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This Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs will keep your pup flea-free this summer 

Flea And Tick Collar For Dogs is all you need to effectively get rid of ticks and fleas to protect your four-legged friends!

Have you ever wished to walk or do outdoor activities without worrying that they’ll catch ticks? Are you looking for that magical solution? Well, I don’t know about magic but I know what will actually work for this. Meet the flea and tick prevention for dogs, your new pet’s best friend. 

  • Protect Your Best Four-legged Friends

Did you know that the traditional flea and tick collar for dogs contain chemical ingredients that could harm your pet?This shield pet pro collar is non-offensive to pets but very effective on fleas.

  • Kill and Repel Fleas Before Laying Eggs

Unlike other flea collars, this shield pet pro collar is actually working on killing fleas and ticks and the best part is that it kills them before laying eggs.

  • Feature Easy-to-apply

This collar is very gentle on your pet’s skin and they won’t mind wearing it, it’s very easy to apply.

  • Recommended by Vets

This collar is made of non-toxic, pet-friendly material that’s safe to be around pets. It’s gentle on pets but very strong on ticks and fleas.

  • Easy to Use

This collar features a quick release option to provide some extra safety for your pet.

  • Flea and Tick Prevention for puppies

Give your puppy amazing care with this collar for the best flea and tick prevention for dogs. Super easy to use and completely safe on puppies to help them avoid the pain these nasty little bugs can cause. 

  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes

This flea tick collar is a one-size fit all, meaning you can use it on your dog or cat whatever how big or small they could be. 

Now, you can enjoy every outdoor activity with your dogs or cats without worrying about ticks or fleas. This collar is specially made to provide mental peace for all pet owners, just enjoy and let it do the work for you!

Best flea and tick collar for Dogs FAQs 

Does this flea tick collar for dogs protect them against sandfly?

They work to a certain level, not as well as they do against fleas and ticks. 

Mosquitos and sandflies fly, while fleas and ticks jump. Both are different and therefore need different protection levels. Mosquitos and sandflies can indeed get over any flea and tick collar if they’re lucky enough. 

Can I use this for a cocker spaniel? 

Sure, this is a size-fit-all and can be used for dogs of all sizes

Can I use this for a 10lbs dog?

I don’t know, but I use it for my cats and it works. It’s not easy and they keep trying to get rid of it and they do get successful after a while. However, I think that’s just a cat thing, my Lab doesn’t seem to be having any issues with it even after wearing it for two weeks at a time. 


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