Inflatable Dog Collar; Replace The Cone of Shame With a Protective Inflatable Collar


When you are trying to get the attention of your dog away from an injury or a wound, typically, you will use an E-collar, aka, the cone of shame, it is considered the traditional cone for such incidents,  you would find it in the shape of plastic cones, and sometimes they are used for both dogs and cats.

Help Your Dog to Heal Faster without the Limitations and Discomfort By Using a Quality Protective Inflatable Collar 

Using the cone of shame is not the ideal choice for your dog in these cases, instead, you should use a high-quality protective inflatable collar, just like ours!  Our collar is not like a traditional pet recovery collar!

When purchasing Our Protective Collar  You Get:

  • Scratch and Bite Resistant:Designed to guard and protect your dog’s injured areas, rashes, and post-surgery wounds and bruises. This soft pet recovery collar will prevent your pet from biting and licking those injuries or surgical spots, also, it boosts the recovery from minor and major injuries, rashes, and post-surgical procedure.
  • Comfortable Design: Designers made sure that the inflatable protective cone is crafted and designed to meet all the dog’s needs in the recovery phase. With a streamlined shape and soft fabric covering the outside of the collar, our inflatable collar is different from the traditional cone to help in keeping the pet comfortable and at the same time, his wound or injury is ideally secured. Your Dog won’t feel like you are punishing him for something he doesn’t understand when our collar is used, even the dog’s mental health is well taken care of with our product!
  • Doesn’t Limit Them:Our cloud collar is designed to give your dog the freedom to do his usual daily routine. Unlike the E-collar, your dog will have an unrestrained ability to move as he likes; to eat his daily meals freely, drinks without being restrained, plays around as much as he wants, and his vision is not bothered with anything. 
  • Durable Material: The protective inflatable collar is manufactured from a premium fabric that is machine washable, with a removable outer piece of fabric for easy washing and will tolerate your dog’s messing around with it as long as he wants, plus for being Scratch and Bite Resistant, it would live for long.
  • Compact and Easy to Store: Your pooch won’t wear the inflatable dog collar forever! When he or she is fully recovered, just deflate it and store it(it won’t take a large place).
  • Fits All Dogs:The collar is designed to fit almost every dog breed out there. It is provided with a long strap with a buckle in the front for adjustments, so a large dog or a small one, no worries! At the side, you will find a strap you can put at the back of your pooch’s neck so he or she can’t bite it.
  • Have a buckle:This buckle will help you in adjusting the inflatable collar on your dog’s neck so he would be comfortable and able to move freely without having anything that bothers him.
  • Airbag-cloud collar shape:The inflatable dog collar has two parts; the airbag and the piece of fabric covering it. The airbag is used to be lightweight on your dog’s neck and doesn’t put any excessive load on his neck or muscles. As for the fabric cover, it is used to cover the airbag to ensure that the part touching your dog’s neck is made of soft texture to make your dog as comfortable as possible.
  • Zipper Included:The outer shell of the cloud collar is provided with a zipper to make it easy for you to get the cloth or fabric off the airbag easier. The cloth is made to be removable to be easy for you to clean (machine washable). Don’t worry, the zipper won’t be a problem for you when you decided to wash the outer shell!
  • Airbag Valve:The valve is made from high-quality plastic and would keep the air trapped inside the airbag for days.
  • Available in two stunning colors:Our inflatable dog collars come with two colors; white and blue.

Size Chart

OurInflatable Dog Collar  is available in three different Sizes;

1- Size L: Approx. 40cm(Length);  40cm(Width); 13cm(diameter); 38-50cm(perimeter)

2- Size M: Approx. 27cm(Length);  27cm(Width); 8cm(diameter); 25-36cm(perimeter)

3- Size S: Approx. 23cm(Length);  23cm(Width); 5cm(diameter); 12-20cm(perimeter)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this inflatable dog collar is different from the regular “cone of shame”?

Absolutely yes! Our protective inflatable collar makes your dog more comfortable while doing his daily routine unlike the E-collar(cone of shame) plus the material is also different. Another thing is that our collar will help in

  • What is different about this inflatable cone from the traditional cone?

The traditional collar is made of hard plastic and its shape doesn’t support managing the basic needs of dogs, also it blocks the dog’s sight and makes him more prone to having accidents.

  • Is this really a good inflatable collar?

Indeed! The collar is made of high-quality fabric to keep your dog comfortable during the whole recovery process, also it is provided with a removable cloth that can be easily washed and cleaned(machine washed). The inflatable dog collar could be adjusted to your dog’s size with the buckler provided( you will find this bulker on the front of the collar) All of these benefits and more you will find if you purchased this collar.

  • Could my dog be able to chew on this while wearing it?

No,  Along with being Scratch and Bite Resistant, if you adjusted the long strap of the inflatable collar, found in the front side of the collar,  your dog won’t be able to reach it thus, he won’t be able to chew it.

