HOPPINGBEAST™: Jumping Monster Toy that Will Become Your Dog's Favorite Toy


This is the Dog Toy Interactive your dog is going to love and will make the best Christmas gift for your precious friend.

This ball jumps in a random movement to stimulate your dog’s senses and to attract their attention for hours and hours!

Benefits You Get:

  • Auto: When it is on, the ball will shake, lasting for 20 seconds to make the dog excitedly bark, it will be activating again by shaking and touching strongly, let the dogs enjoy it and have more fun.
  • Exercise: The toy ball is a copy of the puppy's voice. When you are not there, the ball will accompany your dog and play like a friend to help the dog exercise more and have fun.
  • Interactive: Cute-interactive monster toys attract dogs. crazy vibrations and squeaking balls make the dogs chase and play. The crazy shaking of the toy can release the dog's energy and make the dog's hunting instinct better.
  • Replaceable and washable: Two cute plush covers can be replaced and cleaned at any time, and the replacement of the plush cover keeps the dog fresh. The cleaning of the plush cover keeps the dog healthy.
  • Fun: The cute, funny, non-toxic plush cover has a ball device and a variety of plush covers which are available and can make the dog to play happily and become a fun friend of the dog. This is the best Christmas gift for small and medium-sized dogs.