Enjoy Walks with the Non-Tangling Retractable Leash For 2 Dogs

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Walking your two dogs at the same time without tangling is now a fact, no more wishes! ❤️️🐶

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Wanna walk your dogs without stopping to untangle the leashes? Then you need this 2 dog retractable leash in your life! 

Announcing the Non-Tangling Retractable Leash For 2 Dogs

Benefits You get:

• You can comfortably walk two dogs at the same time while maintaining individual control of each one!

• The built-in spinning non-tangling mechanism does all the work for you, and all you have to do is just enjoy your time!

• Leashes are color-coded to match the buttons, so you can fully control each dog separately.

• Supports up to 50 lbs per dog and extends out 10 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How wide are the ribbons and clips?
The tapes are about 1/2 inch and the clips are 2 1/4 long 
2- Can I add some type of leash extension to this dual doggies retractable leash? 
You can easily clip another leash to each one. However, these will not be retractable, so you should probably take this into consideration. 
3- I have two large dogs, can I use this them? Does anyone use this leash to walk 2 dogs that are more than 100 lbs? 
I have two 80lbs dogs and they always like pulling me, but I've never had any issues with this double retractable dog leash so far. 
4- Do these come with poop baggies? 
These retractable double leash for dogs does not come with poop bags, but you can probably find a way to attach it to them. 
5- Can I use these with smaller dogs? Will they get tangled? 
I have two 10lbs dogs, so they are considered fairly small, and I've had no major issues with them so far. 
Of course, using a leash to walk two dogs, two small, energetic, and dare I say - naught dogs, come with issues. 
They do indeed get tangled at some point if I let my dogs really loose, which they tend to do as they keep running around. But It's my fault, really, not the leash's. 
6- Can I attach a poop bag collection? 
You can If you're creative enough, but these dual doggie walking leashes don't have a dedicated spot to attach poop bags. 
7- How wide are the clips and the ribbons? 
The clips are about 2 1/4 and the tapes are about 1/2 inches. 
8- Is there a small double retractable dog leash? 
There is no small version if that's what you're asking, but I use it with my small dogs no problem whatsoever. 
9- Is this dual doggie pet leash heavy? 
Not at all, or at least not any heavier than two leashes together. I walk my dogs pretty much every day with them and have never thought they were heavy. 
10- How solid is the retractable function? 
The retractable function is pretty solid and I didn't face any issues with them so far. 

Experienced Pet Owners Trust This Non-Tangling Retractable Leash to be Quality Premium Product.

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