutie?

Is any list truly ever complete without this beautiful feline around?

Persians aren’t only beautiful, they are also one of the best Long haired cat breeds to own if you have boisterous children. Many people worry that getting long haired cats may not be the best chioce if their little ones have grabby hands.

However, worry not.They have a friendly and calm nature and can be very patient.

Being a true favourite, they are not only known for their long haired fluffy fur coat that comes in various colours. Their very large and very round eyes are just adding to their cuteness level.




2. Maine Coon

Long haired cat breeds Maine Coon
Maine Coon

This gentle giant definitelydeserves this spot on the list. An all-around talent and a huuuuge hugger with thick, long fur? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Additionally, they are one of the largest cat breeds in the world, which are well-known for their unique facial structure.

They live well with dogs and other pets. Whether this is mainly because of their calm nature or their large sizes, I am not sure.

This type of long haired cat breeds has a water repellent coat, so if the kids are on your mind once more… I got you.

Last but not least, Maine coons are intelligent cats. They have even made it into the Guinness World Records book.



3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Long haired cat breeds Norwegian forest cat
A Norwegian Forest CAt

Remember how I mentioned that long haired cat breeds are the stuff of legends and royalty? The legendary Nordic “Skogkatt” , is supposed to be a type of fairy cat that can do thing that no other cats can.

Furthermore, their claws are strong enough to climb effortlessly on rocks and stone.

Yep, you heard that right.

Well, while the first statement is purely a myth of the ancients, the second one is very much true.

Norwegian Forest Cats are incredibly strong and interesting cats.
Furthermore, they are primarily outdoor cats as they are close to nature and well it is in their name.

However, they can be trained to live indoors and their social nature makes them valuable family members. They get along with children well, too.


4. Balinese

Long haired cat breeds Balinese 2
(Credit: provenancecats)

Is it just me or are these cats getting prettier and cuter every single time?

First of all, the Balinese is a long haired cat breed that resembles the Siamese. Both have a majorly white fur coat that ends in either creme, brown, or gray colouration. They rae known as long haired Siamese cats.

Furthermore, they have stunning sapphire blue eyes.

Similar to their Siamese ancestors, Balinese are sociable, vocal, playful ,inquisitive, and an intelligent breed.

Additionally, they are also said to be notably acrobatic. They love spending time with their owners.




long haired cat breeds Ragdoll Cat 2
ONE cutie…
Long haired cat breeds Ragdoll Cat
…TWO cuties!!

Like many other large cat breeds on this list, Ragdolls are a stunning long haired cat breed. White and creme or grey fur, as well as crystal blue eyes, are the standard for this beautiful breed.

Ragdolls are affectionate, intelligent, gentle, and an easy-to-handle lap cats that love following you from room to room.

As their name may suggest,Ragdoll cats go completely limp when picked up. While many people may find this adorable, I dont exactly.

However, there is good news! In recent years, breeders in the UK have tried to “breed out” the limpness of Ragdolls, as they say, it may not be in the best interest of the cats.




Long haired cat breeds Birman 2
A golden Birman
Long haired cat breeds Birman
Feeding this cute Birman

Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, this long haired cat breed sports a few unique features.

Usually, they are claimed to have originated as the companions of temple priests in northern Burma in the Mount of Lugh.

Birmans are calm and affectionate felines. They enjoy spending time with their families and being a former temple dweller they love being worshipped with cuddles. 

Furthermore, these cats feature a “gloves and laces” pattern, which meas that they should always have white feet, regardless of their colouration.

Speaking of colouration: they have long-haired, colour-pointed silky fur coats and deep blue eye. Birmans should have four white feet, with a pattern described as “gloves and laces.”



I like giving my own personal thoughts at the end of articles like this. As many of you may know, my and my husband own two amazing and beautiful cats. Our older one is a female black long haired cat named Vanta. We named her after the colour known to absorb light because it is that dark.

Long haired cat breeds lookalie Vanta
This actually looks like Vanta

Our younger one, Ozpin, a male shorthaired, black and white cat was named after a character from one of the series we watch as well as meaning “Warrior” in Japanese. Both of us are great fans of Japan.

Long haired cat breeds Oz lookaliek
Ozpin look-a-like

If you may be wondering what breeds they are, I am afraid I dont know, though I do have my suspicions. But that is a story for next time.

If you have one of these furry friends by your side tell me a little bit about them and whee they got their name from. Or if you have a long haired cat breed post a picture of them in the comments. Read you next time!



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