Shield Pet Pro Collar | Kill Ticks and Fleas

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This Shield PRO Collar will Repel Ticks & Fleas For 8 MONTHS!


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Benefits You Get:


  • Protect Your Best Four-legged Friends

Did you know that traditional flea collars contain chemical ingredients that could harm your pet? This shield pet pro collar is not harmful to pets but very effective on fleas.


  • Kill and Repel Fleas Before Laying Eggs

Unlike other flea collars, this shield pet pro collar is actually working on killing fleas and ticks and the best part, it kills them before laying eggs.


  • Feature Easy-to-apply

This collar is very gentle on your pet’s skin and they won’t mind wearing it, it’s very easy to apply.


  • Recommended by Vets

This collar is made of non-toxic, pet-friendly material that’s safe to be around pets. It’s gentle on pets but very strong on ticks and fleas.


  • Unique Feature:

This collar gives you a quick release option to provide some extra safety for your pet.


  • Make the Best Gift

Do yourself or someone you love a favor and get them this $29.99 worth Shield Pet Pro Collar for FREE to give their pets a full 8-month protection.

Now, you can enjoy every outdoor activity with your dogs or cats without worrying about ticks or fleas. This collar is specially made to provide mind peace for all pet owners, just enjoy and let it do the work for you!


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1- Will it fit a dog that weighs 118 lbs?

Yes. I have 120 lb & 160 lb great Danes & it fits them both.

2- Did it control fleas?

It controlled fleas and ticks. We live in the country and have lots of both.

3- What ticks does this kill?

I would say this product prevents ticks from attaching and biting, more like a preventative measure. This collar keeps ticks off my dog. 

What You’ll Get:

The package includes one collar.


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