Canine Wardrobe Exclusives: Dog Spider Costume for Special Occasions


Halloween, home themed parties, themed photo session or just for the sake of having fun, this dog spider costume is your ideal choice for any of these occasions! Watch your friends jaws drop and everyone's surprised reaction watching your dog literally jumping out of his skin to become a ghostly Tarantula!

Mess with Your Family and Friends On Halloween or Any Other Occasion With This Scary Dog Spider Costume!

Benefits You Get:

  • Premium Quality:The spider dog costume is made of quality fabric to ensure your dog is having a breathable costume that won’t hurt his skin, also, the design of the costume is done taking into consideration your dog’s limps. This spider dog costume is crafted not to be a barrier for your dog in any way so, no limping or confusion while waking.  
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop:The spider dog costume is provided with a highly adjustable hook and loop for preventing the costume from slipping off.
  • Elastic Spider Legs:The cosplay of the spider has flexible legs to guarantee that those legs are moving in tandem and getting the scariest(or funniest) spider physique. 
  • Prank Your Friends:This dog spider costume could be your next trick for your friends! Imagine having a scary giant spider around, how your friends would act? duh. Make sure to get this on tape and don’t forget to use” this is so going on YouTube”.
  • Fool Your Pets:Halloween is not for humans, make sure dogs get their portion of tricks and not only the treats!
  • The Perfect Gift:If you are thinking about an “out-of-the-box” gift for a    family member dog or for a friend’s dog, this would be a great-jaw dropping- one.
Size Chart:S 26-38cm   25cm   

    M 36-41cm   30cm  

    L 45-54cm   35cm


    Please Keep Your Dog Under Supervision While He/She is Wearing This Costume to Avoid Any Unpleasant Accidents.

    The Package Includes Only One Spider Dog Costume

    Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs):

    1. How Should I know This costume will fit my dog or not?

    You could take the sizes of your dog’s first then compare them with those found on the size chart. There are three different sizes available; Small, Medium and large, you could check for the waist and neck sizes at the chart and then decides which one will fit your dog the best.

    2. I had a 5-pound adult toy Pomeranian would, this weighs her down?

    I put this on my 5 lb Chihuahua and it didn't weigh her down a bit.

    3. Are the legs bendable? It says that they are but they don't look like it in the photo.

    Yes, the costume has pliable legs that you can bend to get the shape you have in mind, don’t forget to drop a photo of your dog to us!

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