4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step.

DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to make one of the amazing DIY pet-themed Christmas ornaments. Christmas is almost here with its joyful spirit, peace, and the love that it helps spreading it worldwide. How we can make it even more cheerful?

With spray paint, wood, glue, frames, ribbon and lots of love, you can make your pet-themed Christmas ornaments, at home.

For pets lovers, nothing can compete with amazing DIY pet-themed Christmas ornaments, that reflects how much they love, admire, and appreciate pets in their life, and can feel the love they share with them.

Therefore, those DIY pet-themed Christmas ornaments are not just easy to apply, fun to make and will look amazing on your tree, door, or the shelf. It is also a fun activity that brings the family together. So, let’s see how can we make your home looks absolutely amazing at Christmas this year.

DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments that look store-bought!

1- Frame Ornaments

If you already have some old frames that you are not using anymore, broken and forgotten, or doesn’t fit your new decoration anymore. It is time for bringing that beautiful frame back to life by redecorating it and put it back where it belongs.

Now, get your frame and put it on your dest infant of you, then get your beautiful four-legged friend photo out of your phone, then import it to your laptop and get it printed in the size that will fit your frame. Get your scissors, spray paint, and ribbon.

Let the magic begin.

DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments
How Cute!
Credit: Pinterest

1- You need to cut out the frames into different shapes and sizes.

2- With a small knife, poke the head of the frame to make a small hole at the top of the frame, so you can easily string the ribbon through.

If you need a golden ribbon, I found that one that is very cool, and perfect for the decorative presentation of Christmas and other holiday gifts, too. So, yeah having one can be nice on any occasion.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |

You can find the golden ribbon from HERE, and you can get yourself one for only $2.64, instead of $4.83.

3- Then put some spray on it, and let it dry.

4- After you checked the frame and found that it completely drought, it is time to put the pictures you chose on the frame. You can cut it in different shapes and sizes as you prefer, as long as your pet’s beautiful smile is shown wide and bright.

5- Now, after the frame is colored, the picture is glued and everything is nice and clear. Put the ribbon through the hole you poked in the first step, and tie the loose ends in a knot so you can easily hang it anywhere.

2- Doggie Treats Wreath

This is another amazing and easy to do DIY pet-themed Christmas ornaments, not just because you already have a pet, so you already have 90% of what you need to make this happen. But also because all you need is a piece of cardboard, dog treats (biscuits or bones), ribbon, scissors, tape or glue.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |
Doggie Treats Wreath
Credit: Pinterest.

Let’s do this!

First of all, you need to take this away from your dogs, because it will be almost impossible if you are trying to do this while your dogs are around you. (They will go crazy, and drive you crazy!)

1- Get yourself a piece of old cardboard, maybe you recently bought new shoes or something from Amazon. If you didn’t find one, I believe you can take one from a friend or buy a new one, it won’t cost you much.

2- Cut it into an even circle piece. If you are not sure you can do this evenly, bring a dish and spin around it with a pen, then cut around the circle you marked, to get a perfectly rounded wreath.

3- Use a smaller plate so you can draw a smaller inner circle, leaving enough space for the doggy treat you are going to place in the wreath, then cut it to leave a rounded -empty from inside- circle.

4- Now, take the ribbon you chose and wrap it around the circle to cover up all the cardboard with your favorite wrap color using the glue.

5- Now, position the biscuit or the bone on the circle that is covered with the ribbon we made, and wrap the other ribbon around it tightly so it doesn’t move, but not so tight that it smashes it.

6- Keep repeating that move, and adding the treats until you have it all around.

7- Now, that you put your last piece, tie the ribbing you were using nice and cute.

And, that was it. Now, you have a nice new decoration for your door, a Christmas gift for a friend who owns a dog, or even your own dog; because, as you noticed, we didn’t use any glue, tape or spray to the doggy’s treat itself, so he/she can get his/her Christmas gift, too.

3- Paw Print Keepsake

This one is pretty awesome that I can’t wait to tell you how to do it. For me, and I believe it applies to every dog owner, dog’s paw is a very special part of the dog; not just because of how he/she is so picky of who he/she is going to let touch, and who is not. But, also because once he/she gives you his/her paw, he is letting you know how much he appreciates you and loves you.

So, let’s appreciate our dog’s paw, and make them a paw print keepsake.

DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments
Credit: Pinterest.

First of all, you will need to make sure that you have those items, and if you don’t have any or some of them, I will drop some links to make it easier for you to get.

Let’s make some a Paw Print Keepsake!

First of all, you will need Modeling clay, you can get one from HERE with ONLY $10.49: It doesn’t require oven baking, easy to use, and perfect for all ages). Flatten out the modeling clay, till you make a smooth piece of modeling clay, but keep in mind that you need some depth for the dog’s paw, so don’t go so far.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |

Or, if you prefer colors, here are 48 different colors for non-toxic, good smell, and easy to shape modeling clay, you can get it from HERE with ONLY $13.99.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |

Then, get a round shape cutter, cookie cutting, or knives; anything that will help you cut a perfectly rounded small or big pieces of the modeling clay. If you don’t have one, check the Jamie Oliver 5 Cookie Cutting Set from HERE, and you can get the whole collection 2.2 in, 2.6 in, 3 inches, 3.4 in and 3.8 inches. All cutters are 1.5 inches high at only $11.79.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |

Now, use your fingers or a spoon to remove the extra modeling clay around the circle you made out of it. Then Carry your dog and put his/her paw on the modeling clay you made, and do some gently pressing on the paw while it is on the modeling clay.

After that, you need to poke a place in the modeling clay, away from the paw’s print, so when it gets dry and ready you get the chance to string the ribbon through and hang it anywhere you want.

Later on, after 24 hours, (maybe less, and maybe more so check the instructions before you use any modeling clay) you will have a dry paw, and you will have the chance to move to the next part, which is glittering the modeling clay.

Now you have the chance to choose the perfect color that fits your home decorations, maybe you like to match it with your dog’s collar color (you can read more about collars here and know if your dog enjoys wearing it or not, also if you still don’t know how to buy the perfect collar for your dog, you need to read this article).

So, put some glue on the modeling clay where you want the glitter to stick, then spread the glitter on it and enjoy a perfect, colorful paw hanging on your tree at Christmas.

So far so good? I believe that DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments is not that hard at the end of the day!

4- Puppy paw print flower

All you need here to make an incredible piece of art to hang it on your Christmas tree is your dog’s paw, watercolors, paintbrush, piece of paper, and a ribbon.

Now, put your favorite color on your dog’s paw ( Don’t forget to clean up your dog’s paw immediately after you are done with painting, we don’t want him/her to put that in his/her mouth), bring the piece of paper, and carefully put your dog’s paw on the paper, wait for 2 to 3 seconds, then remove it.

4 DIY Pet-themed Christmas Ornaments Step-by-step. |

After cleaning your dog’s paw, paint around your dog’s paw-printed flower the flowers’ leaf, or any design you prefer. After that hang the paper with a ribbon to the tree, and enjoy having a beautiful puppy paw-printed flower in your house for Christmas.

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