  • Could my dog’s paw get caught in the collar or the strap?

When you choose the fit size for your dog and adjust the bulker that found in it, it would be hard for your dog’s paw to get caught in it.

  • Is it safe to wash it on the washing machine?

Absolutely, it is could be machine washed. The outer cloth is designed to be separated from the body of the collar and washed.

  • Is this pet recovery collar reusable?

Yes! Our pet recovery collar could be used for as long as it exists. Its texture is manufactured to live for a long time.

  • Is the collar soft enough so it is not a bother for the dog?

Manufactured from high-quality fabric, this is considered as a good inflatable collar.

  • Do this protective collar with any chance may flip my dog’s food and water?

No, the reason a cone of shame does that thing is that the cone is projected too much of the dog’s neck, so when he is eating or drinking, usually the bowl will flip and the place becomes a mess, in another word, it holds the pet from reaching what he wants. Our inflatable dog collar is in the shape of a cloud collar, so doesn’t hold back your pet from reaching whatever he wants.

  • Should I leave my dog wearing the protective inflatable collar all the time?

You can leave your dog wearing the collar 24/7, but we don’t recommend doing that so you give your dog’s skin the time it needs to breath. You can take the advice of your vet on this matter too.

  • How to make sure that the dog cone collar soft enough or not?

The dog cone collar is so soft, you would be able to figure this out by touching it. If your questions are about how to know whether it is soft on the dog’s neck or not, it is the same soft and comfortable to his neck it is designed to be like that. You can put it on your dog and keep supervising him for a bit to make sure that he is comfortable enough while wearing the inflatable dog collar.

  • Is this a soft pet recovery collar?

Yes! Our collar is considered a soft pet recovery collar, you will find it in a cloud collar shape with a valve you bump the air through it and it keeps its shape for days without the need of refilling it with air every day.

  • Is this collar designed to be a scratch and bite resistant collar?

Yes, our inflatable collar is designed to be a scratch and bite resistant.

  • Is this a plastic cone or a cloud cone?

Our protective inflatable dog collar contains two parts; the airbag and the piece of cloth covering it. The airbag is made of plastic but not like the plastic cone hard material. As for the piece of cloth or the fabric that covers the airbag, it is manufactured from soft and premium materials so it doesn't bother your dog.  It is designed to be a soft pet recovery collar.

  • Do this cloud collar needs to be air bumped every day?

No, our inflatable dog collar won’t need to be bumped every day. It lasts for several days before you need to refill it again, the valve is designed to trap the air for the longest time possible.

  • Is this collar be used for dogs and cats?

It may be used for dogs and cats, but this collar is designed originally for dogs, it comes in three different sizes to choose from. It is not considered as a dog-cat collar, but if you are thinking to purchase this collar for your cat, we would recommend you to order the smallest size.

  • Could my dog get anxiety or fear from using this collar?

Dogs and cats get anxious when they feel that they are being exposed to a threat by something or they don’t feel comfortable enough towards it. The cloud collar doesn’t look a threat(at least for my dog) and also, it is so comfortable that your dog may actually love it!

  • Could the zipper broke if I put the outer shell of the collar on the washing machine?

The inflatable collar is designed to be machine washable, so it won’t get damaged by washing it on the washing machine. Just make sure to flip the piece of cloth inside out so the zipper is in the inner cavity of the outer shell and is not facing you after you wash it, flip it back to its original shape and you would find that nothing is damaged at all.

  • Is there is any chance this collar would block my dog’s vision?

No, the inflatable dog collar is a soft recovery collar that has the shape of a cloud. Cloud collars are designed to give your dog the freedom to do all his daily routines without any restrictions and don’t hold your pet from reaching whatever he/she wants. It won’t block his vision, hold him from reaching anything including eating and drinking or even playing.

  • Could my dog and cats reach their injuries while wearing this protective collar?

Your dogs and cats shouldn’t be able to reach their injuries while wearing our inflatable collar. Until now we have got no complains that say the pet who has this collar on succeeding to reach the injured or wounded parts.

  • Do this inflatable collar fits all the dogs' breeds?

Yes, our inflatable design of this collar comes in three different sizes; Small, Medium and large. You should settle on the perfect size for your dog from our size chart and it would be okay. If you have a large dog, you may get the medium or the large sized collar, to be more assured, you could check the chart and decide, the chart is provided with a cm description that will help you a lot.

  • Could my dog get this protective collar off himself?

If the bulker or the velcro strap is well adjusted, your dog won’t be able to get the inflatable collar off by himself.

  • Could I wash the whole inflatable dog collar?

No, It is not recommended to be done like that. You can wash only the outer piece of cloth without the airbag to maintain it for the longest period of time.

  • Do you have a free shipping option?

Yes! We have free shipping for the whole globe, just order your package and don’t worry about the shipping.

  • Could I get more than one collar and still get them on free shipping?

Yes, you could order whatever you like from our website and it will be under the free shipping option.


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