Durable Luminous Dog Ball Training Toy with Sound and Light | Amazing for your pooch

Do you care about your lovely pet to be having an extreme happiness and energetic behavior? Use this amazing durable light up dog ball to make your dog enjoys a really great time filled with enjoyment.

For all the amazing dog owners, calling you to check this amazing durable light up dog ball that will make your dog's life filled with light and sound with this extraordinary dog ball with the new sound and light features.

Introducing the best dog ball you will ever get to your lovely fur-ball!

Benefits You Get:

  • Creating an enjoyable moment for your dog.

 This amazing gadget makes your pooch in extreme excitement as it, not like ordinary dog balls it produces sound and light which will keep your lovely pet enjoying the best of it.


  • It’s not a regular dog ball it’s a multi-functional dog toy.

 It is considered one of the best inventions, as it is considered as a chew toy, a light up ball and a sound effect producing a type of toy.


  • Won’t be worried for your dog’s health and the ball being broken or destroyed from all the chewing.

This amazing product is created from a really strong high-quality bite resistant surface which your lovely pet's jaw will not break into it no matter how strong he or she is, and as well the materials being used meets the health standards that will not have a harmful effect on your fur-ball.


  • Guaranteed that your dog will enjoy this amazing ball.

 The luminous dog ball is considered a high rated entertainment pet toy for your dog will enjoy it for long hours and the sounds the lights and the best part it rolls over and over none stop, basically connecting all that dogs love in one ball


  • It can be a shared fun between you and your lovely dog.

All dogs love to fetch imagine fetching a light up and sound producing ball while playing fetch it’s the extreme level of happiness for both you and your dog.


  • It is suitable for all dog ages and sizes

 This flashing dog ball is suitable for all ages of dogs and sizes as well no matter which breeds guaranteed it will give your pooch the perfect combination of fun.


  • Playing fetch at night won’t be an issue anymore

It’s a glow in the dark ball using the new LED technology that will make you and you enjoy playing with it even at night in your yard.

This led dog ball is basically the best of the best in the market when it comes to dog toys it’s a combination of everything required for your pet a sound entertaining station and a lighting system and a chew toy and the main benefit it’s a bouncy great glowing dog ball

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