Tick & Flea Removal Tweezers for Dog, Horse, Cat, Pet, Puppies

This pocket-sized tick removal will keep you prepared anytime you catch ticks! 

Usually, tick removal tools cause pain and leave parts of the tick behind under the skin which is seriously dangerous as this infection could lead to Lyme Disease. This Tick & Flea Removal Twist Them Out features the best option ever, twisting and removing the entire tick to reduce infection without causing any pain and in less than 10 seconds! 


Benefits You Get:
  • Remove the Entire Tick with the Twisting Motion


Unlike other tick removal tools in the markets that usually leave part of the tick behind, this Tick & Flea Removal makes the best alternative. It features unique twisting motion to make sure no parts left behind so it takes the entire tick out to minimize the infection’s risk.


  • Take Ticks & Fleas Out Painlessly

Instead of pulling the tick out and causing pain for your pet, your child or even yourself, the twisting motion effectively takes them out without causing any pain and in less than 10 seconds, remember the three magical words “hook, twist & left”.


  • Protect All Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re enjoying outdoor with your pets or family and want to make sure you’re ready for catching ticks, this tick removal will help you quickly remove the embedded tick to reduce the infection’s risk to protect yourself and all your loved ones.


  • Feature Two Sizes

This set offers you two sizes to effectively remove the entire tick to slide it under the tick’s mouthparts even if your pet has thick hair.


  • Perfect for All Outdoor Activities

This pocket-sized, lightweight tool can be perfectly included in your backpack whether you’re enjoying outdoor activities such as; hiking, camping, etc. or you’re traveling to a high-risk country for tick bites to avoid possible infections.


  • Include in First Aid Kit

This is a must-have tool to include in your First Aid Kit whether at home or outdoors so you can get prepared for possible tick incidents.


  • Reduce Infection & Possible Lyme Disease

Squeezing the tick can lead to serious infections that can cause serious diseases like Lyme Disease, but this tool reduces any possible infection by not squeezing or pulling so you can take the entire tick out.


  • Work on Ticks & Fleas of All Sizes

This tool is totally a win-win choice, you’ll not only stay safe of serious infections, but you’ll also have a tool that works on ticks and fleas of all sizes so you can be ready and save money too! Who wouldn’t want to save some extra money, isn’t it?! 

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