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This Dog Slow Feeder is all you need to slow down fast eaters! ????????
Calling all dog lovers to check this awesome toy that will entertain your dog and most importantly it will slow down their eating to protect them from any bloating, choking or overeating. The Dog Slow Feeder is a must-have gadget for dog owners who want to keep their furry friends safe!

The Dog Bowl Feeder Benefit:

  • Provide Fun Health Eating

 Dog Bowl toy

This in slow feeder dog bowl will provide your dog with fun healthy eating. The puzzle feeder for dogs is the best way to entertain and stimulate your dog’s mind and to make sure they don’t eat too much.

  • Slow Down Fast Eaters

Vets always say that slow eating is healthier, however, our best four-legged friends have another opinion, don’t they? So, this puzzle feeder for dogs will slow them down to avoid several potential health issues.

  • Prevent Bloating & Choking

Fast eating can cause several health issues for dogs such as bloating and choking that could lead to serious problems. The slow feeder dog bowl will improve digestion by making the dog slow down thanks to the interactive puzzle bowl. In addition, overeating could lead to obesity in dogs but the slow feeder dog bowl will make sure your dog doesn’t eat too much.

  • Alleviate Boredom

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Offering your dog, a puzzle bowl will surely alleviate boredom whenever you’re not at home and will keep them busy and entertained whenever you’re at home busy doing some work.

  • Help Fight Anxiety

Some dogs have a serious separation problem whenever their humans are not around, this Dog Bowl Feeder will help fight anxiety by keeping them distracted having fun.

  • Feature High-Quality Material

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

This 3 in 1 toy is made from durable ABS plastic that is not easy to break off and is totally safe to use around pets.

  • The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Is The Perfect Gift

Treat yourself or someone special with this interactive toy that will keep dogs entertained and safe at the time. It makes the perfect gift for Christmas, New Year’s, birthday or for no reason at all.

FAQs about the Dog Slow Feeder

  • Can small dogs use this fun feeder?

All dogs can use the Dog Slow Feeder because it isn’t limited to a certain kind of breed; it is universal to all dogs.

  • How does the Dog Slow Feeder work?

In order for this fun feeder to be effective, you got to teach your dog how to use it.

  • Steps for your dog when using the Slow Feeder

Step one: Let your dog turn the fun feeder and the food will fall from the leakage holes.

Step two:  When the food falls down in the slow feed dog bowl, it will slow down and you will be able to control how much your dog is eating.

  • Does it help with weight control?

Yes, it can help control your dog’s weight through preventing your dog from eating too much by controlling the portions of food that your dog eats. As a result, this prevents obesity and makes your pet healthy.

  • How does it help you and your dog?

Through the fun feeder, your dog will focus their energy into getting their food. It will be both fun and make your pooch an interactive dog.

It will also help you when you are busy or at work so your dog will have something that they can alleviate their boredom and not make them suffer from separation anxiety.

  • What is the Dog Slow Feeder’s material?

It is made from a high-quality ABS plastic material making it strong and durable; it is not easy to break.

  • Does it pose a danger for your dog?

No, it is, in fact, safe and made it be eco-friendly and non-toxic. Ultimately, it doesn’t pose a threat to your dog.

Also, it doesn’t hurt or hit your dog while they play with it.

  • What color does the Dog Slow Feeder come in?

It comes in the color green only.

  • What is the product size of the product?

The product size of the 32 cm in Length, 25 cm in Width, and 18 cm in Height

  • What is the product’s weight?

It is very light in weight and only weighs about 950 g. This makes it easy to handle where you could easily move it anywhere with ultimate convenience.

You could easily store it anywhere as it doesn’t take up much space.

  •  Is the Dog Slow Feeder being safe in the Dishwasher?

The Dog Slow Feeder is dishwasher safe. This makes it easily put into the dishwasher and cleaned easily.

  • What other features does the funny feeder provide?

It has a different size for the leakage holes so different types of food will fall from the leakage hole.

It also comes with a height adjustment knob in which it is suitable for different dog sizes to eat. So, it doesn’t pose a problem to different types of dogs and breeds.

  • How much food does it hold?

You could put about 1 ¼ cups of food in it and there will still be room for more to be put in.

  • What if your dog is rough with the Dog Slow Feeder?

You could use duct tape in the bottom part which is the gray part to duct tape to a sticking surface.  This happens mainly because the bottom is not very heavy and could be lifted easily.  If you don’t secure the Slow Feeder effectively it can fall down.

  • Will it work on my 8Ibs Maltipoo?

Yes, it will. It can work is height adjustable and can have low and hight height marks on it so you can easily adjust the height.

It will even draw out your dog’s curiosity because it’s something new.

  • Does it occupy your dog’s time?

It does occupy your dog’s time so don’t worry when you are about to leave or you need to keep your dog busy.

  • Does the fun feeder help with your dog’s depression?

The Dog Slow Feeder eliminates your dog’s depression through offering an interactive and fun way to play while eating. If you have been wondering a way to treat your dog from depression or separation anxiety, this may be the way. It is easy and lots of fun.

  • Can it be used on other pets?

Yes, it can be used also on cats and can keep them occupied. It isn’t only for dogs.

  • Is the fun feeder easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use. However, you got to manually with your hand load it. This happens through taking a handful of kibble or other treats and stick them through the holes as they come out.

  • Is it hard for your dog to figure out?

No, it only takes your dog a couple of times to try to understand how it works. Once, they get the hang of it, they will know how to eat from it.

  • Are the holes too small in this fun feeder?

Well, it depends on the kind of food and treats that you give your dog. However, there are some dog parents who believe that they got a lot of dog food from each spin of the Dog Slow Feeder. The food holder holds a lot and the slow feeder bowls keep your dog excited throughout the process and doesn’t allow them to eat the food all at once. This helps them in their digestion and in not overeating.

While other dog parents believe that the holes are small and don’t help when food in releasing the food through the holes.

  • What if you have questions regarding the use and anything about the Dog Slow Feeder?

contact us at and we will provide them with the needed instructions.

  • Can it be used as training for your dog?

Your dog will most likely find it a challenge for them and it will provide hours of fun for them. It is used as a training for your dog when they turn the wheel with their paws or nose.

  • Does the Dog Slow Feeder improve your dog’s cognitive skills?

The Dog Slow Feeder helps keep your dog’s mind sharp and tests and improves their innate skills. First, it improves motor skills by letting your dog understand how to get their food down. It also improves memory by enhancing how your dog will remember the steps to get the food.


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